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2016 Oscar Nominations

The 2016 Oscar Nominations were released today with many surprises and obvious contenders. “The Revenant,” which stars Leonardo DiCaprio led the nominations with 12 nominations for the 88th Academy Awards.  The nominations include Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor (DiCaprio).  This will be the fifth time that Leonardo DiCaprio is nominated for an Academy Award, with many hoping that the fifth time will be the charm.

With 10 nominations, “Mad Max: Fury Road,” directed by George Miller, was the second-most-honored film. Their nominations include Best Picture, Best Director, and Cinematography.

Sylvestor Stallone was also nominated for Best Supporting Actor in “Creed,” in which he plays the same character, Rocky Balboa. Unfortunately, Michael B. Jordan who plays the lead in “Creed” was not nominated.

As the previous year, that has been some heated debate over the fact that the award there was an absence of performers of color. All 20 of the acting nominees are white. Once again, #OscarsSoWhite was trending on social media. “Straight Outta Compton” was nominated for Best Original Screenplay but not for any other category which many thought it might be nominated for best picture.


The Oscars will be held February 28 at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre. Chris Rock will host.


Read more and check out to the full list of nominations:

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Tenant Spotlight: JIG Reel Studios

jigreelJIG Reel Studios is owned by Justin Galindo who was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Having a strong aspiration to start his own business he decided to leave Ohio and make his way to Los Angeles. From there, through hard work and determination he started what is now JIG Reel Studios. The company is known for creating actor demo reels, but is also a full-time production company that creates music videos, commercials, shorts, web series, and new features.  For more information  head to:

If there is one person to thank for your success who would it be and why?

There isn’t just one person to thank. Every  person that has worked in this company has helped it to become what it is today. We have all grown together and we are still growing.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

That we get the chance to create NEW projects with our clients. We help to make their visions, a reality. Plus, it is gratifying to see even our own crews dreams and projects come to life.


Who are your biggest influences?

Mark Walhberg. Mainly because of how focused he is about business.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

To expand and become bigger and better than 2015. We also want to finish our feature film that we have been working on for over a year. We’re super excited about this project and can’t wait to get it in Sundance. Crossing fingers. 🙂

What was your favorite part of 2015?

That the company has grown so much and created a really strong team. The coolest part was meeting ROB FREAKING DYRDEK. Growing up and watching him on TV to actually meeting him in person was awesome. I’m a huge fan!

2015 seemed to be a good year for you business wise, is there anything new in store for 2016? 

We have a new feature coming out and we hope to collaborate with some new people.

What’s in the future for JIG Reel Studios?

We are going to be working with Disney on some new projects. Be on the look out!



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Emmys 2015

This year’s Emmy award show was hosted by Andy Samberg and there was a lot of wins and shockers during the night!
Transparent! Director Jill Soloway took the time during her acceptance speech for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series to bring awareness to the fact that in 32 states, trans-people still face legal discrimination when doing something as simple as renting an apartment. “We don’t have a trans-tipping point yet—we have a trans equality problem,” Soloway said.

There were also two more hot headlining wins that night. First came to Jon Hamm. After 16 nominations and seven seasons of Mad Men, Jon Hamm finally received his Emmy—and to a standing ovation, no less. “It’s incredible and impossible for me personally to be standing here,” he said in his speech.

Then came the powerful win of Viola Davis for Best Actress! As the first African American actress to win an Emmy in the drama category, she started off by quoting Harriet Tubman: “In my mind I see a line. And over that line I see green fields, and lovely flowers, and beautiful white women with their arms stretched out to me…but I can’t seem to get over there no how. I can’t seem to get over that line.”
Davis continued: “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that simply are not there. So here’s to all the writers, the awesome people…Thank you for taking us over that line.”

Read more at:

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Tenant Spotlight: Neptune Post



What does Neptune Post do, and how did it get established?

Neptune Post is a Post Production company, specializing in Color Correction, for the entertainment industry. We use DaVinci Resolve to color feature films, shorts, music videos and commercials. We started the company after both working at the top Color Correction post house in the world. We were freelancing so much on the side, that we decided to form our own company.

