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Film and television producers needing facilities with creative spaces to make their productions dazzle should consider Hollywood Production Center.

Located in Glassell Park CA in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, HPC serves the entertainment community by providing four modern locations with office space for television and film productionpost production, new media and publishing companies. The organization has been serving the professional and entertainment industry in Southern California since 2001 providing office and filming locations for television and movies.

Clients who have used these locations include film studios such as 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate and television networks such as MTV, Comedy Central, E! and CBS. Whether you’re a big time producer or an up and coming name in the industry, HPC’s locations provide state of the art technology, onsite film sets and world class amenities provide the perfect setting for any project. Same day move in allows entertainers to get right to work on their productions.

Crews working on short schedules or simply tired of having to run around town to get the show underway will appreciate furnished executive offices with full amenities. Crews will enjoy a filming location that offers office sets, patio, gym, courtyard, rooftops and more. Producers can choose either month to month or long term leases for utilizing the premises.

Producers will enjoy a gated facility that provides ample parking, including valet, voice, data, and high-speed internet and onsite gym, showers, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, private kitchens, and balconies. Executives on the go can also take advantage of the facilities’ services including flower and plant arrangements, and car wash. A professional reception area, janitorial, and 24-hour security surveillance will assure clients that they can expect professional onsite service throughout the day.

Entertainment Rooms


In order to operate a successful business, it is necessary to have an office space. It is extremely important to find the right office space for your business. There are certain strategies you must follow to find a suitable office space in a location as commercially diverse as Raleigh Studios. You need to know what to look for when you search for office space. Following these steps can make it hassle free and ease the stress while you look for an affordable space in an appropriate area for your company’s needs.

Location is one of the first things you need to consider when looking for an office space. There are many executive offices as well as Creative Spaces available for rental, but you must identify an area of town that is appropriate for the type of business you operate. After you identify the ideal location, find out about the local zoning ordinances and make sure your type of business is allowed in the area.

Another consideration is your square footage needs, especially if you need a Production or Post Production rental space. Before you go looking for office spaces, determine how much space you need. If you are operating a small business and do not have clients come to your location, you can rent a small office space. But if you are running a larger business, you will need adequate space for your workforce and clients as well as area for waiting rooms and meetings.

The rental cost plays an important role in your decision. You may or may not a furnished office space that provides a receptionist, copier and fax machines, Internet connection and other office essentials. Many people want to get an office spaces that is move-in ready and is well-equipped. You need to decide before you look because furnished office spaces usually are more expensive than unfurnished spaces.

There are different sources to find office space in the location you want, but the best way is to hire the services of a rental agency. Contact a rental agency that specializes in finding suitable rental space for businesses. These companies have the inside knowledge on what space is becoming available for rent soon and can help you find the best office space for you.

Although you can go online to search for rental agencies that operate in this city, it is not a good idea to select just any company. You want to be sure you are working with a rental company that has been providing quality services in this city for many years. You need to choose a reputable company, such as Hollywood Production Center, which is thoroughly familiar with the rental market in this city and surrounding areas.

Entertainment Rooms


You can find a temporary entertainment room on the prestigious North Gower Street in Hollywood for meeting with your clients and other guests while you are in the area. Many people need a temporary meeting space in the Los Angeles area, but sacrifice quality. When you explore Hollywood Production Center you will find luxury and many amenities that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

You do not have to settle for a boring entertainment room. You can actually find Creative Spaces for entertaining all of your associates. This can allow you to gather all of the people that are involved, and this may require a larger space. There are several spaces you can choose from for a Post Production meeting.

Many people in the Hollywood area need a specific location for all of their Production needs. You will be able to rent a temporary office space for all aspects of filming and production these offices are designed with these needs in mind. When you are done with work for the day, you can also find many amenities that can help you stay in the same routine as at home.

There is a gym and spa on site that you can utilize to get a quick workout, or to help you relax after a long day. A personal trainer can be used at the private gym also. Yoga instructors offer classes throughout the week and this is also exclusive to tenants on site. A masseuse is a special treat that is available that many tenants enjoy.

Some of the other amenities offered at Hollywood Production Center include ample, secured parking. This can be very important if you have ever tried to park in the downtown Hollywood area. Valet is also available for even more convenience. Your car will be parked in a gated location offering a high level of security. There is also car washing services available to ensure that your car is always clean and ready to go.

