Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood production entertainment center is the place to be if you are looking for a suitable location for professional meetings and entertainment activities. The location offers numerous facilities for various activities that you want to do. This article provides useful information about Hollywood Events production center.


Hollywood PC is located in Hollywood, Glendale, and Los Angeles. The sites ensure that if you want to hold a business meeting for instance in Los Angeles, you have the perfect location for your meeting. The one located in Hollywood near Sunset Hills CA is also an excellent location to have meetings or other activities


HPC offers excellent facilities to cater for all your needs. These services include fully furnished offices, high-speed internet, gyms, spas, ample parking space for you, and your visitors. These facilities ensure that you enjoy your stay at the Hollywood production center.

The Entertainment Industry also has a place at HPC as it offers great space for event production, music videos and commercials. They offer short-term leases at affordable prices for people who wish to use their facilities for some time. This is a great advantage for entertainment people as their activities do take a while. Professionals can also take this advantage especially when they have a project to discuss and work on it.

Professionals also need to have an area where they can work in peace. The fully furnished Turnkey office space facility of varying sizes depending on the human resource you have to offer the ideal place to have these meetings. The offices also have laptops, computers, and projectors to facilitate your meeting hence you do not have to carry your gadgets all the way. All you have to do is to sit and conduct your meeting as every other thing is provided for.

The technology and IT facilities are installed to ensure the smooth running of activities in Hollywood PC. Whether professional or entertainment activities being conducted there, the internet is a meaningful and necessary resource. This is because they need the information to work on their projects and the Entertainment Industry requires the technology to facilitate their productions.

You can have your car washed as you are busy in Hollywood PC. The gyms also have trainers who can assist you as you work out after work or at lunch breaks. They are always available at your convenient time. The spas and massage facilities also help you when the stress becomes overwhelming. They will ensure you have a moment to relax before resuming your activities.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Little Armenia, CA

Rent state of the art offices and suites at HPC an office complex designed for the creative professional. They provide office spaces with Internet, utilities, and phone. Offices are used for films, web design, music videos, photography, publishing, and other professional industries.

The office suites range in size from small to large in Little Armenia CA. There are janitorial services so you can focus on completing professional projects. Every office has pre-installed Internet, data, and voice mail services. Office suites have full kitchens to prepare meals for staff and clients, skylights, and balconies. Choose to rent month to month or use long-term leases.

For filmmakers, each location has office sets, patios, courtyards, rooftops, and many locations to film your production. The helpful staff can help you cut through red tape in finding filming locations in the Hollywood, CA area. They know many people in the entertainment industry and the ins and out of booking a filming location.

Offices are fully furnished and there are meeting rooms to discuss and work on projects. Kitchenettes are supplied with what you need to make snacks and meals during work hours. There is 24 hours security to ensure your equipment and project is safe, valet parking, an on-site gym to work out in, and personal trainers available.

Hollywood PC has
special events production when you need to throw a party to market your film or special projects. They have many special events for networking purposes and the opportunity to meet new people in the film and creative industries.

This turnkey office space has many advantages for students attending nearby colleges and universities. It saves money on startup costs, employees enjoy the benefits of shared workspace and the latest technology. The office staff can help with making copies, post-film production editing, and technical difficulties with the equipment. Enjoy the on-site cafe for snacks and meals when taking a break or relaxing.

Contact HPC to learn more about renting an office or suite for your business or company. Offices are suited to creative and regular professionals that want to get their projects done on time in stress-free locations. Call 888-295-9492 to arrange a tour or to learn more

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Mount Olympus, CA

If you need space to host an upcoming event or creative workspace for a current project, Hollywood Production Center (HPC) offers beautiful, elegant all-inclusive spaces that will put the “Gala” in your event as well as the ideal location for film, music and special projects. HPC offers the space, equipment, and IT infrastructure as well as world-class amenities that will make your event or production activities easier to carry out. Having served entertainment professionals, the industry, and the business community since 2001, the friendly professional staff knows what you need and will do everything to make your stay enjoyable and your operations run smoothly while offering services that allow you the freedom to concentrate on your work.

Hollywood PC offers the perfect environment for events production, filming, and special project and many choices of locations on-site including a courtyard, patio, rooftop, and a variety of sets. The house’s quality technology and IT infrastructure allow you to achieve your production goals. This ready-to-go, professional plug-and-play technical services are designed for entertainment industry professionals to use immediately upon arrival. Your events production space will be designed with your needs in mind and also offer office and living spaces for your convenience. All spaces are inclusive such as a fully supplied kitchenette with your office space, snacks for the crew, and fully equipped living spaces with bed linen, bathroom supplies, and a ready-to-use kitchen with dishes, cookware, and appliances. Hollywood Production Center offers everything you need to live, work, and play.

Not only do entertainment professionals have the best tools, locations, and IT infrastructure for superior production results, Hollywood Production Center offers the right environment for mixing, entertaining, and relaxation while you work on your project. Whether you are looking for turnkey office space or an executive office suite, you can also take advantage of the all Hollywood PC has to offer, such as nightly Happy Hour, monthly mixers, 24-hour state of the art gym and rooftop areas. Your office space provides the same technologies found in today’s corporations, access to a full business center and creative spaces with skylights, private entrances, and balconies. If you decide to relax and unwind in the fitness center, there is also an on-site yoga instructor and masseuse available.

You can trust Hollywood Production Center to have what you need to meet your entertainment industry and events production needs near Mount Olympus CA. Their upscale, sophisticated facilities offer both turnkey office space as well as corporate and executive office suites. They offer the best technology, technical support, and IT infrastructure for your project to be completed with ease. You also have access to all the amenities that come with the environment. Visit the Hollywood Production Center’s website to take a virtual tour and schedule an on-site tour to see firsthand what all HPC has to offer.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Spaulding Square

Looking for affordable, professional office and amenities near Spaulding Square CA? Need the perfect Events Production location for your next corporate or networking event? First impressions mean a lot, especially in business. We can help you amaze your clients.

