Office Space for Lease


If you are looking for facilities to operate your entertainment and production company from, then you have an opportunity to tap into fertile ground. Hollywood Production Center has several buildings to lease.

We have been leasing out office space for over 12 years and have provided Office facilities for high profile clients such as Comedy Central, MTV and Bravo to name a few. These facilities are designed with the creative industry in mind in offering wide open spaces to network with others in an environment that will spontaneously spur ideas. These areas are beautifully designed to be edgy and chic.

We offer two facilities in the Hollywood area that are perfect for editors, designers, and writers. These are the Hollywood PC1 and Hollywood PC4 buildings. They are both two story buildings with floor plans ofsmall office space suites where employees can stimulate the creative process. The individual offices of the 2nd floor are provided with balconies, skylights, private kitchens and private entrance ways. Both are within walking access to the Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios where shows like Dexter and Heroes were filmed.

Not very far away we also have HPC2 and HPC3 which are larger six and three story buildings that are designed for executive and post production work. They offer a similar design but with larger offices, and mid to large sized meeting rooms. Your full creation and production team can be in one place.

These are turnkey facilities that are fully furnished, so you do not have to move any furniture in. The buildings already have voice and data set up with high speed internet and 24-hour surveillance cameras are also provided, and you do not need to set up utilities, these are already provided for you.

To set you at ease, janitorial services are already provided for daily cleaning, valet services are set up, car wash service is provided along with yoga instructors, personal trainers and a masseuse so that you can be pampered, be relaxed and not miss your work out sessions while you are busy creating ideas. Added with the facilities are gyms, showers, and cafes. The facility is also gated, and there is ample parking available too.

This is the perfect area to establish your production business as there are plenty of places in the area to use as backdrops for scenes or shooting your scenes. You now have an area where you can continue to create ideas with plenty of room and opportunity. You are in the center of the entertainment industry. We offer a long-term lease and a month-to-month agreement as well. Go to our website to check for availability and get information about a same-day move-in. Request a tour and the application fee is waived.