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Business owners who are looking for an office space for lease in Glendale CA should consider renting space in the Hollywood Production Center. The company has four locations in the Glendale/Hollywood area. Office spaces are geared toward companies involved in aspects of the entertainment industry. Companies involved in producing films and TV shows, post-production, or publishing are some of the businesses this facility specializes in serving.

Various amenities are offered at the West Lexington Drive branch, referred to as HPC 2, of the company. Each small office space is fully furnished and includes skylights and private entrances. High speed internet is provide by HPC. A private gym, complete with a yoga instructor and personal trainer, is located in the facility. The facility includes filming locations and it is located in the center of Glendale.

Security, inside and outside the office, is a valid concern for small and large business owners. HPC provides twenty-four hour security for the office facilities. The parking area is gated and a valet service is provided. Business owners, and their employees, can be assured that their personal vehicles and working environments are safe.

HPC 2 consists of six floors and a basement level. Office suites and individual office spaces are available for lease. Meeting rooms are located on-site. All the office spaces are fully furnished with a kitchenette. The only thing new businesses need to start work is a computer. A maintenance crew is on-site to deal with mechanical problems. Water and power costs are included in the rent of the office space.

Although these offices are geared toward businesses involved in the entertainment industry, other types of businesses would benefit from renting an office from HPC. Attorneys, especially those who represent people in entertainment, would find an office rental in these facilities profitable. Talent agencies would also prosper in this environment. Other company involved in aspects of the entertainment industry, such as fashion consultants, would also prosper here. HPC 2 would also be an excellent place for young business people to meet each other and form networks.

Companies moving into a HPC facility have several advantages. First, they can move in on the same day they tour the facility. Second, businesses have fewer starting costs because the offices are fully furnished. Third, all the technology needed to begin a business is set up and ready to be used. Finally, many of the surrounding companies are involved in the same or complementary industries.

Commercial Office Rental


You can find an office space on North Gower Street in Los Angeles and this can give you the prestigious address you have been looking for. This can give you a temporary space where you can do your business. This will help you to get some work done while you are in the area, and you can return home without any obligations when you are done.

When you are exploring an office rental you will find many different sizes available for an office space. This can give you the right space for your work, and you will not have to pay for more space than you need. You can do a walk through of what is available, and then you can decide what is best for your needs. If you decide that this is right for your needs, you can claim your space the next day.

Hollywood Production Center also has many amenities that you will want to take full advantage of during your workday. There is a flower shop on site that can provide you with arrangements for your clients. There is also a pool, fitness center, personal trainer, and even shower facilities. If you are looking for a filming location, you can find everything you need on site. You will not have to try and find a public location for filming. There are many private areas on site that you can use to complete all of your filming needs.

small office space may be all that you need to get some work done in Hollywood. This can give you a place to have clients, and there are some great rooms on site that can provide a location for meetings. A business may need to meet with people every so often, and the facilities provided at our location are state of the art. You will have all of the technology that you need at your fingertips. This is already set up before you even schedule your first meeting.

You can find an office space for lease with a very short term lease if this best suits your needs. You can also find a longer lease if you plan on staying in the Los Angeles area on business for an extended time. We will work with you to make sure that we come up with a lease agreement you are satisfied with. You can learn much more about all of the amenities that you can begin using the same day you sign your lease.

Commercial Office Rental


Relocating to Sunset Gower Studios CA can be very simple when you are in need of an office rental on a temporary basis. You want to make sure that you are choosing an office space that is fully furnished. This can give you all of the right tools you need to be successful in a temporary office space. AtHollywood Production Center you will find an office that is fully furnished, and many more amenities you will be excited to begin learning about.

Not only will you find many amenities you will love, you will also have different floor plans that you can choose from. Some people may only need a small space to do their work each day, while others may need a much larger space, and this can easily be accommodated. You can take a tour of the facilities and this can be all that it takes to help you make a decision about a temporary office space and decide what type of space is right for your needs.

This is a gated facility with secure parking. This means that you will not have to struggle to find a parking spot each time you visit your small office space. Valet parking is also available to allow you to leave your car quickly, and valet will be there when you are ready to pick your car up also. There is security surveillance at all times on the grounds giving you the sense of security needed to feel safe. There is also a gym on site that you can use after a long day at the office. It can be very nice to have everything you need at your fingertips in the office where you work each day.

The office space for lease you choose will come with flexible lease terms. You can choose to have a lease for a month, or a longer lease if you will need to do business in the area longer. This lease will be entirely up to you, and you can extend your lease if you find that you need to be in town for a longer amount of time than you originally thought.

Filming locations on site can be another welcome option. There are many filmmakers in the area that need locations to complete filming. We can offer several sites on the grounds for filming that can give you more privacy compared to going out into a public setting.