For many years, we’ve provided an environment where businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals can work efficiently and comfortably. We have a proven track record in meeting the needs of businesses and professionals from a wide variety of industries. We are fully aware of the ever-changing needs of corporate executives, business people and Entertainment Industry professionals.

At Hollywood PC, we’ve invested in our office space, support staff, and amenities, so you can focus on running a business and not worry about maintaining or managing an office. We provide you with dedicated support staff and state-of-the-art technology.

Your success is our success. Our goal is to provide your business with the services necessary to help your business succeed.

Your HPC office rental gives you access to our array of business services and amenities. Everything you need to run your business is located here in one place for your convenience. High-speed Internet, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, whiteboards, high-end speakerphones, audiovisual equipment, and high-def screens/monitors, are also available.

Choose from HPC executive offices and production spaces. We offer many office space configurations, including executive offices, coworking, multi-person offices, shared offices, production space for rent, project offices, flexible workspace, and cubicles. With our flexible office options, you can easily take as little or as much space as you need an upgrade or downsize as your business needs change. There are no hidden fees. Move-in without having to come up with a large capital outlay or making a long-term commitment – there’s no risk involved.

Get your own elegantly furnished office or production office space with top-notch amenities and features, all at a prestigious location that will certainly impress your clients and business associates. You even have access to conference facilities for meetings, and a friendly receptionist to greet your guests in the office lobby.

Your new office is fully furnished and ready to go. Just bring your computer and we will take care of the rest. Contact us today. You will be absolutely delighted with our Turnkey office space, so visit our website and subscribe for a free tour of the location.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Brentwood, CA

Are you a corporate personnel or Entertainment Industry professional looking for office space near Brentwood? Maybe you want to find an affordable office space in a great location near Brentwood. If so, you made a good decision. Brentwood CA is a thriving city and a lot of successful companies are located there. Having a business office in the Brentwood area is a great way to convey an impressive image.

Hollywood PC is a reputable company that provides top quality office spaces, executive suites, production spaces and post-production spaces to companies and professionals. Searching for an office without expert assistance is not a good idea. It is a time-consuming and stressful endeavor and only the experts can handle this task without any hassles.

HPC can help you find a suitable office space in a professional building. We have provided office rental solutions for many years and we have top-notch resources and reliable connections to get you exactly what you are looking for.

A HPC office provides complete flexibility – choose short-term or long-term rental plan. You decide on the plan that meets your needs and you pay only for the amenities and services you need. You will have immediate access to our support staff, allowing you to focus on what you do best without the overhead costs associated with hiring an employee.

Enhance your company image with an impressive business address in our strategic location near Brentwood. All of our meeting spaces and conference rooms include a flat-panel display or whiteboard, high-speed Internet, and plenty of tea, coffee, and water. Break free from the limitations and exorbitant costs of traditional offices. You need our managed offices and executive suites to succeed in today’s volatile business

As the leading executive officer provider, our goal is to provide you with the services and amenities necessary to help your business succeed. Our location boasts convenient public transport access and an easy commute to and from the area’s attractions and commercial establishments.

Whether you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, or you are a movie or film producer working on a big project, we can match you with a Turnkey office space that meets your needs. We will give you instant access to excellent amenities and outstanding services that will ensure your project becomes a success. All you need to do is get in touch with our experienced staff, and you can be moved in as soon as you are ready. Just request a free tour our amazing offices and Events Production location.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Thai Town, CA

The beauty of southern California is bound to welcome even the weariest of travelers, thanks to plenty of sunshine and cool nights throughout the year. The area is also popular because of its numerous tourist attractions, which include large vacation and entertainment spots. Hollywood Production Centers in downtown LA, Glendale, and Hollywood CA are all strategically located to serve event production companies, creative teams, and filming and production crews residing in Thai Town CA and beyond. Our amenities are specially designed to promote and accommodate the needs of the entertainment and business industry in the larger southern California region. The unveiling of the much anticipated new sound facility in HPC Glendale is a case in point.

The amenities targeted at the vast entertainment industry include; access to fully furnished suites of different sizes; availability of professional reception area; ample parking; affordable chic office suites and on-site gym. The facility caters to clients looking for both long-term and short-term leases. Guests and corporations can also take advantage of the same-day move-in arrangement to quickly reposition their business image in some of LA’s most prestigious addresses. To enhance the parking experience, the facility provides valet parking and in gated facilities with 24/7 surveillance. Alongside the on-site gym, guests also get access to a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and shower rooms.

On the technological front, Hollywood PC suites feature pre-installed data, voice, and high-speed internet designed to enhance speedy communication and help clients stay in touch with their acquaintances at all times. The facilities also feature a business center with video conference facilities. Since HPC is at the forefront of promoting events production, various clients in the entertainment world have turned the facility into a temporary base to host conferences, festivals, formal parties, and concerts. These clients are attracted by our ready-to-use amenities such as office sets, rooftops and patio, and courtyards.

Some of the big clients include; MTV, Comedy Central, Lionsgate, and 20th Century Fox. Executive and production managers will also fancy the turnkey office space which provides a professional meeting space designed to enhance productivity and social networking. The office suites also feature skylights, balconies, and private kitchens and entrances. Scheduling a tour of the facility is easy, all you need to do is visit the Hollywood PC website and schedule a tour. From here, you will be asked to enter your names, contact information, and desired tour date. For more inquiries, you can call the help desk at 888-296-6027.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Sunset Gower Studios, CA

Hollywood Production Center, near Sunset Gower Studios CA, is known for its beautiful upscale facilities designed to meet the needs of business professional and those in the entertainment industries. HPC offers all-inclusive packaging of Event Production space and equipment for the entertainment industry, as well as turnkey office space, ready for immediate occupation. HPC has also opened a brand new sound stage that is equipped and designed for filming, photoshoots, and entertainment projects. Its five states of the arts, full-service facilities offer everything you need for creation, production, and post production, as well as suites that allow you to have a home away from home.