Please describe the industry you’re in.

We work in the entertainment industry, and are usually one of the last people to work on a film or video. After editing is complete, the project will usually go out to color and sound to both finish the project.

Tell us about any current projects you are working on.

We’re currently working on a few feature films, one of which is a Kobe Bryant documentary, airing on Showtime Feb. 28th. We’re also working on the next New Found Glory music video. We’ll be traveling to the SXSW and Cleveland International Film Festivals this March to support a handful of feature films in competition that we colored.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The great thing about post production is that we get to work on so many projects. It’s like painting on video. There’s such a wide variety of projects and tastes that nothing is ever the same. Every project is unique, so it never get’s dull.

What is a day like for your team?

It’s usually a 6-7 day work week at Neptune Post. We have sessions booked with clients throughout the week, so we’re usually sitting in a dark room all day. Music videos, commercials and shorts usually just take a day or less. Features generally take at least 5 days. If we don’t have sessions booked, then we’re working on finishing features films for unsupervised sessions. At any point, there’s always at least 3 or 4 features going through the company.

What’s in the future for Neptune Post?

We’re currently building a small theater with a 16 foot screen in one of our offices so we can color feature films in there as well. That should be complete by the end of March. We’re also bringing on a couple of employees, as well as hiring another colorist to work in our third room.



Disney to Bring us ‘The Princess Bride’

William Goldman's 'The Princess Bride' will be get a stage production with Disney.
William Goldman’s ‘The Princess Bride’ will be get a stage production with Disney.

Disney Theatrical Productions will be teaming up with William Goldman on a musical based on his 1973 fairy tale and 1987 screenplay, The Princess Bride. The Rob Reiner film is a cult classic, and so many fans were happy to hear the news.  The project was attempted a few years ago, but that fell through, and now Alan Horn of Walt Disney Studios is leading the project. It has not been decided whether The Princess Bride will be made into a musical or a play, but Disney’s successful history with musicals may point it in that direction.

Told by an old man to his grandson, the story is a comic tale of love and adventure as a beautiful woman engaged to an evil prince is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding by her farmboy lover. The Reiner film starred Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin and Chris Sarandon. It was produced by Reiner and Andrew Scheinman and executive produced by Norman Lear.

One of the Disney theatrical division’s most successful musical had been The Lion King, which recently passed the $1 billion box office mark on Broadway. Disney will be opening its newest stage musical, Aladdin, which is set to debut in March.

View full story at The Hollywood Reporter.


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‘How to Make Love Like an Englishman’ Continues Filming

Jessica Alba and Ben McKenzie were filming for 'How to Make Love Like an Englishman' this weekend in Malibu.
Jessica Alba and Ben McKenzie were filming for ‘How to Make Love Like an Englishman’ this weekend in Malibu.

HPC News – HPC welcomes the team for How to Make Love Like an Englishman, an upcoming film starring Pierce Brosnan, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek and Ben McKenzie. The movie is about a Cambridge University professor who finds a woman who is his ideal match, forcing him to reevaluate his life of hedonistic excess, which comes after he impregnates her grad student stepsister. The romantic comedy was written by Matthew Newman and will be directed by Tom Vaughan. Brosnan will star as the professor, Hayek as his love interest and Jessica Alba as the stepsister.

Production for How to Make Love Like an Englishman began earlier last month and Jessica Alba and Ben McKenzie were spotted this weekend in Malibu filming for the movie. The film takes place in Los Angeles, so the crew decided to keep filming local as they wrap up filming in early November. The project is a co-production between Palmstar Media Capital, Southpaw Entertainment, Irish Dreamtime and Envision.

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A Look Back at Buster Keaton

Arguably one of the best films made, Buster Keaton left a lasting legacy with his acting in 'The General'
Arguably one of the best films made, Buster Keaton left a lasting legacy with his acting in ‘The General’

A look back at…

Today we’re taking a look back at Buster Keaton, a revolutionary in the film and television business. Born Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton, Buster was known as a comic actor, filmmaker, producer and writer. He is still known best for his silent films, in which his trademark was physical comedy with a stoic, deadpan expression that got him the nickname The Great Stone Face.