Commercial Office Rental


Many people are looking for a temporary office space in Raleigh Studios where they can really thrive, and get some work done. Finding a temporary space to do your business each day does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Hollywood Production Center can provide a luxurious setting, and many amenities that you may not expect to find in a temporary office space. While you are a tenant, you will be able to take full advantage of all of the amenities on site.

Many people do not realize that they have choices when it comes to an office rental. You will not have just one choice of a boring office, instead you will have an assortment of floorplans you can choose from. This can allow you to tour the grounds and decide which type of office is going to be the most conducive to your business needs. Many business owners need a space where they can entertain clients, and you will find everything you need to impress all of your clients on the grounds. It can be hard to build business relationships if you are in a run down office, but we can change all of that with our very modern office spaces that offers state of the art technology in each space.

You will also find many amenities with your small office space that you can use when you are not working. A gym is on site with showers to allow you to work out when you have time, and you can also take advantage of a personal trainer to make the most of your workout. A yoga instructor is also located on site to give you access to the workout you love the most. You can order flowers, and flower arrangements on site to deliver to your customers, or someone that you may miss at home. You can even have your car washed on site. There are many amenities that you may find that you take full advantage of each day you are at your office.

Each office space for lease is equipped with high speed internet, and phone services. You will have full access to fast internet services, without any lag time. All of the amenities you are used to in a traditional office space will be provided for you at this location. You will not have to sacrifice any of your wok because you do not have the tools you need. This can allow you to make each day a very productive one.

Commercial Office Rental


Those of us in the creative fields whether you are in film and television production or new media and publishing know that there are great rewards to be had. However, what you do not want to worry about is the boring stuff; the overhead. Let Hollywood Production Center worry about all that, so that you can get back to what you do best—create.

Our full service offices offer you the best in turnkey spaces. We are an office rental community in theGlendale Courthouse area. We also have office space for lease in Hollywood on North Gower and Santa Monica. Our specialty is comes from giving you the space you need to create lasting entertainment. HPC is here to serve all your needs. In addition to larger offices, we also have small office space for lease as well. Small office space is just one of our specialities.

With our same day move-in capabilities you, your employees and clients will be able to enjoy our amenities in no time. HPC is a gated facility. Each facility was designed with parking in mind so we have ample parking available. If you need your car washed while you work we are happy to take care of that for you.

When you need a break from your work you may take advantage of our on-site gym. Our personal trainer will give you tips and inspiration so that you may return to your office refreshed and ready to work more effectively.

HPC is also a premier location for filming. Imagine not having to fill out the endless forms to get filming permits. Our office rental community specializes in cutting through the red tape. We have office sets, rooftops, courtyards and many other locations available right outside your own office. You can film for just a day or for and entire month so that you can get the best possible scene.

Even after you have finished with principal filming you may use our facilities for post-production. Edit at your will and leisure for we offer flexible leases in a prime location designed to suit your needs.

We have been serving Hollywood writers, producers and publishers for over ten years. We know how to get things done and we know what you need in order to work at your highest level. Creative work takes concentration and dedication free from distractions. We work hard so that you can work your at your best.

Commercial Office Rental


Hollywood Production Center is a great place for anyone looking for a prestigous address with a short term lease. This can give you some great options, and if you have ever looked for a short term lease in Hollywood before, you know that there are not many choices. This will give you the address and all of the amenities that you want to impress your clients, and to get a lot accomplished while you are in town.

Beverly Hills CA is a location that many people find prestigious. This can allow you to use this awesome address and this can help you to build a repertoire with your clients. This can be an address that you use every time you need to do work in the Hollywood area. Many people come to Hollywood to do filming. This is a site that can provide you many options for filming. You will not have to go off site to find the perfect location for filming. There are outdoor and indoor areas that you can choose from.

When you choose an office rental you will have the rights to set the term of your lease. A small office space can be used for a very short time. You will be able to complete your work with no obligations when you leave. Each office is fully furnished with all of the technology you need to complete your work each day. You will not have to worry about moving furniture, and everything you need will be set up in your office before you start your workday.

You can tour an office space, and if you find that you love an office space for lease you can move in the same day. When all office spaces are furnished, you will not have to wait until a space is ready. This space will be ready ahead of time for you to come in and get to work right away.

Working is only part of what you can enjoy at our location. There are also other amenities on site that can promote health, and relaxation. There is a masseuse on site that can help you to relieve the stress of a busy work day. You can also keep up with all of your fitness goals with our state of the art gym.

You can visit our site to learn about all of the amenities that we have to offer.

Commercial Office Rental


Hollywood Production Center on Santa Monica BLVD can open the door to same day move-in to fulfill your office rental needs! With options for long-term leases or a month-to-month lease, your needs can be met with elegance and ease. Whether you are a new media company, if you are in publishing or production, you will find state of the art office space that you can occupy immediately.