Hollywood PC has been serving business and entertainment professionals since 2001 and has created the perfect environment, tools, and professional services for production companies, designers, producers, creative writers, recording artist, directors, editors and businesses to concentrate on their work. You have what you need for events production, filming, movie production and special project all included in one monthly fee with the convenience of living and office spaces on site. The plug and play, ready-to-go professional technical services are designed for entertainment industry professionals ease of use. Live, work, and play among tenants such as Meta TV, Uno Production, the CWs Star-Crossed, JIG Reel Studios, and the SyFy network’s Defiance. Enjoy proximity to Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studio as well as full-service amenities that include office sets, courtyard, patio, and rooftop filming locations.

HPC offers the right environment for you to thrive by offering the best high-quality technology and IT infrastructure that is ready to use when you arrive. You have access to board and meeting rooms and your office is equipped with a fully supplied kitchenette. Hollywood PC also offers valet parking, 24 hour security, a professional reception area and janitorial service. Your production, work, and living spaces are tailored to suit your needs and offer the opportunity for clients to meet, network, and mingle with other entertainment and business professionals. The facilities include an on-site gym with state-of-the-art equipment, a spa with Jacuzzi and steam rooms, and a yoga instructor and masseuse for your, your staff, and guest enjoyment and relaxation. Take part in nightly happy hours, use the recreation areas and entertain your friends and acquaintances with the rooftop amenities.

Visit the website, take a virtual tour and schedule a free on-site tour of the facilities near Sunset Gower Studios CA for a personal evaluation of what all Hollywood PC has to offer. Once you have seen the luxurious, sophisticated elegant facility, you will not want to be anywhere else.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Garden Grove CA

If the hallmarks of a production center are affordability, convenience, and comfort, then Hollywood Production Center has presented renters with a place having all the above features. By showing renters how to and where to live comfortably in all senses, this company has addressed many living issues that production crew face in today’s world. Come to live at one of the properties of Hollywood Production Center near Garden Grove CA and you will know what a successful living arrangement would look like.

Hollywood Production Center near Garden Grove has turnkey office space that comes in various sizes, from studios to penthouses with amenities and features such as furnished living rooms, state-of-art kitchen, spa, gym, pool, parking space, private balcony and much more. It has the features that are needed for a production company for producing short films, movies, TV shows, theater dramas, and other events. For those who are looking for a chance and who are eager to make an impact beyond their current moment, this place is the right choice. Hollywood Production Center has a rich blend of comfort, luxury, and affordability under a serene setting, making it one of the most sought-after properties for production companies.

The management at this company is helpful, timely, and concerned about their tenants and their needs. The brochure available for these properties is a complete list of what you can expect here. HPC isn’t just a formula for living but a blueprint for thriving in a production business without compromising quality. Hollywood Production Center is the place that gives context to the future of events production businesses. This can be an invaluable tool to grow your business and explore the possibilities near Garden Grove and surrounding areas.

Besides the standard features in every turnkey office space, Hollywood PC properties are near everything from restaurants, clubs, malls, officers, parks, schools, and recreation facilities near Garden Grove. They also have outstanding amenities within and outside the property which the tenants need regularly. The property is secured through cameras and an entrance gate along with a fence around all the corners. Some features would keep the residents safe and secure 24/7. Tenants get to enjoy the company of other residents living in the property and enjoy various perks at the same time. Many amenities needed for business are made immediately accessible in the turnkey office space as well. These include an open area for conducting parties, business meeting halls, dining center, event center, catering, transportation, and communication equipment.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Civic Center, CA

Hollywood PC is a modern full-service business center providing Turnkey office space, luxurious shared office space, executive suites and temporary work space to companies and professionals. We integrate prestigious locations, state of the art technology, elegantly furnished executive offices and collaborative spaces, and outstanding administrative support flexible to the individual business person’s needs.

Make your first impression your best. Our luxury offices appeal to entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate executives, lawyers, creative teams, and professionals in the Entertainment Industry. Our beautiful facility offers full-service amenities and exceptional customer service. Amenities include a conference room, meeting space, high-speed Internet, copy/fax/scan capabilities, and more.

Whether you are working on a special project and wish to project an impressive image, looking for a great location that is well-equipped and furnished for Event Production, or large office space for your team to move in and get to work right away, we can help. You receive all the benefits of having a fully furnished office space in a prestigious location for a fraction of the cost of renting a traditional office.

HPC has been helping businesses become more successful faster for many years. We offer flexible short-term and long-term office rental solutions that accommodate the needs of professionals and businesses across the spectrum, from attorneys or financial managers to film directors and producers. We provide a vast range of top-notch amenities and first-class services to help your business maximize productivity.

There are many innovative ways to layout a or design workspace or an office space and in a place like Civic Center CA or nearby area, every square foot counts. That’s is why HPC got together an experienced team of architects and dedicated interior designers to configure various layouts for various workspaces and office spaces. We strive to find ways for our clients and renters to be comfortable yet maximize their productivity.

When you visit our facility for consultation and free tour, you’ll find a variety of elegantly designed and beautifully furnished offices with the perfect setups for your company’s needs and budget. Let us help you choose the right office for you so you can avoid the hassles and inconveniences that are usually associated with finding a great office space. Simply go to our website and submit your request for a free tour of our sophisticated locations and amenities. We will get back to you promptly.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Burbank, CA

Do you need a business office or production space? Want a fully furnished space with all the amenities and services for running a successful business? We can help you find the perfect workspace, executive suite or production space near Burbank CA.

Finding the right office space, Filming location or production space for your business or special project takes great expertise and careful planning to achieve. Choosing the wrong type of office space or location could spell disaster for your project, especially if it doesn’t provide all the amenities and features that are deemed necessary.

Hollywood PC is the premier provider of executive office space, temporary offices, shared offices and production spaces for rent. We also provide high-tech meeting rooms and business services, as well as video conferencing capabilities. We offer a vast range of business support, including professional telephone answering and administrative services.

