Furnished Office Space


Take advantage of this affordable office space located in Alhambra for your next production. When you require a location that will fulfill your filming, production or editing needs, there is only one place on the west coast to contact. Hollywood Production Center offers all the amenities that are needed including utilities, access to high-speed internet, phone service and more. We have served the entertainment industry for more than a decade and during that time have become one of the top facilities for immediate occupancy in Southern California. Our office suites may be used as filming locations, creative space and executive offices. Let us help you find the right facility in Alhambra for all your production needs.

We now have three locations which can be found in the center of Hollywood, as well as the downtown Glendale area. These full-service facilities provide access to an on-site cafe, hair salon, a gym with showers, lockers, and an on-site personal trainer as well as employees who are ready to serve you. These facilities are like small communities where people work together for a common cause and help you to make your product a success. At HPC, our primary goal is to make it possible for anyone who has ever dreamed of entering the entertainment industry to do just that. Our affordable lease options make it possible for anyone to live out their dreams and turn their potential production into a success.

Our modernized facilities are ideal for the busy professional or production team. We have placed our office space nearby the places in Alhambra CA that you will need to visit most so that you are only minutes away from a great lead or important meeting. Plug in to the company computer and take advantage of the phone, data and internet services that are included with your lease. These modernized communication tools can help you to stay connected to each and every person involved with your project. This allows you to sit back and enjoy the convenience of your executive office suite and stay in control of production at all times.

We have several floor plans available that will accommodate your production team. These large, spacious areas can provide you with enough room no matter if your crew is made up of 20 or 200 employees. Customize your space with the amenities that matter most to you and your crew. Contact us today for more information on our state of the art locations for lease and find out more about how our furnished office space solutions can help you.