The executive offices offer amenities like balconies and full kitchens to make your stay more comfortable. You can also find suites that have their own private entrance if this is something that you desire. There are many great locations for filming on site also that can give you the perfect setting for your film.

Entertainment Rooms


Different companies operating near Pasadena CA will need to think about getting extra space to work. This can be particularly important for any agency that experts to have seasonal fluctuations in the workload that they take. For many companies in the area, they may not have the office space to handle this workload. They will want to check out the creative spaces available to them at the Hollywood Production Center. This center is well known for providing people with some of the best options that they have to handle this additional amount of work.

First, some companies may want to look at their selection of executive offices. This is important, because it can enable many people to have an extra meeting place on hand. Quite a few different agencies in the area will need to host meetings between executives and their colleagues. A team may also need to meet with clients that they are collaborating with on different projects. Some people may want to learn more information about what they need to do going forward. There are several different executive offices here, so businesses will be free to take their pick.

This space may be particularly important for production companies in the area, who will undoubtedly be interesting in finding extra space. When they come to this center, they will find a whole host of different technological support in their rooms. They may need to prepare to shoot different projects or pitch ideas to their colleagues in this area. Some people may need to work in an extensive entertainment area, which can offer them the chance to create the best projects possible. This is why many production companies have opted to start up their projects, right in these expansive rooms for rent.

Finally, there are also agencies that will need to handle a whole host of different post production tasks. This can help people discover some of the options that they may have for editing film down. When companies need to undertake the editing process, they may generally be surprised at how complex it can be. It will be vital for them to get extra space, because they may need to take on additional crew members. These crew members will also need space to work themselves, which might not be available in a company’s existing office space.

Entertainment Rooms


There is a place on West Lexington Drive that provides luxurious offices for you to use while you are in the area on business. This can allow you a very prestigious address in the Hollywood area that can allow you to be very productive. There are many floor plans to choose from to allow you the perfect space for all of your filming and Production needs. Many people need entertainment rooms when Post Production is completed, and you can find exactly what you are looking for at Hollywood Production Center.

When you tour the facility you will also be able to move in the same day. This can give you a great Glendale CA address that you can begin using right away. You will find many different lease options available for your office suite. This can allow you to customize your lease for a month to month lease, or longer depending on your needs. This is a place where your specific needs will be the number one priority.

Instead of settling for a boring space without any pizazz, you can find more Creative Spaces at Hollywood Production Center. This will allow you to have choices and you will be able to look at all of the entertainment rooms available to choose the one that is perfect for your need. You can schedule a tour to explore the grounds and you can move in the same day if you like what you see.

When you are looking for short term executive offices you will find a variety of options at Hollywood Production Center. This can provide you with the perfect setting to be very productive each day, and you will have a place to meet and mingle with your clients, and potential clients.

When you film at one of our locations you will not have to worry about any of the red tapes that can be involved with filming in the Hollywood area. You will not have to obtain any permits, and you will have many options to film in the perfect location on site. This can make it easier and faster to get on to the production phase of your film, and there will not be any unnecessary delays at any time during the process.

Entertainment Rooms


Many small business owners in the Glendale area work out of home offices. Keeping a home office is one of the best ways to save money and control costs in this difficult economy. Some home offices or creative spaces can range from fully outfitted mini-office suites to a TV table in front of the couch in the family’s living room. Hosting a face to face business meeting from the comfort of your living room may not give the correct impression to potential business partners or clients.

For those in need of impressive executive offices for periodic meetings that just aren’t appropriate to host in one’s home, Hollywood Production Center is available to help. From the moment you and your guests arrive at the property you’ll be amazed at how professional and well maintained the public areas are. There is always an HPC staff member stationed in the lobby to greet your guests and direct them to your office space. The facility is tastefully decorated and there are a variety of office types to choose from. Each office can be equipped with the most up to date technology that your producers meeting, post production assessment, or business presentation calls for.

HPC really does have a service to benefit every type of small business owner and production company. They offer sites to film movies, screening rooms, meeting suites, and a fully equipped gym and shower room. The facility has maintenance staff to immediately assist with any issues that may arise. Rentals may be just for a day, a week, or for however long suits your needs. Office suites vary in size and layout and there are usually many to choose from. Scheduling a tour of the facility can demonstrate all they have to offer and how HPC can meet your specific small business needs.

