Entertainment Rooms


The Hollywood Production Center can help you with your next film production or just about anything else. This high-rise complex is suited for only the very best of living and working conditions. Whether you’re in production stage, or Post Production stage we have all the facilities you require. There are all kinds of amenities that are included when you sign a contract for either a short-term stay or a long-term one.

The moment you complete the paperwork everything is at your disposal. This is the very best in advanced living and working conditions. Our expertise is the entertainment business, and we await your needs. We are close to the Glendale Courthouse, and the view of Glendale from your space will be tremendous. When you expect the very best you get it with our company. When you need an environment that only art can support you will find us the perfect environment with creative spaces.

Some artists can only produce when and if the space is just right. You will find we have that perfect balance of beauty and ambiance to produce at your optimum level. We understand the creative spirit and do everything we can to encourage it. When you are ready to find us you can view our beautiful photo gallery online or visit us in person. Only the best will do for you and we are ready and waiting. When you are ready for winding down your project and Post Production work, we have a cadre of services and employees who will be at your service.

There’s no need to worry about the experienced staff you need. It’s all here at your disposal. We have the most wonderful executive offices to impress any and every client you may receive. So, when you think of your needs you don’t have to consider further.

You can find us online any time or can call us during regular business hours. The Hollywood Production Center can be found close to the Glendale Courthouse. Look for us when you need Creative Spaces.