Entertainment Rooms


Many small business owners in the Glendale area work out of home offices. Keeping a home office is one of the best ways to save money and control costs in this difficult economy. Some home offices or creative spaces can range from fully outfitted mini-office suites to a TV table in front of the couch in the family’s living room. Hosting a face to face business meeting from the comfort of your living room may not give the correct impression to potential business partners or clients.

For those in need of impressive executive offices for periodic meetings that just aren’t appropriate to host in one’s home, Hollywood Production Center is available to help. From the moment you and your guests arrive at the property you’ll be amazed at how professional and well maintained the public areas are. There is always an HPC staff member stationed in the lobby to greet your guests and direct them to your office space. The facility is tastefully decorated and there are a variety of office types to choose from. Each office can be equipped with the most up to date technology that your producers meeting, post production assessment, or business presentation calls for.

HPC really does have a service to benefit every type of small business owner and production company. They offer sites to film movies, screening rooms, meeting suites, and a fully equipped gym and shower room. The facility has maintenance staff to immediately assist with any issues that may arise. Rentals may be just for a day, a week, or for however long suits your needs. Office suites vary in size and layout and there are usually many to choose from. Scheduling a tour of the facility can demonstrate all they have to offer and how HPC can meet your specific small business needs.

Using the many services offered by the Hollywood Production Centers can save many small business owners a lot of money while not looking cheap. Colleagues will be impressed with how elegant your office looks and feels, and that is sure to reflect well on you and your work. For business owners in or around the Glendale area, there is an HPC facility located on East Broadway in Glendale.