Commercial Office Rental


Business owners who are looking for an office space for lease in Glendale CA should consider renting space in the Hollywood Production Center. The company has four locations in the Glendale/Hollywood area. Office spaces are geared toward companies involved in aspects of the entertainment industry. Companies involved in producing films and TV shows, post-production, or publishing are some of the businesses this facility specializes in serving.

Various amenities are offered at the West Lexington Drive branch, referred to as HPC 2, of the company. Each small office space is fully furnished and includes skylights and private entrances. High speed internet is provide by HPC. A private gym, complete with a yoga instructor and personal trainer, is located in the facility. The facility includes filming locations and it is located in the center of Glendale.

Security, inside and outside the office, is a valid concern for small and large business owners. HPC provides twenty-four hour security for the office facilities. The parking area is gated and a valet service is provided. Business owners, and their employees, can be assured that their personal vehicles and working environments are safe.

HPC 2 consists of six floors and a basement level. Office suites and individual office spaces are available for lease. Meeting rooms are located on-site. All the office spaces are fully furnished with a kitchenette. The only thing new businesses need to start work is a computer. A maintenance crew is on-site to deal with mechanical problems. Water and power costs are included in the rent of the office space.

Although these offices are geared toward businesses involved in the entertainment industry, other types of businesses would benefit from renting an office from HPC. Attorneys, especially those who represent people in entertainment, would find an office rental in these facilities profitable. Talent agencies would also prosper in this environment. Other company involved in aspects of the entertainment industry, such as fashion consultants, would also prosper here. HPC 2 would also be an excellent place for young business people to meet each other and form networks.

Companies moving into a HPC facility have several advantages. First, they can move in on the same day they tour the facility. Second, businesses have fewer starting costs because the offices are fully furnished. Third, all the technology needed to begin a business is set up and ready to be used. Finally, many of the surrounding companies are involved in the same or complementary industries.