Located near Burbank, close to the most exciting restaurants, shops and entertainment venues, as well as multinational companies and corporations, HPC offices are truly the perfect location for company executives, professionals, lawyers, advertising firms, business consultants, production companies and members of the Entertainment Industry.

We take the confusion and hassle out of growing your business. We provide the ultimate in flexible space and amenities to meet your specific project or business needs. Our experienced staff is here to provide the support you need to operate successfully.

Need to temporarily downsize? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade. No problem. Anytime you need to scale up or downsize, just let us know and we will make it happen. HPC is all about providing suitable office space for you. No need to call over town trying to find an affordable office or top-quality amenities and features to help you work efficiently.

Our location offers a premium address with professionally equipped offices of the highest quality. Facility amenities also include ample parking, including valet parking, in a secure facility. On-site gym, masseuse, personal trainer, showers, yoga instructor, car wash, flower, and plant arrangements, are also available. Enjoy office suites with private entrances, skylights, private kitchens, and balconies.

Are you ready to move into your new office? Take a free tour of our Turnkey office space and production space facilities. We help businesses and professionals stay agile in the rapidly changing modern business environment. Simply go to our website and submit your request for personal viewing and we will contact you right away.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Westwood Village CA

Hollywood Production Center is one company that always had a brain for business when it comes to short and long-term accommodation and production facilities for people in the entertainment industry. This company has a passion for providing the right combination of features and comfort to its tenants and protect their well-being. Given the exorbitant rental costs near Westwood Village CA, it is nearly impossible to find the right place for this purpose. It is as though such accommodation doesn’t exist. But with Hollywood PC, the hopes are high.

In the changing times of the modern world and the challenges that production businesses face, Hollywood Production Center has everything from comfortable space to live to conduct business meetings and events. Eager and fresh out of other towns, people in the entertainment world can seek these properties and rent them for an affordable price. Comfort and luxury are two mutually exclusive factors at Hollywood Production Center’s turnkey office space. All you need to do is choose the right type and live peacefully. Unlike other rental properties that focus on making money, Hollywood Production Center is dedicated to helping its tenants find the right place. The management team will take care of their requirements while the maintenance crew here will tend to repairs and maintenance work. This is something everyone should get excited about if they want to live near places such as restaurants, malls, offices, parks, and transportation near Westwood Village CA.

What is more? Every unit at Hollywood Production Center’s turnkey office space comes with fully furnished rooms, a state-of-art kitchen, utensils, communication equipment, private balcony, laundry area, storage areas, and designated parking space. Furthermore, the common areas include amenities such as a clubhouse, playground, entertainment center, dining area, business meeting halls, open terrace for conducting events, catering, transportation service, and so on. Today, many businesses have become successful after renting at Hollywood Production Center properties and have been doing so for decades. This company is the rental business pioneer. Each time customers sought a rental solution for their businesses, the company has started from scratch and matched their needs and budget. Slowly and steadily they have discovered the units, services, and protocols that work. In essence, Hollywood PC has developed a system for production business be it for movies, short films, or TV shows so well that it has only benefited production crews. In addition to its popularity and impeccable service, loyal committed customers are another hallmark of Hollywood PC. HPC has been able to retain some of these customers for years as well.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Universal City, CA

If you are in the business of creating content for film and television or producing events then you know that money and efficiency are vital to the success of both of these endeavors. One of the keys to creating a successful film or television project is learning how to keep production costs low so that resources can be used efficiently. When one is charged with the responsibility of producing a high-profile event it is critical that they put a lot of thought into the event venue that they choose. The venue and its staff must add value by making the process of organizing and executing the event as simple as possible. Entertainment industry professionals in Universal City CA who are looking for office and event space to enable them to execute a film project or hold an event need look no further than the facilities at Hollywood Production Center (HPC). Hollywood Production Center has attentive staff and high-quality event and office space that can help professionals working in the world of entertainment execute their visions for a television show or an event.

One of the difficulties of launching an entertainment-oriented business can be looking for space to manage the administrative side of a creative project. It can also be difficult to find an office that has the space necessary to carry out the production phase of the project. Creative entrepreneurs might also find themselves searching for office space that meets their standards aesthetically and financially. Hollywood Production Center solves all three of these dilemmas by maintaining high-quality facilities that have offices for professionals to post-production and administrative work out of as well as facilities that are spacious and scenic enough to serve as locations for filming. Our offices come complete with desks, office chairs, high-speed internet, and furnished meeting rooms that enable tenants to conduct meetings with their business partners in a setting that will reflect positively on them. Entertainment industry professionals that become tenants will find that they will be ready to hit the ground running and immediately begin running their business or working on their project.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on at Hollywood PC is the design and look of our offices and office space. We want our tenants to be able to run their businesses out of a space that is beautifully furnished and designed to be pleasing to both their eye and that of their collaborators. In light of this, we attempt to furnish our office spaces as luxuriously as we can. Our goal is to make our tenants as pleased as possible with their office space and to provide a space that is so well-furnished that our tenants will not have to worry about purchasing office furniture.

We are convinced that Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production will be able to meet your business and event production needs. Head on over to our website to schedule a free tour of our facilities today!

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Toluca Lake, CA

If you are looking for a professional office space near Toluca Lake CA, you’ve come to the right place. Toluca Lake is a beautiful city, and many entrepreneurs and successful companies like to have their offices in this area. With our expert guidance, you can get the perfect, luxuriously furnished office without wasting time.

Turnkey office space is a perfect option for businesses and professionals who do not want to go through the hassle and time consuming task of contacting multiple office rental companies. Instead of searching all over all over the city to find an affordable office solutions, let HPC match you with the right space at our location.

We have a wide variety of expertly designed and elegantly furnished office spaces for various needs. Our office solutions are perfect for movie and film producers, directors, corporate executives, lawyers, creative writing teams, advertising professionals, entrepreneurs, and all others who want an all-inclusive workspace.

