Office Space for Lease


If you are looking to lease an office space for your production company in the Southern California area, than we have the perfect facilities for you. The Hollywood Production Center is now offering great facilities for entertainment companies that are looking to be closer to the Hollywood community.

These are unique, and special facilities unlike any other that is designed with creativity in mind. Our current clients are large and well-known networks such as Comedy Central, Bravo and Paramount. Their creative process is perhaps as a result of the environment that they are working from. Once you see what we have to offer you will understand why.

We currently have properties in the Glendale and Hollywood area. These facilities are referred to as HPC1,HPC2, HPC3, and HPC4. Hollywood PC1 Hollywood 4 is two-story buildings that are designed to accommodate editors, writers, producers and designers to work from. These locations are within walking distance from the Raleigh and Sunset Gower Studios. These are very close facilities to each other. These are provided with balcony areas to congregate in and network with others.

HPC2 and HPC3 are on the other side of Golden State Highway in the Glendale area. These are larger and designed for executive and post production tasks. The HPC2 is a six-story building with a basement level that is able to house offices too. This one is perfect for executive use while HPC3 offers 3 floors and is perfect for post-production.

All of these buildings are designed as turnkey locations where they are already furnished, so you do not have to bring your own furniture. Voice, data and high speed internet are already provided for these spots. Along with the small office space floor plans, all facilities have balcony areas, gyms, showers, cafe areas and kitchenettes as well as mid-size to large meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are specific for our HP2.

This is a unique opportunity because each facility is already provided with janitorial services, 24-hour surveillance, valet parking, yoga instructors, personal trainers and a masseuse. These are great ways to make the staff more productive before they go into the next meeting or to get the creative juices flowing. To add, there is no reason to put utilities under your name as they are already provided for you. This includes water and electricity.

These locations are fertile soil for creative projects. You are given an environment where you are free to develop ideas in wide-open spaces, providing a backdrop for many endless filming projects on-site and all within reach of each other. These facilities are available for long-term leasing or month to month. Go to our website to submit the availability form or to sign up for same-day move-in. The opportunity to get in on the action is available now. Get started today.