The Saphead was released in 1920, which was Buster’s first starring role in a full-length feature. After much success in comedy, his partner gave him his own production unit, and it wasn’t long until he was making his own full-length films. The General (1926) is considered today one of his greatest works as an actor, although at the time the movie did poorly in the box office and was harshly reviewed by critics.

Buster’s legacy lives on, proof being his two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. He received one star for his motion pictures and the other for television. In 2012, The Ultimate Buster Keaton Collection was released, which included 14-disk set of Keaton’s best work, including eleven of his feature films, among other things. Buster Keaton left a mark on the film industry, and his human acrobatics and larger than life choreography will continue to live on.

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“Welcome to Me” is a Hit at TIFF

"Welcome to Me" screened this week at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been picked up by D Films.
“Welcome to Me” screened this week at the Toronto International Film Festival and has been picked up by D Films.

Hollywood Production Center has recently been home to the production studio working on the much awaited film Welcome to Me starring Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell. The movie was screened at the Toronto International Film Festival that kicked off earlier last week. The 11-day-long festival has screened various movies full of potential, and Welcome to Me is no exception. D Films has acquired the Canadian distribution rights to Welcome to Me soon after its screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The dramatic comedy examines society’s obsession with fame through Kristen Wiig’s character who has a dissociative personality disorder, and soon after winning the lottery she spends all her money on a talk show about herself. The cast also includes Will Ferrell, Linda Cardellini, Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack.

The movie is produced by Gary Sanchez Productions, for who Will Ferrell is a producer for on this project as well. Shira Piven directed the film that was based on Eliot Laurence’s screenplay. The film has no set release date in Canada or the United States.

Read more here:


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The 5th Annual Burbank International Film Festival

The Burbank International Film Festival returns to Los Angeles from Wednesday, September 4 through Sunday, September 8.
The Burbank International Film Festival returns from Wednesday, September 4 through Sunday, September 8.

The Burbank International Film Festival is back in Burbank for its 5th year. The festival kicks off in downtown Burbank on Wednesday, September 4 and continues through Sunday, September 8. The first night’s festivities will take place at the Warner Bros. lot for Opening Night as they celebrate their 90th Anniversary. To commemorate 90 years of history, they will be screening their documentary film, The Brothers Warner.

The prestigious film festival represents talent from around the world as filmmakers present their work across various genres. The 5-day film festival will feature over 70 independent films, and will specially honor films with socially conscious themes. The festival has received over 600 film submissions in the past and the 15-person jury panel goes through each one carefully. In addition to exciting events and panels, the Burbank International Film Festival has set itself apart by offering film distribution seminars to help filmmakers gain a profit from all of their hard work.  The festival will conclude with a Closing Night Awards Gala where they will acknowledge the award-winning filmmakers, as well as honor the industry icons and professionals that have shaped and defined the world of cinema today.

For more information about the event schedules and buying tickets, please visit their website at

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HollyShorts Film Festival

The HollyShorts Film Festival is takiing place this year August 15-22 at the Chinese Theater and Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.
The HollyShorts Film Festival is taking place August 15-22 at the Chinese Theater and Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Hollywood – The HollyShorts Film Festival is back in Hollywood for its 9th year! The prestigious film festival represents talent from around the world as they present their short films to a vast audience. The festival showcases the top short films produced 30-minutes or less. The festivities started last Thursday, August 15 and will continue through Thursday, August 22. Activities for the week include screenings, networking events, talent/literary panels and various forums, and will take place at the TCL Chinese Theater and Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

One of this year’s projected festival favorites is La Petite Mort, directed by Alex Prager. The short, screened on the opening night, focuses on a woman that experiences the boundaries of her body as she contemplates life, death and love. Another film receiving a lot of audience buzz this year is The Sidekick, directed by Michael J. Weithorn. The short is a comedic take on the ever-popular superhero genre, while touching on the idea of our need to find our purpose in life. This film screened on opening night.

