Office Space for Lease


There are many options for office in West Lexington Drive. You might be wondering what you can do to get a great space for your small office space needs. The good news is that it’s not as hard as you may think.

What to Look for?

One of the biggest things to look for is to find a small office space for lease that will fit your needs. You may need something that is larger if you have a team rather than just one person working for you. This is why you will want to look at the space before you sign on the dotted line.

Another thing you may want to look for is location. If the office space is in the Glendale CA area, then you will probably be easier to find for most clients. This is important if you want to maintain your client list and have business. You may also chose to look at the Hollywood Production Center to make sure you are surrounded by others in the same industry. This can be hugely important if you want to keep your business going.

How It Works

There are several ways you can lease a space like this, but the most common is by signing a lease after you have seen the space. You also will probably have to put a certain amount of money to put down on the space. Some will require a long term lease and others will allow you to lease for only a year. You will need to find out about this before you sign the lease and get the key to the space. The last thing you want is to not be able to take care of the lease because it’s too much or too long a time frame.

Why Lease Instead of Buy?

There are several reasons you may want to lease instead of buy. One of the most common is that you want to make sure you are going to like the area you’re starting your business in. If you don’t it’s easy enough to move and find someplace else to have your business.

Another reason you might want to look at leasing instead of buying is so you can give your business a chance without spending more than you can for your office area. If you find the business isn’t viable, then you won’t have put the money into purchasing a place you can’t afford.

There are many people that choose to get a space like this. You want to really look at what you’re doing so you can make sure you’re making the right choices. The last thing you want is to have a space that you won’t be able to use or like. West Lexington Drive Glendale, CA is a great office space by the Hollywood Production Company.

Office Space for Lease


Santa Monica is one of the busiest places in the greater Los Angeles area. There are a lot of small and big businesses that do work out of this city. Santa Monica Blvd itself spans across a large portion of Los Angeles. If you want to work in a prime location that is close to a lot of shops, food options, and other businesses then working somewhere on Santa Monica is ideal. You will be close to some of the major freeways in California and have access to a variety of routes from your office.

When you want office space in the Los Angeles area then consider leasing on Santa Monica. We can help you find an office of any size that you feel will accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking forsmall office space or big office space for lease you will find something that interests you. This is the benefit of trusting a company that can find you quality property to use to operate your business. You need to be in a part of Los Angeles that is busy, that way you attract a lot more customers and potential business partners.

Location is important when running a business. If you do not have a good location then you can lose a lot of partners and customers. People will look at where you are located and make a judgement based off of the area. Santa Monica is known to be a street with a lot of the best businesses on the market. You can even find a place next to the Hollywood Production Center and be close to all of the action in the celebrity world. This can open a lot of doors for you and make you earn a lot more money in the long run.

Invest into the future of your company. Leasing an office somewhere on Santa Monica is a good idea when you first start out a business. If you are trying to reshape your image then it is also a good idea to move to this street. There are a lot of places for lease so you will have a variety of locations to choose from. This is the perfect opportunity to expand your business and put it somewhere central in Los Angeles. All of your employees will be happy to hear that they will work on Santa Monica. The fine places to dine, quality shopping, and Los Angeles vibe make it a very appealing place to work.

Office Space for Lease


Los Angeles is the creative center of America. You know that you need the right environment in order to work at your highest level. However, what you do not want to deal with the overhead. Let Hollywood Production Center worry about all that so that you can get back to what you do best — create.

We have office space that offers you the best in turnkey services. We provide you with office rentals or leases in the North Gower Street Area. Our specialty is giving you the space you need to create lasting entertainment. HPC is here to serve all your needs. In addition to larger offices we also have small office space for lease as well. Our top of the line janitorial staff will keep your office working in a clean lasting environment you will be proud of.

HPC 1 is more than ideally and centrally located in the heart of the vibrant California film community. Our offices in the North Gower area are within walking distance of Sunset Gower Studios. We are also only a short distance away from Raleigh studios.

In addition to our prime location we also offer unbeatable amenities. Yours, your crews and your talents security is guaranteed with out 24-hour security crew. We also have ample parking available if you need it. We also provide valet parking so that you can save time and energy for your work.

