Entertainment Rooms


When you need a state-or-the-art room for your family and friends or you need a contemporary entertainment room for meetings, casting or celebrating, you want a room in a high-quality, contemporary building with those who have similar interests. At Hollywood Production Center you are invited into a modern suite of rooms that is managed and allows you to forget about the details of an office, so you can focus on creating new entertainment. At the Hollywood Production Center in Los Angeles, we offer exquisite surroundings so that you are able to work alongside your peers in a rich environment made for quality production.

The staff at Hollywood Production Center is professional and always attempts to provide a creative atmosphere. We have been in the entertainment business for over 15 years, and it is our pleasure to assist you and your company in pre-production and post-production.

Amenities in the Hollywood Production Center

In Los Angeles, it would be difficult to find office space or entertainment rooms with more class and style than at Hollywood Production Center. The entertainment rooms come stylishly furnished with modern furnishings for a clean, contemporary environment. Every room has a phone, Internet and tele-conferencing is available, and with 24-hour surveillance and security personnel as well, you and your guests will feel safe and comfortable.

The leasing terms may vary at the Hollywood Production Center, but only because our leasing policies our flexible according to the needs of our clients. Some prefer longer leases while others only need a short-term rental agreement. Our rental agents can also offer you a luxurious entertainment room that is available for monthly meeting and events, and they are happy to work with you on the needs you have.

While you are at the Hollywood Production Center, there is an on-site gym with a personal trainer to keep you refreshed, and Yoga classes are also available. The rooms are pet-friendly because many people prefer to keep their pets with them. Our services also include mobile pet grooming, which makes Hollywood Production Center exceptional.

The Hollywood Production Center specializes in creating a high-quality environment for the entertainment industry. We will accommodate your office and entertainment room requirements, no matter what kind of creative space that you need. Our professional staff will assist you in every way possible.