Start-up costs can be outrageous when you’re trying to get off the ground and get started in your business as expediently as possible. With HPC, you will benefit from sharing a building with other businesses. HPC is inclusive with professional meeting rooms and filming locations including office sets, a patio, rooftop, courtyards, and much more. Upon moving in, you will find that the IT infrastructure is already installed and ready for you to get to work. With state of the art technology, voice and data services will be available to you immediately.

The office suites are sure to impress. When your client arrives at the gated facility they will find highly adequate parking space, with valet parking available. When your clients enter HPC, they will be greeted by a friendly and customer service oriented staff who will professionally guide your visitors directly to your office. Upon entering your private entrance to your office, your clients will love the ambiance of the suite provided by a skylight. The size and floorplan of your suite will depend solely on your specifications and choice. With a private kitchen and a balcony in your office suite, you will be able to comfortably and professionally host any potential clients and impress them with the professionalism of your office.

HPC houses an onsite gym complete with showers, offering you the convenience of having no commute to go to the gym for your early morning, lunch-time, or after-work workout. With a personal trainer, a masseuse, and a yoga instructor available; HPC offers you the amenity of being able to nurture good health and stress relief in the very same place you will prosper in your business ventures.

When you rent office space from HPC, you will not have security or janitorial concerns. With round the clock surveillance, your office suite will be completely secure and your investments will be safe.

Commercial Office Rental


Everything in Los Angeles CA can seem like it comes at a big city price. However, for those that are looking for a small office space, it’s entirely possible to find a space that meets everything a client needs while still being a reasonable price in a good location. All one has to do is go to the right company, and ask the right questions. If one is really looking in Los Angeles for the best possible office space for leasethen they’re going to want to go to the Hollywood Production Center to find the space that’s just right for them.

What This Company Offers

When it comes to finding just the right space in LA, this company knows all of the best spots to show its clients. Office rental has never been easier or more straightforward, especially for those that are looking for a guide to the best places in Los Angeles for renting and office. This company has collected some of the best locations, and it can offer clients a variety of sizes that are on major streets and located near business districts that will increase their visibility and make it easier to pull in additional traffic as well.

Beyond just having great location and a reasonable cost for the place though, this company also offers spaces that are fully furnished and ready to be moved into right away. There’s sleek, stylish desks and waiting areas, conference rooms, phones, screens, as well as active lines and Internet service. There’s nothing to arrange on the part of the client, except who’s coming into work and when it’s ok to open the doors for business. Once they’ve signed on the dotted line, all that’s left is to start taking clients.

Seeing is Believing

For those who still aren’t convinced that this company offers the best possible deal in the city of Los Angeles, all that’s left to do is to check out their website at On their site the company lists floor plans and office sizes, and it has answers to most of the questions that clients are going to have regarding the spaces that are currently for rent. Additionally, those who are interested can make appointments and go check out the actual, physical spaces right from the site. Why wait? Call today and book a viewing!

Commercial Office Rental


Many people are looking for a temporary space to lease in Hollywood CA. This can give you a full office space to complete all of your work while you are in the Hollywood area. Finding space in this popular area can be difficult. Many people are left with a less than desirable space, but Hollywood Production Centerhas changed all of this. You can now find an office space in Hollywood that you will be excited to show off to your clients and associates.

All of the office spaces are fully furnished. You will not have to go out and buy office furniture and equipment to furnish your space. You will also be able to choose from various sizes for your office rental. This will give you the option to choose a space that will be perfect for your needs. You can also take full advantage of all of the amenities on site. You will find a gym you can use, and even showers on site. A personal trainer is available to help you get the most out of your workout. After your workout you may want to also take advantage of a masseuse on site also. You will have more options with our office space than you may have at home. There is even someone that can make flower and plan arrangements on site.

You will be in the heart of Hollywood and this can give you a premium address to use while you are in the area. This can be a great way to impress your clients, and attract new business. You can tour our facility and move in the same day if you wish. We have suites available at all times that are turnkey ready. If you need a location for filming, you can find many places to film on site. This can provide you with a variety of beautiful settings, and there is even a rooftop pool that can be an idea setting for any filming.

If you need small office space, you can find exactly what you are looking for. You do not have to pay for a large space that you will not use. We have a variety of smaller spaces that will be perfect for the work you have to do each day. You can find an office space for lease for a short time, or for a longer lease. We have a plan for everyone, and you can learn much more now.

Commercial Office Rental


Stylish, apportioned office space and stand-alone suites with contemporary furnishings are in demand in southern California. The Hollywood Production Center in Glendale CA has quality small office spacefor private owners and small business owners that are incomparable. There are four locations of these ultra-modern, fully-furnished office suites, two centers in Glendale and two in Hollywood. HPC office rental are impressive offices you are proud to bring your clients and prospective customers to.