It is nearly impossible to work at you optimum level without taking a short beak every now and then. That is why we provide you with a state-of-the-art gym facility. Here you can find a resident masseuse, our own yoga instructor as well as a personal trainer. You and your guests will find that you can get right back to productive work once you have all had a moment to relax.

We understand that finding and securing film locations can set you back both creatively and financially. Therefore, we provide you with ideal filming locations as well. You may take advantage of office sets, gym, courtyard, rooftops and many more settings. Consider the forms already filled-out and signed — One less hassle for you to worry about.

Our production offices are designed with your work in mind. Our flexible leasing plans allow you to stay month to month. We have office space for lease that will fit your needs. All offices are move-in ready. All you do is visit our website, fill-in the form and get to work.

Office Space for Lease


Sometimes it isn’t enough to just have office space; a company needs to have the right office space. It should be comfortable, well-furnished, attractive, convenient, easy to find and, if possible, close to important areas for the work the office will be doing. For those looking for office space for lease nearSunset Gower Studios CA, whether it’s a small office space or a large one, the company to call isHollywood Production Center.

What Does This Company Offer?

When someone comes to this company with the intention of finding space to lease, they receive a bevy of options that are conveniently located, fully furnished and which come with all of the trimmings. These offices are fully wired, with Internet and telephone service already in place, and they’re simple, turnkey affairs. While every space has the same quality and luxury, each one is also unique and different from all of the others. All someone has to do is tell the company agent precisely what they’re looking for, and the agent can match the customer to the offices they feel will most fit what the client is looking for.

Take a Look Around

Because finding the right space can be a tiresome chore, this company has also put a great deal of information that clients will want to know up on its website. All an interested party has to do is log on to and take a look around at what the company is currently offering. The website has the floor plans for the offices, and it gives potential leasers a good look at what they can expect to see. There are also FAQs regarding the properties and what is and isn’t provided for the customer by the company. All of that can be had for the asking without even picking up the phone.

If clients see a space they really want to take a closer look at, all they have to do is contact the company and set up an appointment. Once they’ve done that it’s a simple matter of showing the potential leaser around the offices that fit the floor plan and descriptive needs. There’s no pressure on the client to accept anything less than his or her ideal when it comes to just the right space. The company is here to provide them with exactly what they want, in just the way they need.

Office Space for Lease


Are you looking for an office studio near Hollywood? Raleigh Studios is one of the best places in order to achieve a happy and comfortable living space in which to occupy. It offers a large amount of potential for people who are interested in purchasing working space and establishing themselves in fully furnished office space. Through its investment clients are able to easily find the best possible office space for their needs and desires. Offices play a critical role in the success of a company or business and thus it is highly important to make sure to focus on the integrity of the space and establish a degree of precedence when searching for a location in which to rent and occupy.

Executive office rentals provide an easy way in which people are able to find the space to open a business or to house staff for work that must be done for a company. Through its use people are easily able to stay on top of their means and their resources to provide some of the best rooms and space available on the market. The Raleigh area is a truly lucrative and profitable space to be in and having a proper living space to occupy is a key and crucial step towards becoming more secure with one’s own business.

Perhaps one of the most popular choices, is the executive suite the suite features some of the most lavish and essential aspects of an office space in order to provide a high quality experience for workers and inhabitants looking for a good place to work or rent. The quality that has gone into finding the best place to work and live has been brought forth in order to provide workers with a well established facility and space within the Hollywood area.

The production office space available provides an easy way for people to enjoy their surroundings without having to worry about huge costs or the difficulties of searching for a proper workspace. Renting in Raleigh is one of the best and easiest ways to stay on top of jobs and tasks whilst offering workers an easy place to live and work. It’s a great way to save money and to allow a business to become even more professional on a much more consistent basis.

Office Space is a must for business owners through Raleigh StudiosHollywood Production Centerprovides a large selection of top quality through the company Executive Office Rentals in which people are able to rent and purchase for their business, thus allowing it to become even more successful and to make finding rental properties easier in the long run as time goes on and a business needs to expand.

Office Space for Lease


There is many startup film production, media and publishing companies that are looking to get started in the entertainment industry or well on their way. As their company grows they also outgrow the facility that currently houses them. They will require a larger location and we have the solution for you. These offices in the Glendale, CA area are very spacious and stylish, involving architects and designers to form an environment that has a Hollywood entertainment vibe.