HPC gives you immediate access to a vast range of amenities and services that help to operate a successful business, including high-speed Internet, copiers and scanners, exquisitely furnished kitchens and break rooms, high tech conference rooms, and meeting space. We have a large lounge area that is elegantly designed and decorated for optimum comfort. In addition, you will have access to our professional reception services, administrative support, mail services, and more.

Hollywood PC professional offices and executive suites are the ideal place for members of the Entertainment Industry and business executives. Our Live, Work and Play location is the perfect spot for all those who desire a high-class location with high-end amenities and features in a comfortable environment. Regardless of the type or size of business you operate or the type of project you’re working on, we can meet your needs.

We have catered to professionals, company personnel, and production companies for many years and we are fully aware of what you need to run a successful business. The class “A” services and amenities make your decision a very easy one. Unlike our competitors, our office rental prices are all-inclusive – without any hidden fees.

Simply contact our experienced staff for a free personal viewing of our sophisticated architecture, exquisitely designed interior spaces, luxuriously furnished workspaces, well-equipped filming location, and prestigious executive suites. When you view our prestigious all-inclusive location and top-notch features, you’ll certainly wonder why you waited so long to get in touch with us about our impressive location.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Silver Lake, CA

Silver Lake Ca is a highly sought after location in the Hollywood region. If you’re an up and coming director, editor, filmmaker, writer, or simply working on a weekend project, Hollywood PC is a strong resource. We’re located in the heart of the city, and are in an easy to access location. Hollywood PC has years of experience working with specialists, pros, and beginners within the film and video production field.

We have four different locations within the Hollywood area. All of our locations are available for rent, hire, or simply a tour of the facilities. A consultant is available around the clock for any questions you might have regarding the facilities.

Our facilities are state of the art, advanced, and geared towards the modern filmmaker. We also cater towards relatively inexperienced filmmakers, and have guides that can influence and direct struggling writers. Our mission is to create a centralized hub where budding filmmakers of all types can come in for their needs.

Our Turnkey office space is ideal for anyone entering the entertainment industry. We currently have locations in Hollywood, Glendale, and Los Angeles. In addition to this, our centers double as a professional retreat, allowing entertainment insiders to unwind and take a break from their busy schedules.

We’re geared towards helping the modern filmmaker unlock his full potential. We absolutely guarantee that your next script, spec sheet, demo reel, headshot, presser, doc, or independent film are top quality. We have proven experience over decades and will work with you to create the closest thing to your ideal vision. HPC is the premier film and events production company in Los Angeles and Silver Lake CA.

Without resorting to but Ishmael’s business tactics, we’ve managed to successfully build a small empire in the Los Angeles world. The only thing we ask is that you consider us for your next project, whether it’s editing the family wedding or the next Apocalypse Now. Stop by today to schedule a meeting and meet with one of our professionals.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production in Santa Monica, CA

Hollywood Production Center is a center and an avenue that serves the entertainment industryin California. It specializes in acquiring offices and space for TV/film production, new media, and publishing companies. The amenities offered by the company are tailored to meet its clients’ needs with exceptional customer service. The services offered by it are utilities such as internet and phone. The center offers executive offices and suites of various sizes that are located in Hollywood and Glendale. The filming location spots offered by it are equipped with office sets, rooftops, gym, courtyard, and patio.

If you are looking to save some amount of cash on starting up, then this is the production center to rely on and work with. HPC has four locations that enables it offer the events production services. These are Hollywood PC1 (Hollywood), Hollywood PC2 (Glendale), Hollywood PC3 (Glendale), and Hollywood PC4 (Hollywood). These properties have a professional reception area, janitorial, and 24-hour surveillance. In addition to this, the office suites have skylights with private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. In terms of data connectivity, the office suites have a pre-installed voice, data, and high-speed internet. The ample and secure company assures its clients of 24-hour car security.

Hollywood PC1
This building is custom-designed for industry insiders that need production office space. It is located in Hollywood. It serves mainly editors, producers, writers, and designers in Hollywood. It ensures that they can perform their work in a good working environment and thus manage to have prestigious works of films.

Hollywood PC2
The property which is based in Glendale has a basement and six floors. The architectural structure of the building is amazing and has several office suites on each floor and stand-alone office spaces. The offices and suites are executive enough to meet the needs of PR Companies, attorneys, talent agencies, fashion consultants, and real estate agencies. The turnkey office space makes it a preferable choice for these professionals. The offices are large enough and one can get mid-sized meeting rooms that are quite executive.

Hollywood PC3
This property also has a basement and three floors. The building is designed to cater to the needs of companies and individuals seeking entertainment office space and production and post-production workspace. They are modern and the office spaces are sleek and stylish.
Hollywood PC 4
This building is located near Santa Monica CA with over 100 office spaces on a 31,000 square feet space. It is pet-friendly with a conference room and a gym for its tenants. This HPC building currently houses Meta TV and Syfy’s television series Defiance.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near San Jose, CA

Are you looking for a turnkey office space that is fully furnished with phone, internet and utilities included? You can get all this at Hollywood Production Center. Hollywood PC has four centers in Southern California all serving the entertainment industry. The beauty of the facilities is unparalleled and this is coupled with full-service amenities. The exceptional customer service adds to this beauty making HPC the best place to work at. It specializes in offering modern office spaces for publishing, TV or film production, new media, post-production and events production.

Hollywood PC1, located at 1149 North Gower St Hollywood, CA 90038, is a building that is a short distance away from Sunset Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios. The building is a famous place for players in entertainment industrywho are looking for space for their production offices. This building provides producers, editors, designers, and writers with sophisticated offices. The building offers individual offices and office suites and it is here that many prestigious works in the history of the film industry have been completed.

Hollywood PC2 is located at 121 W. Lexington Dr. Glendale, CA 91203. This turnkey office space has six floors in addition to the basement level. The individual offices and office suites are spacious and this makes the building an excellent location specifically set up for professionals who are looking for executive office spaces. If you are an attorney, talent agency, PR company, real estate agency, and fashion consultant, this Hollywood PC property is the best place to set up your office.