The office space for lease in Glendale CA is located close to I-5 with other surrounding highways, which allows for easy access to the office. More small businessmen and women prefer to start their businesses with a furnished office rental because the bills are much easier to budget. At HPC, small office space is available with a turnkey for privacy, and your office will be completely furnished with sophisticated, modern décor. Electricity, high speed internet and a beautifully designed reception and waiting area is also provided at no extra charge. All this, plus plenty of parking and 24 hour surveillance is included and makes your office extremely easy to access night or day.

Amenities in Glendale Office Suites

The office space for lease at HPC 2 and HPC 3 in Glendale are both two-story, state-of-the-art facilities that are perfect for small businesses. Los Angeles is known for the entertainment industry, and theHollywood Production Center is conveniently located for travel downtown or anywhere in L.A. HPC offers enticing amenities that simply cannot be ignored, including pre-installed voice, data and internet, office suites with attention to detail with skylights, balconies, and separate entrances.

There is a gym to workout and keep stress under control, a personal trainer, showers and a masseuse on the property. Your vehicle can be cleaned in the car wash on the premises; How wonderful not to worry about the little things while you take care of business.

HPC has Quality Features

The Hollywood Centers have same-day move-in for all tenants, and you may lease month to month or long term with no strings attached. Your clients will enjoy the colorful style and clean atmosphere, and HPC employs a professional cleaning company to keep things sparkling. The on-site café and free refreshments are compliments of management with copy centers located inside the reception area. HPC has thought of every detail to make the Center comfortable and to attract tenants who appreciate an ultra-modern, sophisticated office suite. The management is proud of the convenience, style, and comfort that makes these offices unheard of outside HPC.

Commercial Office Rental


You do not have to settle for an old, outdated office space for lease in Hollywood if you are in need of a temporary space. You may have noticed that the choices in a temporary office in Hollywood can be appalling. If you need a state of the art space to work in while you are in the area, you will want to check out Hollywood Production Center this is where you can find the space that will help you to build your name in the business. A small office space does not have to include just the bare minimums. You will find that a small office space can have amenities that you may not expect in temporary living. Relocating from East Broadway in Glendale has never been more luxurious.

Networking can be very important in the filming industry. This is the office space where you can impress all of your associates and clients. You will be able to take full advantage of all of the amenities on site when you are a resident. There are conference facilities on site that are large enough to host any type of event. Kitchenettes are provided, and you can use the catering source, or choose your own. This will give you some great options for networking opportunities.

Large floorplans are available if this is what you need to be successful. Whether you choose a large, or smaller floorplan, each apartment will have stainless steel appliances in the included kitchen, and you will have modern decor in any apartment you choose. You can tour any apartment before you sign a lease. There are lease options for every need to fulfill your business arrangements. Some people may need a short term lease, while others may need to stay in the area for a longer amount of time.

You will also be close to freeways and many other restaurants and shopping. This can give you many close locations where you reside that you can visit. You will be able to use a wonderful Hollywood address during your time in this temporary office. If you need to complete some of your filming on site, you will find many great locations without leaving the grounds. This can give you more privacy, and you will not be in a public location. You can look at the many beautiful pictures online that can show you exactly what temporary living can offer with a office rental.

Commercial Office Rental


Making a temporary move to California can be a scary, yet exciting time. There are some great amenities that you can find at Hollywood Production Center that can help you to feel more at home. You do not have to compromise your standards for a temporary move. This is the place that can offer you the finest living with a very modern feel. This is the choice for many business minded professionals when they need a space in the Hollywood area. Not only is this a place where you can live, but you can also work here also.

The first thing you will want to do when seeking out an office rental is to look at the floorplans that are available. This will allow you to get an idea of how big you want your space. If you are close enough to take a tour, this can show you what the grounds have to offer. You can tour an actual apartment to see how many amenities are offered. If you like what you see, you can move in the same day.

Parking is secure and this can be very important in the area. You will have an area that is exclusive for residents to park. There are also housekeeping services you can use on site, and this will allow you to enjoy more of your time while you are in the area, without having to worry about cleaning your office space.

small office space will also include a kitchen area with stainless steel appliances. You will be able to use this in your office and even entertain guests. It can be wonderful to have a place in the area where you can bring clients and guests. You will even be able to use conference rooms on site. You will not have to worry about renting a meeting facility when you can simply book one where you are working. You can also find some great options for catering.

 office space for lease can be catered around your specific needs. If you only need a space for a short amount of time, a lease can be designed around your needs. You do not have to sign a long term lease in order to have a premium address in Hollywood. You can find that many leases can be very short term allowing you to do your business and return home when you are done.