The city of Glendale is prime real estate in the entertainment business and near the Glendale Courthouse. There are plenty of great locations to take advantage of in the area. You can now have that access by leasing out one of your many facilities where you can operate your executive or developmental offices for creative needs.

The Hollywood Production Center offers luxurious office space and facilities that are available to lease for your production needs. Many well-known companies produce their shows from our properties such as Comedy Central, Bravo and MTV. Of our four properties, we have two in the Glendale area. These are referred to as Hollywood PC2 and Hollywood PC3.

HPC2 is a six-story building that includes a basement and is a perfect location for executive services. These are designed with apportioned office areas and single offices. They also include mid-sized to large meeting rooms and turnkey style facilities that are fully furnished.

HPC3 is a three-story building designed for small office space that are more fitting for production and post-production. These are also included in the basement areas and have balconies, skylights and added private entrances.

No office space for lease is complete without our unique services that come with it. This means that janitors are already hired for daily clean up and maintenance, valet parking is provided, yoga instructors and personal trainers are on site. In addition to this are gyms, showers, car wash service, high speed internet and pre-installed voice and data are already provided and 24-hour security surveillance.

This isn’t all there is also no need to put utilities under your name. These services are also paid for and provided on site! It is also up to you whether you want to start a lease contract or go month to month. These are very attractive facilities with cafes, kitchenettes and cart service. You also have an environment where you can film onsite and gain access to plenty of local areas in the town.

This is the perfect environment to operate your production company from as it is designed for it. You can go to our site and begin the same-day move in process or just check for availability. These are very much in demand, and this chance is hard to pass up. You now have the opportunity to be closer to the Hollywood entertainment industry.

Office Space for Lease


You have started a production company that has out grown its facilities. As a startup, you now have the opportunity to relocate into a facility with more space to be able to complete all production and filming tasks. We at the Hollywood Production Center have the perfect opportunity for you to get closer to the action.

Right near the center of it all, we offer two facilities in Hollywood that are perfectly accommodated for the entertainment industries. Many of our clients are big named companies such as E! MTV and Comedy Central to name a few. These are always producing great quality entertainment thanks to the environments that they work from, help to stimulate creativity.

Our first location is what we refer to as Hollywood PC1. This office space is walking distance away from the Sunset Gower and Raleigh studios which is perfectly accessed for production. This building is well designed for creative teams to operate from. Writers, editors, designers and producers are able to work from this two floor building with sizable offices that are fully furnished in their turnkey style.

With a similar purpose, the Hollywood PC4 building also provides two stories of working facilities for lease. Along with these the small office space for the creator, everything is furnished. There is no need to bring furniture to the building as everything is already provided. Of these many accommodations, there are also gyms, showers, personal trainers, valet service, yoga instructors, and masseuse onsite. This is perfect for the creator to be able to relax and get ready to create.

Other additional services are valet parking, car washing and janitorial services that keep the facilities clean at all times. There is also high speed internet, and already installed voice and data onsite. Our facilities are not complete without the added advantage of already set up utilities. This means that you do not have to set these up under your name they are already provided for you.

The design of the building and its environment is a perfect setting for media, films and other entertainment related projects. The environmental architecture that is provided is visually stimulating and chic. There are cafes on site where you can discuss creative projects and accessibility to place in the area where you can film or get ideas for your next project. This puts you in the center of all of the excitement, bringing you in closer to the Hollywood community where you can be part of it all.

You have the option of a setting up a lease with us or going month to month at our locations. Please check out site for floor plans and start planning your move in today.

Office Space for Lease


Los Angeles CA is one of the most dynamic and productive cities in the United States. So when it comes time to open an office on the West Coast for production or commerce, it is often one of the first places that people take a look at.

Within LA, there are many areas with office space for lease. It goes without saying, however, that location is one of the most important decisions that you can make.

Hollywood Production Center is a set of locations in Hollywood and Glendale that offer many amenities for those looking for office space. To start with, they have great locations that will put you near the heart of the entertainment industry and a short drive from the beach or downtown. When you think about the money that you will save by commuting or having your staff shuttle from a centralized location, it soon becomes a compelling choice.