Hollywood PC3 is located at 225 E. Broadway Glendale, CA 91205. The building has a basement level and three floors with office spaces featuring exceptional state of art. The office suites have private entrances, skylights, and balconies and attract professionals looking for production and post-production, and entertainment office spaces. The office spaces avail a tranquil and modern working atmosphere.

Hollywood PC4 has its location in 6350 Santa Monica Hollywood, CA 90038. This new building occupies a space of 31,000 sq. ft. and has more than an exceptional 100 office spaces. Tenants are availed with a gym and conference room. The building will have a café onsite managed by Brasil Kiss. The tenants in the building include The CW’s Star Crossed, Defiance which is Syfy’s TV series, and MetaTV. If you are near San Jose CA, you are certainly taken care of.

All the facilities of HPChave office suites that are fully furnished and are of various sizes. The facilities are gated and have ample parking. There is 24-hour security surveillance as well as the janitorial and reception area. The facilities are also connected to the internet at extremely high speed.

Visit the Hollywood PC‘s website to get more information and to subscribe for a free tour of the location.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Palmer Park, CA

Need a ready-to-go or Turnkey office space? Want a luxury office or production space in a visually appealing area near Palmer Park? We provide very comfortable, elegantly furnished offices and executive suites in prestigious locations with top-notch amenities and features.

Hollywood PC is an executive and production office space provider with a great reputation in the industry. We have an established history of providing well-designed and lavishly furnished office spaces and world-class amenities for businesses. We also provide all the essential services for running a successful business, and we can help you.

Whether you want small office space, an executive suite, or a well-equipped Events Production, we have the resources and expertise to match you with the perfect space for your needs. We have been catering to companies and Entertainment Industry professionals for many years and we know what it takes to set up a comfortable work environment. Just provide us with your requirements and we’ll handle the rest.

HPC provides a fully-furnished, all-inclusive solution that comes with professional receptionist services, luxuriously furnished conference rooms, high tech meeting space, modern kitchen and break room, business centers, Internet and IT infrastructure, administrative support, state of the art business centers, and much more. All-inclusive pricing and no hidden fees.

Located near the prestigious Palmer Park CA area, our sophisticated building offers a wide variety of office spaces or workstations suitable for startups, lawyers, entrepreneurs, designers, corporate executives, creative team, producers, directors, and other professionals. We provide a full range of world-class amenities and features, and spaces are available on flexible terms.

Leases are available on a short-term or long-term basis. HPC office spaces are properly furnished in a modern style. Office suites come with balconies, skylights, and private entrances. The overall atmosphere of the professional office spaces is sleek and stylish and very comfortable.

There is no need to worry about maintenance or contracting with a janitorial company to keep the premises and your office clean. We handle all that for you.

Our elegant building is just minutes from exciting shopping, dining, and entertainment venues and a walking distance from major roads, highways, and public transport links. Each executive suite and production office is fully outfitted and move-in ready. Have a look at our website, then contact our staff to discuss your rental options and arrange a free tour of our executive offices and Filming facilities. You’ll be glad you did.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production in Hollywood, CA

Looking for a professional office or production space for Entertainment Industry projects? Need a well-furnished, affordable office in the Hollywood area? We can help.

Break free from the limitations and exorbitant costs of traditional offices. Hollywood PC provides managed offices, executive suites and production facilities that make sense in today’s competitive business environment.

A few benefits of choosing office space from HPC: No huge up-front capital, flexible leases – short-term or long-term, no build-out expenses, and furnished to your specifications. You can rent the exact workspace or executive office you need to meet your current business requirements. And, you pay only for the amenities and services you want.

Our offices are designed and furnished to impress. We provide the most elegant, professionally managed office spaces and executive suites in Hollywood CA. There’s plenty of room for sizable offices and workstations with a host of amenities and features. The office spaces, Filming space and executive suites are fully furnished with all the essential amenities to help you work efficiently and quickly. Get access to a fitness center, kitchenettes, and an on-site cafe for refreshments.

Use HPC prestigious address for enhanced company image and to attract high profile clients. When a client searches for your office address online, they’re certainly going to be impressed with what they see. It doesn’t matter if you have a long-term office with us, a short-time office, or a temporary office, your clients will be delighted when they look up your office address on the Internet.

Our excellent location in Hollywood is one of the reasons to get an office at our facility. It’s highly visible and easily accessible from any direction. And it’s only a walking distance from the area’s major attractions and shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Many banks and other financial institutions are located in the area.

We offer state-of-the-art technology to help you work efficiently; the latest professional phone system, cutting-edge teleconferencing, high-speed internet, presentation screens, smartboards, and so much more. We offer flexible, affordable options customized to your specific needs, whether you need an office space or workspace on a short-term basis or a long-term basis – we will accommodate. We have numerous satisfied renters and clients, and you will surely be pleased with the top-notch amenities and services we provide.

Check out our Turnkey office space and production office solutions today. Simply visit our website and request a free tour of our fabulous location.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production in Los Angeles, CA

Are you looking for a great filming location in the Los Angeles area? Want to find the most suitable space for your special production project? Whether you are looking for production space, post-production space, or executive office space, we can help.

Located in one of the most desirable business districts in Los Angeles, Hollywood PC professional office complex offers the perfect environment for entrepreneurs, business people and executive personnel and Entertainment Industry professionals who want to work in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

HPC office space includes private, package handling services, 24/7 secured tenant access, and modern decor. We also provide conference rooms outfitted with top-quality leather chairs and glass-top tables. You’ll also have access to lightning-fast Internet and WiFi networks, video and voice conferencing, and energy-efficient copier/printer/scanner/fax.

We are dedicated to providing you with a platform to achieve all your business goals – faster. Our office solutions will enhance the image your company projects by providing: professional receptions to handle your telephone calls, administrative support services, high-tech meeting offices, beautiful boardrooms, conference facilities, and all other features to give your business that competitive edge.

