Furnished Office Space


Hollywood Production Center offers a comprehensive solution for your movies, TV and commercial production in San Jose. These facilities are matched to fulfill your production business needs and meet your budgets. It can be expensive to rent a production unit in a place known for technology companies and expensive lifestyle like San Jose. But with HPC, you can have it all – a spacious production facility to rent along with a great supportive environment to take your business to next level.

Units offered from this company come in various sizes ranging from a 1000 sqft studio to a 20,000 square feet hall equipped with furniture and more. You will also find state-of-art stages and related items to successfully perform a production task. These facilities have been associated with success in other parts of the country and customers have discovered two long-lasting values from them: affordability and convenience. Here, you will find a highly-efficient team being able to coordinate in your film production business without hassles.

Areas that are meant for film and movie production can be tailored to one’s requirements. Once you have thoroughly investigated the space, it is time to move on to figuring out and incorporating additional features to the facility. By default, every basic unit comes with a spacious hall, stage, lighting, dressing room, and much else mentioned on the company’s brochure. By working with the company, you will get an opportunity to choose the type of unit, features and various other elements that comprise your executive office or film studio. Whether you want to use the existing platform or make improvements to it, you can always convey your ideas to the company. Normally built to suit any kind of entertainment industry, these facilities can be easily redesigned according to your business needs if required.

Whether you are in San Jose CA for a short period or are looking to stay there for a longer duration, Hollywood PC is the right place to go. This company is dedicated to providing production units for its customers for current production as well as post-production use. Certain units also come with furnished office space, warehouse, edit suites, producer suites, and corporate housing as well. Moreover, the facility you choose will be in a place very close to major shopping malls, airports, public offices, and other interests around the city so you don’t have to feel isolated in any way. You will also find golf courses, parks, plenty of restaurants and cuisines nearby. All in all, Hollywood PC provides a production facility in this city without compromising quality.