If you are in film or video production, the center’s locations feature the right to film on the premises without having to apply for a permit, which can save you a lot of time if you have come into town to open up an office for a project.

If you are involved in growing your company, small office space is also available so that you can start small and expand as you need to. Every office comes already furnished and there are a wide variety of configurations available. If you have a staff that comes in from all over LA, you will likely appreciate the amount of parking that is available- it isn’t always easy to find or have granted to you.

Because it is hard to find time during the day to break away from work, there is an onsite gym and showers at each location. There is also a sizable lounge that allows for informal gatherings. Of course, high speed internet and voice connections are already ready for you to use when you arrive.

Best of all, the centers are flexible in order to meet your needs. You can lease month to month or yearly and if you need space right away, you can move into any vacant unit the same day. Currently, if you plan to drop by for a visit to check out on of the facilities, you can get your application fee waived if you decide that you want to rent one.

Convenience, space, and location, all offered for your benefit by Hollywood Production Centers.

Office Space for Lease


If you are looking for facilities to operate your entertainment and production company from, then you have an opportunity to tap into fertile ground. Hollywood Production Center has several buildings to lease.

We have been leasing out office space for over 12 years and have provided Office facilities for high profile clients such as Comedy Central, MTV and Bravo to name a few. These facilities are designed with the creative industry in mind in offering wide open spaces to network with others in an environment that will spontaneously spur ideas. These areas are beautifully designed to be edgy and chic.

We offer two facilities in the Hollywood area that are perfect for editors, designers, and writers. These are the Hollywood PC1 and Hollywood PC4 buildings. They are both two story buildings with floor plans ofsmall office space suites where employees can stimulate the creative process. The individual offices of the 2nd floor are provided with balconies, skylights, private kitchens and private entrance ways. Both are within walking access to the Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios where shows like Dexter and Heroes were filmed.

Not very far away we also have HPC2 and HPC3 which are larger six and three story buildings that are designed for executive and post production work. They offer a similar design but with larger offices, and mid to large sized meeting rooms. Your full creation and production team can be in one place.

These are turnkey facilities that are fully furnished, so you do not have to move any furniture in. The buildings already have voice and data set up with high speed internet and 24-hour surveillance cameras are also provided, and you do not need to set up utilities, these are already provided for you.

To set you at ease, janitorial services are already provided for daily cleaning, valet services are set up, car wash service is provided along with yoga instructors, personal trainers and a masseuse so that you can be pampered, be relaxed and not miss your work out sessions while you are busy creating ideas. Added with the facilities are gyms, showers, and cafes. The facility is also gated, and there is ample parking available too.

This is the perfect area to establish your production business as there are plenty of places in the area to use as backdrops for scenes or shooting your scenes. You now have an area where you can continue to create ideas with plenty of room and opportunity. You are in the center of the entertainment industry. We offer a long-term lease and a month-to-month agreement as well. Go to our website to check for availability and get information about a same-day move-in. Request a tour and the application fee is waived.

Office Space for Lease


When an office space is needed it is highly important to invest money into the right areas in order to acquire the space needed. Glendale CA has a large selection of locations that are easily used to provide office space for people who are in need of a great place in which they can keep their staff and work. By using a fully furnished office space businesses are able to establish professional working spaces that are located conveniently in key areas. By utilizing such aspects businesses set themselves up for their future to be more successful. Rentals allow people to take on difficult business tasks that allow for future improvement. Business success comes down to location. Location is achieved by properly renting a business space that is in a good area.

One of the best options on the market is executive office rentals. These rentals provide space and services that cannot be had anywhere else. People who work in these spaces are able to achieve high levels of work and better themselves for the future by allowing themselves to take control of the work environment for their business. Workers can feel safe and secure in their working spaces and make sure that they are well protected by the areas around them that allow them to focus on their work within a nice and professional office environment. Office environments provide unique opportunities for workers to continue to do their best on a regular basis without being judged elsewhere.

