Entertainment Rooms


You can find a temporary entertainment room on the prestigious North Gower Street in Hollywood for meeting with your clients and other guests while you are in the area. Many people need a temporary meeting space in the Los Angeles area, but sacrifice quality. When you explore Hollywood Production Center you will find luxury and many amenities that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

You do not have to settle for a boring entertainment room. You can actually find Creative Spaces for entertaining all of your associates. This can allow you to gather all of the people that are involved, and this may require a larger space. There are several spaces you can choose from for a Post Production meeting.

Many people in the Hollywood area need a specific location for all of their Production needs. You will be able to rent a temporary office space for all aspects of filming and production these offices are designed with these needs in mind. When you are done with work for the day, you can also find many amenities that can help you stay in the same routine as at home.

There is a gym and spa on site that you can utilize to get a quick workout, or to help you relax after a long day. A personal trainer can be used at the private gym also. Yoga instructors offer classes throughout the week and this is also exclusive to tenants on site. A masseuse is a special treat that is available that many tenants enjoy.

Some of the other amenities offered at Hollywood Production Center include ample, secured parking. This can be very important if you have ever tried to park in the downtown Hollywood area. Valet is also available for even more convenience. Your car will be parked in a gated location offering a high level of security. There is also car washing services available to ensure that your car is always clean and ready to go.

The executive offices offer amenities like balconies and full kitchens to make your stay more comfortable. You can also find suites that have their own private entrance if this is something that you desire. There are many great locations for filming on site also that can give you the perfect setting for your film.