Using the many services offered by the Hollywood Production Centers can save many small business owners a lot of money while not looking cheap. Colleagues will be impressed with how elegant your office looks and feels, and that is sure to reflect well on you and your work. For business owners in or around the Glendale area, there is an HPC facility located on East Broadway in Glendale.

Entertainment Rooms


The Hollywood Production Center can help you with your next film production or just about anything else. This high-rise complex is suited for only the very best of living and working conditions. Whether you’re in production stage, or Post Production stage we have all the facilities you require. There are all kinds of amenities that are included when you sign a contract for either a short-term stay or a long-term one.

The moment you complete the paperwork everything is at your disposal. This is the very best in advanced living and working conditions. Our expertise is the entertainment business, and we await your needs. We are close to the Glendale Courthouse, and the view of Glendale from your space will be tremendous. When you expect the very best you get it with our company. When you need an environment that only art can support you will find us the perfect environment with creative spaces.

Some artists can only produce when and if the space is just right. You will find we have that perfect balance of beauty and ambiance to produce at your optimum level. We understand the creative spirit and do everything we can to encourage it. When you are ready to find us you can view our beautiful photo gallery online or visit us in person. Only the best will do for you and we are ready and waiting. When you are ready for winding down your project and Post Production work, we have a cadre of services and employees who will be at your service.

There’s no need to worry about the experienced staff you need. It’s all here at your disposal. We have the most wonderful executive offices to impress any and every client you may receive. So, when you think of your needs you don’t have to consider further.

You can find us online any time or can call us during regular business hours. The Hollywood Production Center can be found close to the Glendale Courthouse. Look for us when you need Creative Spaces.

Entertainment Rooms


Executives spend a lot of time in their offices, so it’s important to decorate executive offices and equip them with comfortable couches and mini-fridges, fancy coffee makers and other necessities. Whether it’s a Production or Post Production space, designing an office suitable for an executive takes careful planning and incorporates important details that appeal to professionals and busy executives who use their office and entertainment room for important company meetings. Many executive offices and Creative Spaces in Hollywood CA are designed in a way that an executive can also use it as a place to relax and catch up on email and other correspondence after a long day.

The design of an executive office should also be a reflection of the company or industry. The executive or professional should feel confident in his office and be comfortable working or meeting with others there. When you contact a rental company, ask about the office specifications to be sure it provides adequate space, receptionist, in-office bathroom and other amenities. Square footage indicates the size of the office space, and typical executive offices can be anywhere between 200 square feet and 500 square feet. Having in-office bathroom is an extra convenience provided by some office complex as compared with community bathrooms. And amenities like a receptionist gives your company a professional touch.

Ask the leasing company about average utility expenses, which include air conditioning and heating. You must include your utility expenses in your monthly overhead costs, so you should know what to expect. Also, find out about monthly rent specifications, which includes monthly rent and late fees. Monthly rent is your monthly costs for your office, and late fees are additional fees you must be charged if you pay later than the due date of the rent.

It is important to make sure you review the lease and understand the terms and conditions before signing. If there is anything you do not understand, ask for clarification before you agree to the contract. A reputable landlord or leasing company will not have anything to hide and will ensure that you fully understand what you’re agreeing to.

If you are looking for a production space or executive offices in Hollywood CA, you will be pleased to know that abundant Creative Spaces and Post Production spaces are available through the popular Hollywood Production Center. These offices are conveniently located and provide high-tech equipment and state-of-the-art amenities that are perfect for any project.

Entertainment Rooms


There are many companies operating in the Beverly Hills CA area, which may need to link up with different executive offices near them. This may be particularly important if they have additional workloads, which is forcing them to use more space than they have available in their office. To accommodate this increased workload, they may need to review some of the options they have at their disposal. They can check out the selection that is found at the Hollywood Production Center. This is one of the most popular options that many people have used in the past. Some people can get all the space they need, particularly if they need to get linked up with high tech rooms.

This kind of additional space may be particularly important for companies that will need creative spaces. This may include movie companies and other agencies collaborating in the entertainment industry. Since there are so many different agencies like this in the area, they may be wondering where they can find the space that they need. Some people may want to check out the options that they have at this center, which is fully stocked with great options for entertainment companies.

There are actually a few different reasons why a production team may need to use this kind of space. While filming, some companies may need to meet to discuss what their options are for a shot. This can be important, because teams will need to make rapid plans for when they need to change up their filming. Directors and producers may need to meet between one another to discuss these kinds of options. There are many more people who may need to meet with these professionals to discuss how a project may be moving along.