The festival is proud to be presenting over 350 films this year over the course of 8 days, comprised of comedy, animation, sci-fi, horror, music videos and web series. Find out more about the HollyShorts Film Festival online:

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Cinespia Continues Strong in Hollywood

Cinespia's screening take place every Saturday during the summer at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.
Cinespia hosts screenings every Saturday over the summer at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Hollywood – Visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and you will see 62 acres of famous men and women of the entertainment industry laid to rest, but it is also home to Hollywood’s cemetery summer movie screenings, Cinespia. Screenings are held on Fairbank’s Lawn, a grassy field within the cemetery that allows movie goes to enjoy the summer night sky while watching a classic movie. Every Saturday throughout the summer, Cinespia puts up a screen in the cemetery to show a film at night with live musical entertainment to kick it off as patrons set up their blankets and seating in the grassy lawn. Both hardcore and amateur movie goers alike can enjoy this night of relaxation, and take a moment to bond with fellow Angelinos in the great outdoors of Southern California.

Classic movies in this summer’s lineup include “Pulp Fiction,” “Princess Bride” and “Scream” to name a few. Organizers suggest bringing snacks, wine and beer to enjoy throughout the night, as well as coming early to save a spot. These nights have grown in popularity as more Angelinos want to embrace the beautiful city they live in and enjoy everything it has to offer. In 2008, “Los Angeles” magazine named Cinespia on the “16 Best Things about L.A.” list.  

Cinespia’s movie screenings first started in 2002 with the showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Strangers on a Train.” They showed 4 films that first summer and have since grown their number to 25 movie screenings each season. To learn more about Cinespia and see the full list of movies that will be screening this summer, please visit Hollywood Forever Cemetery can’t wait to welcome you!

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DreamWorks Animation Now Producing for Television

A scene from DreamWorks Animation TV show, "Dragons: Riders of Berk."
A scene from DreamWorks Animation’s TV show, “Dragons: Riders of Berk.”

Glendale – Glendale is home to DreamWorks Animation SKG. Up until now, DreamWorks Animation has focused primarily on making animated movies, but this week they have become a multifaceted media company. They signed deals this week with Netflix and a German leading children’s television channel to produce animated television shows for them. With the decline in DVD sales everywhere, DreamWorks has decided to expand their horizons in order to not have to rely solely on box office revenues from their animated features.  

The Glendale company will be creating over 300 hours of programming for Netflix. DreamWorks Animation has already produced several animated television shows based on their character from previous films, such as “Dragons: Riders of Berk,” which airs on Cartoon Network and is based on the 2010 movie, “How to Train Your Dragon.” By creating animated programming for Germany’s children’s channel, they are also guaranteeing that their franchises will continue to grow and be enjoyed by children all over the world.

DreamWorks Animation’s first animated film was “Antz” and was released in 1998. To date they have released 26 movies, and they have all been very successful. Most notably, “Shrek,” “Madagascar,” and “How to Train Your Dragon” have been the most successful, as well as their sequels. DreamWorks Animation is preparing for their next premiere, which will take place next month for “Turbo.” This movie will tell the story of an ordinary garden snail whose dream is to become the fastest snail in the world. “Turbo” is scheduled to be released on July 17th.

DreamWorks Animation was spun-off from DreamWorks Studios in 2004 and is headed by one of the original founders, Jeffrey Katzenberg.

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IDA, Inc. to Animate New Feature Film

'Tailchaser's Song' will begin production later this year.
‘Tailchaser’s Song’ will begin production later this year.

Glendale Tenant News – Hollywood Production Center is proud to announce that their very own IDA, Inc. will be working on the new animated feature film, ‘Tailchaser’s Song.’