No matter if you are a startup or a well-established company, we can match you with the perfect all-inclusive office solution. Not only does our location provide you the office space you need to work efficiently, but it also enables you to connect with like-minded professionals and experience networking. You will also have access to state-of-the-art business centers, break rooms, and a full kitchen.

The prime Los Angeles CA location not only provides you with a prestigious business address, it also gives you access to all the top notch amenities and features you need to work efficiently and productively. Offering flexible lease term and affordable rates, vibrant and creative design, cutting-edge technology and full business services, HPC is your clear choice for the perfect Turnkey office space.

Just a walking distance from high-end shops and restaurants and with easy access to public transport links and major roads, our location stands true to its reputation. Our shared office space and all-inclusive executive office suites eliminate the high overhead costs that are usually associated with renting a professional office space.

Our office space and amenities are all you need to leave the competition in the dust.
Visit our website and request a free tour of the location. You’ll be glad you did.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Highland Park, CA

Hollywood PC is a leading provider of executive offices, completely furnished and ready to go. If you are looking for the kind of work environment where professionals thrive best, then you’re in the right place. We have a great reputation for providing all-inclusive office spaces and executive suites with high-quality technology.

Our list of clients and renters is quite impressive and include entrepreneurs, movie directors and producer, advertising agents, production companies, corporate executives, interior designers, business travelers, lawyers, and Entertainment Industry professionals.

Our offices are expertly designed and lavishly furnished and will help you project an impressive business image without the expense. We provide the most impressive building and amenities, a strategic address to boost your company’s profile, the best management team, professional business centers, the latest technology, and the best service. Our office space and services are all you need to leave the competition in the dust.

With a Turnkey office space, you can utilize a vast range of amenities and services, meeting space, or prestigious boardroom space without actually committing to a long-term agreement or incurring the overhead. Fully-furnished offices Highland Park CA also include new, top quality furniture, copiers, scanners, fax machine and state of the art telephone equipment. Both small businesses and large companies utilize our services and amenities to expand their professional business operations with a minimal outlay.

Chances for business success increase when you are given access to technology and other essential amenities for running a business. HPC executive office suites and production facilities give you an opportunity to work in a comfortable environment without the huge up-front costs. Taking advantage of flexible leases, lower monthly costs and other top-quality services enable you to focus on running your business.

HPC all-inclusive offices are available in a variety of sizes that can accommodate projects or businesses of all sizes. Our office space solutions are suitable for any business or professional, whether you want to work on a special project, get a temporary office, have a long-term project, are looking to expand, or simply want to minimize your overhead – we have the perfect executive suite or workspace for you.

Our professional office complex has everything you’ll need to grow your business. Plus, only pay for space and amenities you use. Just schedule your consultation and personal viewing of our executive offices, production spaces, Events Production space, and our vast range of amenities. You’ll be glad you did.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Griffith Park, CA

An impressive selection of executive office suites, production spaces and Filming facilities are available near Griffith Park, complete with an excellent array of exquisite business support services. Turnkey office space near Griffith Park provides you with executive-style furnishings and plug-and-play telecommunications.

Hollywood PC has a proven track record in meeting the needs of the business professional. Our ability to provide businesses and professionals with a flexible lease term, affordable office solutions, a dedicated support team, and state-of-the-art technology is what we do best. We provide office space for rent in several prime locations near Griffith Park CA.

Our clients and renters include Production Companies, Films, and Television Crews, Corporate Personnel, Artists, Creative Teams, Designers, Producers, Company Managers, Directors, Advertising Executives, and all members of the Entertainment Industry.

HPC office suites are furnished to a very high specification, with admin support and communications systems, lounge and meeting rooms, top-quality amenities, and 24-hour access, and much more.

In today’s ever-changing business environment, having access to reliable and top-quality support staff is a must. At HPC, we’ve done the work and provided you with all the essential amenities and services necessary to work efficiently so you can focus on running your business, not managing an office. We are committed to meeting your business needs and helping you succeed. We work with you to choose the right office solution for you, and ensure you have everything you need to complete your project.

Provide us with your business requirements and what you’re looking to accomplish. Whether it’s cultivating new business or projecting a professional image, we can help. Our friendly and knowledgeable receptionists, management, and administrative assistants are available and ready to assist you.

Your success is our success. Whether you’re working on a short-term project or need a production space or executive office for an extended period of time, our professional offices have everything you’ll need to become successful. Plus, only pay for the amenities you need.

No matter how long you’re with us, you will always have access to a vast range of amenities and services, including WiFi and high-speed Internet, administrative support and our receptionist will professionally greet your guests and notify you of their arrival. Just schedule your visit, take a free tour of our facilities including our Events Production space, and choose the perfect office for your business needs.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Glassell Park, CA

Calling all directors, actors, film editors, and scriptwriters! If you need some creative space Hollywood Production Center near Glassell Park CA has exactly what you need.

The stylish Hollywood PC facilities has fully prepped creative spaces for all of your filmmaking needs. The building was established in 2001 to provide office space for entertainment creators. There are many different office zones available that may be used during productions, post-production, as filming locations, sets, acting space, creative space, or as executive offices.

The fully decked out HPC turnkey office space boasts the inclusion of high speed internet. People who choose to office in the facilities are also treated to the inclusion of utilities, phone, and above-average customer service when they have their filming or creative office headquartered at Hollywood Production Center. There are plenty of parking places available nearby and valet parking. There is a gym, showers, trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, car wash, and floral arrangements that are all available on location of HPC.

Any creative type can set up an office at HPC, although those in the entertainment industry are specifically catered to when the office complex was created. Directors and editors can easily trim and edit their films as they need to in a comfortable atmosphere. Writers can smoothly brainstorm ideas and write out scripts or scenes. Actors can rehearse or film scenes with film crews in spaces that are large enough for sets.

Several productions have been hosted here. The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, Single Ladies, Last Comic Standing, Curious George, The Chase, Living with Fran, Band Slam, How to Eat Fried Worms, The Number 23, Hellboy II, and the Narnia Series to name a few of the more popular and well-known titles.