Finally, there are a few different companies out there that will need to focus on acquiring post production space for themselves. This can help companies piece together their creative work and make sure that it is ready to go. Some people may want to also secure a room that is fitted with some of the best technology around as well. It can help people to take a look at the floor plans available at this center too. This can help them visualize how they might want to lay out their plans for the future. They can get all of this if they take a look at the website for the center sometime soon.

Entertainment Rooms


Many entertainment businesses are looking in to how they can set up operations near Santa Monica Blvd. This is quickly becoming one of the top spots for these companies in the greater Los Angeles area. This is because many big name movie companies operate in the vicinity, so they will naturally want to look to collaborate with other local businesses out there. Some businesses may have a larger building on the outskirts of the city, but might be looking for ways that they can get integrated here soon. Some people will naturally want to check out what is available at the Hollywood Production Center soon.

First, it is often important for these companies to supply themselves with executive offices in their area. These spaces are important, because executives will need to regularly host meetings between themselves. They may need to plan new projects or get linked up with different professionals in their area. Many executives will generally be pleased by what they see when they link up with these rooms. The center is staffed by professional receptionists, who will be ready to help guide executives to their new room. This may be particularly important for executives who may not be entirely familiar with this area.

Many companies will also need to get linked up with creative spaces available to them. This is vital for businesses in the entertainment industry, because they frequently need space for new projects. This can help them determine whether they are getting linked up with the right production area as well. There are many advantages to doing this, because it can help these companies stay flexible. Some businesses will need to think about whether they can get linked up with enough space to handle some of their upcoming projects. If they don’t own enough space in their current building, this may be a good option for them going forward.

There are a number of companies that will provide people with the support that they need for post production options. This is an important step in the entertainment industry because it often determines the final product that will be issued. Some people may want to check out some of the different options that they have when it comes to editing space. This center offers a full range of choices for businesses that may need to suddenly expand to complete a project on time.

Entertainment Rooms


Quite a few entertainment companies are starting to open up shop in the area around Sunset Gower Studios CA. This is one of the best places for new businesses because it can put them close to larger corporations in the entertainment industry. But if they do not have an established work site, they may be looking for a way to rent out a unit to complete their work. This could also be a good option for many businesses that want to expand outside of their current office place. Some of them will need to review the choices that they have at the Hollywood Production Center.

First, just about every entertainment company will need to check out some of the creative spaces available. Many people will want to check out the options located in this center because many rooms are quite expansive. They can also provide companies with the chance to work in a peaceful environment that facilitates the completion of work. Quite a few amenities are available for these centers, including an onsite gym and yoga classes. This will help keep employees comfortable with the experience that they get from these work environments. Many people will be glad to learn about some of the options available to them through here.

Many companies will also need to secure executive offices for their high-level managers. This component is important because many executives will need to meet with clients and prospective partners for different projects. They may need to check out some of the options provided through this center. Access to such spaces may help give people the support that they need going forward with different projects that they have. In addition, many executives that will appreciate the different amenities in some of these rooms, including the balconies and skylights.

A wide selection of post production spaces is available to many people throughout an area. This can be important because these companies will need to complete an additional amount of workload during this phase. They may have to get linked up with extra production space if they want to complete any editing projects. This can help get a film prepared and finalized before it is sent off to the next stage. Many entertainment companies put a premium on being able to expand their operations during this stage of the production process.

Entertainment Rooms


Hollywood Production Center offers one of the greatest entertainment rooms in Hollywood California that you can imagine. Whether you need the entertainment room for your family or for meetings, even casting or celebrating, you can decide which modern room fits your entertainment needs specifically. All our roams in Hollywood are spacious, entertaining, and we have a wide, modern selection of rooms available for you to pick from. This is a rich environment and professional, yet relaxed, so you will be able to create the production that you desire.

We pride ourselves in the highest quality, California Creative Spaces as world class spacious rooms, with style and modern furniture for your enjoyment. You will feel safe and secure in our 24 hour surveillance to facilitate and enjoy the contemporary environment. Creative people who desire a relaxing atmosphere in which to work, always pick our rooms for entertainment and office space. Since you are out and about, be sure and take a tour of our high quality entertainment rooms.