IDA, Animetropolis and EFG-Renascence recently announced at the Cannes Film Festival that they will be teaming up to animate the feature film, ‘Tailchaser’s Song.’ The stereoscopic 3D CG-animated family film will begin production later this year. The director of ‘Rise of the Guardians’ (2012), Peter Ramsey, will be joining the team as Executive Producer, along with the author of this fantasy-adventure novel, Tad Williams, as Co-Executive Producer.

‘Tailchaser’s Song’ is an adaptation of Tad Williams’ acclaimed bestselling novel of the same name. ‘Tailchaser’s Song’ was the first novel this fantasy and science-fiction author had written, first published in 1985. This story follows the adventures of a tom cat, Fritti Tailchaser, as he journeys to find his missing friend. Williams’ ‘Otherland’ series was optioned by Warner Brothers last year.

IDA, Inc. has offices in Los Angeles and Japan. They were the first Japanese studio to be nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for animation.

Congratulations again!

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The Monsters Take over Hollywood

Monsters University hits theaters on June 21st.
Monsters University hits theaters on June 21st.

The Monsters are back after 12 years, and they are coming back with a bang. The ‘Monsters University’ premiere took place Monday night in Hollywood at the El Capitan Theater. Before the screening, there was a monstrous college tailgate that included the Monsters U marching band and cheerleaders. The blue carpet was filled with monsters, along with attendees that all wore the Monsters U royal blue school colors. Children and parents alike flooded the blue carpet to enjoy the newest edition of universities in Los Angeles.

‘Monsters University’ will come out in theaters Friday, June 21st, and it is a prequel to ‘Monsters, Inc,’ which was released in 2001. As a prequel, Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan, commonly referred to as Sully, are just starting out at college as they try to figure out what kind of ‘scarers’ they are going to be. By going back a couple of years, producers were able to add new lovable monsters to the storyline and explain how Sully and Mike came to be the monsters that we knew and loved in the original ‘Monsters, Inc.’

There has been a lot of marketing promotions around this movie as children and adults had the chance to make their own Monsters U student ID badges and we saw trailers for the movie that played out just like a college promotional commercial. There is a lot of fun and excitement surrounding this movie, and the next generation of children will be able to enjoy the monster gang as well.

Mike Wazowski is voiced by Billy Crystal, John Goodman is the voice of Sully, and Randy is played by Steve Buscemi. ‘Monsters University’ is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. If you want to check out some of their fun interactive games, go to


‘The Purge’ Goes Beyond a Thriller

'The Purge' is out in theaters June 7th.
‘The Purge’ is out in theaters June 7th.

Written and directed by James DeMonaco, ‘The Purge’ is a speculative thriller that takes place in a future America where one night a year people are allowed to take part in any act of crime without punishment. In 2022, ‘The Purge’ America has been reborn with unemployment and crime rates at an all-time low. This can be attributed to the yearly Purge. In this 12-hour period, from 7:00 PM to 7:00AM all the law-abiding citizens can address their pent up anger and attack and kill anyone without consequence. A wealthy family readies themselves for yet another Purge, which they personally do not participate in, but regardless, hoards of murders come to their home ready to attack. DeMonaco’s film is overflowing with ideas about social class, race, and violence and he has found a horror/thriller story line in which to address them.

DeMonaco’s film was screened at the Stanley Film Festival this year, which showcases classic and contemporary independent horror cinema at the haunted Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. While there is plenty of bloodshed and violence, the most disturbing part of the movie is the actual concept of this Purge. ‘The Purge’ has been criticized for not delving deep enough into America’s issues, but just touching on the ideas of aristocracy and race is enough to get the audience thinking. It is hard to ignore the idea that in this world America has saved itself from destruction by killing themselves off. The Purge allows them to kill anyone in general, but what what becomes a reality is that they are killing the people that are not contributing to the betterment of society; in essence, the poor and homeless.

This movie was released on June 7th and has made nearly $52 million to date domestically. ‘The Purge’ stars Ethan Hawke, Rhys Wakefield and Lena Headey. ‘The Purge’ received a B- from Entertainment Weekly’s ‘Movie Review’ and a 37% on Rotten Tomatoes’ ‘Tomatometer.’


