Office Space for Lease


You can find that it can be easy to relocate from East Broadway in Glendale to Hollywood when you find the right temporary office. Hollywood Production Center can provide you with everything you need, even if you are a long way from home. You can start by exploring the many floorplans that are available. You will find that there is a great floor plan for almost every need. You may need a space for solely office work, or you may be interested in a property that can offer you a space for production. When you take a tour you will be able to determine what is available, and what type of floorplan is best for your office needs.

Each office space is completely furnished. This means that all of the office furniture is provided. You will also have high speed internet in your office and local phone capabilities. This can provide you with the amenities you need to be very productive each day. You will want to make sure that you are looking at all of the amenities provided to ensure that you take full advantage of your stay.

You can choose from a small office space, or a larger one. The lease of this space can be based around the length of time you will be in the Hollywood area. You will find month to month leasing options, or you may want to consider a longer term lease. Either way you will have a premium address you can use for the length of your stay. This can help you to build your reputation when you are located in this prestigious area of town. Many people are seeking out a Hollywood address, and you will be able to use this address to attract new business.

You can also entertain your clients from your office location. You can use one of the conference rooms for meetings, and there are many sources close by for catering. The cafe on site can also cater any of your meetings, and provide beverages for your guests. You want to make sure that your guests are comfortable during every meeting you conduct for your business.

Another great way to use your office space for lease is for filming. This is a building that can provide ample locations for filming, editing, and production. You will find a space that can help you with every aspect of filming.