Production office space provides unique opportunities for people to be highly productive. Office space keeps people organized and on top of their activities.Being highly productive is the key aspect of a successful business. Being able to produce unites at a fast pace and keep a lively pace is a must for companies that wish to make money and continue to be successful in their day to day tasks. Anexecutive suite provides a large amount of opportunities for employers in allowing them to be able to do more with their careers and businesses. Staying on top of business and creating a better environment for people to work within is a must, this is easy to be done for those who want to improve their office space experience. Any improvement and time that can be put towards making a space better is a must for anyone interested in the future of their career.

Through Hollywood Production Center finding office space in Glendale CA is a great way to invest in the future of a California business. Owning a fully furnished office space allows for a better future in which is prepared with strengthened values and quality builds.

Office Space for Lease


You can find that it can be easy to relocate from East Broadway in Glendale to Hollywood when you find the right temporary office. Hollywood Production Center can provide you with everything you need, even if you are a long way from home. You can start by exploring the many floorplans that are available. You will find that there is a great floor plan for almost every need. You may need a space for solely office work, or you may be interested in a property that can offer you a space for production. When you take a tour you will be able to determine what is available, and what type of floorplan is best for your office needs.

Each office space is completely furnished. This means that all of the office furniture is provided. You will also have high speed internet in your office and local phone capabilities. This can provide you with the amenities you need to be very productive each day. You will want to make sure that you are looking at all of the amenities provided to ensure that you take full advantage of your stay.

You can choose from a small office space, or a larger one. The lease of this space can be based around the length of time you will be in the Hollywood area. You will find month to month leasing options, or you may want to consider a longer term lease. Either way you will have a premium address you can use for the length of your stay. This can help you to build your reputation when you are located in this prestigious area of town. Many people are seeking out a Hollywood address, and you will be able to use this address to attract new business.

You can also entertain your clients from your office location. You can use one of the conference rooms for meetings, and there are many sources close by for catering. The cafe on site can also cater any of your meetings, and provide beverages for your guests. You want to make sure that your guests are comfortable during every meeting you conduct for your business.

Another great way to use your office space for lease is for filming. This is a building that can provide ample locations for filming, editing, and production. You will find a space that can help you with every aspect of filming.

Office Space for Lease


If you are looking to lease an office space for your production company in the Southern California area, than we have the perfect facilities for you. The Hollywood Production Center is now offering great facilities for entertainment companies that are looking to be closer to the Hollywood community.

These are unique, and special facilities unlike any other that is designed with creativity in mind. Our current clients are large and well-known networks such as Comedy Central, Bravo and Paramount. Their creative process is perhaps as a result of the environment that they are working from. Once you see what we have to offer you will understand why.

We currently have properties in the Glendale and Hollywood area. These facilities are referred to as HPC1,HPC2, HPC3, and HPC4. Hollywood PC1 Hollywood 4 is two-story buildings that are designed to accommodate editors, writers, producers and designers to work from. These locations are within walking distance from the Raleigh and Sunset Gower Studios. These are very close facilities to each other. These are provided with balcony areas to congregate in and network with others.

HPC2 and HPC3 are on the other side of Golden State Highway in the Glendale area. These are larger and designed for executive and post production tasks. The HPC2 is a six-story building with a basement level that is able to house offices too. This one is perfect for executive use while HPC3 offers 3 floors and is perfect for post-production.

All of these buildings are designed as turnkey locations where they are already furnished, so you do not have to bring your own furniture. Voice, data and high speed internet are already provided for these spots. Along with the small office space floor plans, all facilities have balcony areas, gyms, showers, cafe areas and kitchenettes as well as mid-size to large meeting rooms. The meeting rooms are specific for our HP2.

This is a unique opportunity because each facility is already provided with janitorial services, 24-hour surveillance, valet parking, yoga instructors, personal trainers and a masseuse. These are great ways to make the staff more productive before they go into the next meeting or to get the creative juices flowing. To add, there is no reason to put utilities under your name as they are already provided for you. This includes water and electricity.

These locations are fertile soil for creative projects. You are given an environment where you are free to develop ideas in wide-open spaces, providing a backdrop for many endless filming projects on-site and all within reach of each other. These facilities are available for long-term leasing or month to month. Go to our website to submit the availability form or to sign up for same-day move-in. The opportunity to get in on the action is available now. Get started today.