The Much Awaited ‘Man of Steel’ Releases this Weekend

'Man of Steel' comes out in theaters Friday, June 14.
‘Man of Steel’ comes out in theaters Friday, June 14.

With “Iron Man 3” released last month, “The Wolverine” to be released next month, and “Thor: The Dark World” set to be released in November, 2013 is far from lacking in superhero movies. However, June came with anticipation and excitement as “Man of Steel” was debuted to the world today. “Man of Steel” had a limited release of midnight showings last night, for which they were able to collect $21 million. This surpasses “Iron Man 3,” which was released earlier this summer and was only able to bring in $15.6 million on its midnight opening. While the box-office is expecting “Man of Steel” to collect $85-100 million domestically, the distributors at Warner Brothers are staying conservative and projecting $80 million.

Directed by Zach Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, “Man of Steel” follows the life of Clark Kent in the original tale as he tries to hide his superpowers and live a regular everyday life. Here we see Clark Kent played by British actor Henry Cavil. Amy Adams stars as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon plays the role of the menacing General Zod.  

There is a lot of hype surrounding this superhero movie, especially after Christopher Nolan wrapped up the final movie in the Batman trilogy last year. Although this weekend is dead in terms of new releases, “Man of Steel” will have to compete with last weekend’s batch of releases such as “The Internship,” “The Purge,” and “This is the End.” Only time will tell whether this superhero will be able to fly away with this weekend’s box office.  

We last saw Zach Snyder directing “Sucker Punch” in 2011, and his counterpart, Christopher Nolan, was directing “The Dark Knight Rises” in 2012.


The Los Angeles Film Festival is Back

The LA Film Festival kicks off in downtown on June 13th and ends June 23rd.
The LA Film Festival kicks off in Downtown on June 13th and ends June 23rd.

Downtown LA – The Los Angeles Film Festival is back for its 19th year. Following the heels of the Sundance Film Festival, South by Southwest Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival, there is a lot of excitement surrounding the films to be seen in Southern California this year. The festival kicked off with some pre-festival excitement on June 12th with the pre-screening of much awaited “Man of Steel.” The next night, however, was the official opening night of the festival where they debuted “I’m So Excited” by Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar. Tonight the festival continues on with 11 screenings, the first one starting at 7:10 PM and the last one starting at 10:00 PM.

What sort of things do you have to look forward to these next 10 days? While the movies are still the main attraction, there has also been a particular emphasis on providing out-of-the-theater events that add to attendees’ movie experience. These include conversations and panels with actors, directors and writers. The festival is also offering a great opportunity for families with kids to enjoy the big film culture through Family Day. Family Day is an event free to the public that will be celebrated with activities the entire family can enjoy thanks to their sponsors at Hasbro Studios. This fun day of family-friendly adventure will conclude with the world premiere screening of “My Little Pony Equestria Girls.” Family Day will take place Saturday, June 15 at the Nokia Plaza at L.A. Live from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

While most of the screenings will be taking place at L.A. Live’s Regal Cinema, there will also be screenings at the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA), JW Marriot – ION Rooftop Bar, GRAMMY Museum and Grand Performances and Arts Brookfield at FIGat7th Plaza. Starting Thursday, June 13th, the festival will run until Sunday, June 23rd. For more details about the festival and the schedule, visit their website at

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Oscars Outdoors 2013

Oscars Outdoors

The 2013 Oscars Outdoors summer series kicks off with a special KCRW Matt’s Moviesscreening of Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado about Nothing” and a special advance screening of “Twenty Feet from Stardom.” The weekend Oscars Outdoors slate includes California-centric titles and films with international locales from Paris and India to Neverland and Skull Island.

Oscars Outdoors 2013


On sale starting May 22 online and by mail to the Academy Box Office.
Tickets to each screening are $5 for the public; free for children 10 years and younger; and $3 for Academy members and students with ID.
Seating is unreserved.
Gates open at 6:30 p.m.
Screenings begin at sunset.