We, at Hollywood Production Center Hollywood, California, pride ourselves in knowing that we provide the California Creative Spaces which makes the world turn in our environment. Once you take a tour of our beautiful facility and see our beautiful rooms, your creating imaginations will come to life knowing that you have the atmosphere that goes along with your creativity. We have phones, Internet, and business rooms that are convenient for you. And we have a professional staff who make sure that your needs are well taken care of. We are here for you to give you a guided tour of our facility so you’ll be able to pick the entertainment room that is suitable for you.

Whether you are a movie producer, a casting director, or an entertainment executive needing executive offices Hollywood production center is the hub of the entertainment industry. The interaction among our clients is astounding and you will fit right in with the movie productions. Take a walk on the wild side and jump right in and take a look at our entertainment rooms that are made especially for you.

Entertainment Rooms


When you need a state-or-the-art room for your family and friends or you need a contemporary entertainment room for meetings, casting or celebrating, you want a room in a high-quality, contemporary building with those who have similar interests. At Hollywood Production Center you are invited into a modern suite of rooms that is managed and allows you to forget about the details of an office, so you can focus on creating new entertainment. At the Hollywood Production Center in Los Angeles, we offer exquisite surroundings so that you are able to work alongside your peers in a rich environment made for quality production.

The staff at Hollywood Production Center is professional and always attempts to provide a creative atmosphere. We have been in the entertainment business for over 15 years, and it is our pleasure to assist you and your company in pre-production and post-production.

Amenities in the Hollywood Production Center

In Los Angeles, it would be difficult to find office space or entertainment rooms with more class and style than at Hollywood Production Center. The entertainment rooms come stylishly furnished with modern furnishings for a clean, contemporary environment. Every room has a phone, Internet and tele-conferencing is available, and with 24-hour surveillance and security personnel as well, you and your guests will feel safe and comfortable.

The leasing terms may vary at the Hollywood Production Center, but only because our leasing policies our flexible according to the needs of our clients. Some prefer longer leases while others only need a short-term rental agreement. Our rental agents can also offer you a luxurious entertainment room that is available for monthly meeting and events, and they are happy to work with you on the needs you have.

While you are at the Hollywood Production Center, there is an on-site gym with a personal trainer to keep you refreshed, and Yoga classes are also available. The rooms are pet-friendly because many people prefer to keep their pets with them. Our services also include mobile pet grooming, which makes Hollywood Production Center exceptional.

The Hollywood Production Center specializes in creating a high-quality environment for the entertainment industry. We will accommodate your office and entertainment room requirements, no matter what kind of creative space that you need. Our professional staff will assist you in every way possible.

Entertainment Rooms


The Hollywood Production Center is a full-service company specializing in meeting the needs of serious-business minded persons in the entertainment industry. Providing three locations in the heart ofHollywood and Glendale, many offices are fully serviced, fully furnished and completely wired. In business for over a decade, The Hollywood Production Center provides immediate occupancy of creative spaces and filming locations for post-production, production as well as executive offices.

Regardless of their aspect of the industry, working with the Hollywood Production Center allows the client to provide their particular services with sophistication and confidence. Wanting to exceed the client’s expectations and meet all their needs, everyone receive diligent, reliable service with a smile. As your production needs change, there’s the flexibility to increase or subtract your working space with the option of short term and long-term leases. The office layout isn’t limited to producers; this environment is suitable for other professionals such as editors, writers and designers.

Every meeting space is a combination of individual offices and suites with built-in amenities including a kitchenette, windows, skylights, bullpens, connecting rooms and private balconies. Whether it’s a long-term or short-term stay, each client receives a customized package according to the individual goals and number of occupants.

One-of-a-kind, attractive, hip, creative, accessible, responsible, accommodating, loyal and service-minded are just some of the words used to describe the Hollywood Production Center by several top celebrities. Repeat clients also state that every request is met with a sense of urgency. Also, their personal and professional mannerisms set them apart from other service companies. The turnkey aspect eases the client’s workload and helps to expedite day-to-day productions.

Knowing that the workday can last longer than expected, in an effort to relieve stress and promote a productive experience, the staff at the Hollywood Production Center works to provide a home-friendly environment. In addition to the office scalability and flexibility, the Hollywood Production Center provides complementary janitorial services, free utilities, phones, Internet, a conference room, teleconferences, and valet parking. Desiring to provide a relaxing atmosphere for well-rounded individuals every client has access to 24-hour surveillance, a gym, a personal trainer, yoga classes, a masseuse, free hot drinks, car washes, and a variety of pet services.