If Hollywood Production Center sounds like the kind of place for you or your film company check out the website: After examining the website and if you think this is the place for you schedule a tour. You can schedule a tour directly on the website. All you have to do is find the link labeled “schedule a tour” and fill out your name, email, phone number when you would like to visit and the easiest way for you to method to contact you.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Edendale, CA

Hollywood PC Entertainment near Edendale CA has been serving the professional and filming industry with top-of-the-line facilities since 2001. It can be used as a studio location for films, music videos, TV series, photoshoots, or commercials as well as a location for executive offices. There are four separate locations in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale. We offer immediate occupancy for productions, post-production work, office suites, and studio locations.

We provide state-of-the-art, fully furnished suites with everything you need to start your project. Whether you simply need executive offices, creative space, or a full filming location, we have what you need. We offer immediate occupancy with fully furnished suites so that you have no set-up time and can get to work right away. You will have a ready-to-go voice, data, and high-speed Internet connections. For your convenience, there is an on-site café, hair salon, a gym with showers, and even a personal trainer.

Hollywood Production Center provides a location and Turnkey office space for those in the entertainment industry to conduct business among their peers in a friendly, hospitable environment. Office suites range in size depending upon your needs. There is ample parking, including valet parking all in a gated facility. We offer a professional reception area, as well as a 24-hour security service. Regular maintenance services are also offered. In addition to the personal trainer, the gym has a yoga instructor and a masseuse for your convenience.

Our office suites come with skylights, balconies, and private kitchens. We are located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale. You can choose month-to-month leases or long-term leases based on your needs. We offer facilities that you can move into the very first day. HPC makes setting up shop simple and easy. We will provide everything you need so that you can get right to work. We pride ourselves in serving the specific needs of the Entertainment Industry. We offer you the option to add space or reduce space as your needs change. Once you join our facility you will understand the benefits of working in an environment that caters to your industry. Visit our website at to take a tour of our facilities.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Eagle Rock, CA

Are you looking for a business office or production space? Need a fully-furnished office or well-equipped production, post-production or Events Production space for your project? HPC can help – we are a leading provider of top notch office solutions and we can match you with the perfect space for your needs.

Hollywood PC provides a vast range of business amenities and services. Our furnished, all-inclusive, and ready-to-go executive offices and production spaces provide businesses with maximum flexibility while minimizing costs. We have been providing services to numerous businesses, entrepreneurs, lawyers, designers, marketing consultants, directors, producers, and other members of the Entertainment Industry.

HPC office rental features include professional, personalized reception service, secure onsite parking, personalized phone services, and state of the art business machines. Fully furnished offices include top-quality furniture, 24-hour secure access, and state-of-the-art telephone equipment. High tech meeting room use, high-speed Internet access, and executive boardroom with multi-media facilities are also available. Courier, mail, and fax receiving services are provided as well.

Why settle for low-quality office space and services or waste your time trying to find a nice office in a great location near Eagle Rock when you can move into one of our convenient and affordable offices instead? We have an impressive list of successful clients and tenants, and you, too, can use our services to help you reach your business goals. Choose a shared workspace, executive suite, or large office space for your team. Rent as little or as much workspace as you need an upgrade or scale down as your project or business needs change.

We provide you with Turnkey office space, state of the art technology and administrative services so you can concentrate on your core business. With your all-inclusive office rental, you get a Class-A building and amenities, a professional receptionist, flexible agreement terms, high-speed Internet service, meeting rooms with videoconferencing, and teleconference capabilities. All management and cleaning services are included.

Save on time and hassles by allowing us to find you a ready-to-go, all-inclusive office space near Eagle Rock CA. Whatever your space requirement, we have the expertise to provide the perfect office space for your business needs. If you want a sophisticated office in a prestigious location, have a look around our website and then contact our staff to request a free tour of our amazing facilities. We will get back to you promptly.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production in Glendale, CA

Creativity has found a home in Hollywood, California. Anybody who has an inkling of creativity is drawn to this great city. It has become an outlet for the artistic individual. It inspires people with the realization that they can contribute something to the industry and make a living doing what they love. The film industry requires creative thinkers of different backgrounds, whether writing, filming, editing, and events production. However, if you are serious about your presence in the film industry, then perhaps it is time for you to acquire an office space near Hollywood. That is what Hollywood PC offers. There are several amenities to this office building.

Comfortable Offices

Many workspaces do not really inspire one to be creative. They provide just a desk in a room with a white wall. It might be a place to work, but it is not very comfortable. You do not feel like you are at home or in the right atmosphere. The HPC offices are ideal for generating creativity. They are fully furnished, offering comfortable couches and desks so that you can just come in and take a seat and begin working.

A Full Staff

You do not want to spend much time engaging with anything that is not related to your creative projects. That might be one of your concerns about entering an office building. You are afraid that you will have to spend a lot of time on the upkeep of the building or that you will have to hire a janitorial staff, security, and a receptionist. But this office building in downtown Los Angeles CA has all of that covered. It has a full staff and maintains the building for you. The only thing that you need to worry about is your own work projects!

On-site Gym

One of the best reasons that people have for not attending the gym is that they do not have time to go across town after work. With an on-site gym at your office, you will be running short of excuses. Further, with a gym right there at work, you will have an accessible opportunity to reduce your stress and refresh your mind by taking 45 minutes on the treadmill, showering up, and then getting back to work. There are even personal trainers and yoga instructors.

You are a creative thinker. If you want to be taken seriously in the entertainment industry, then it is time to take yourself seriously. Invest in a turnkey office space and contribute something to Hollywood, to the culture, and to humanity.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Chula Vista,CA

Serving the Southern California entertainment industry since 2001, Hollywood PC offers luxurious suites and provides world-class amenities for executives, production personnel and creative types that need immediate space. Known as HPC, Hollywood Production Company has four locations that are convenient to studios in Hollywood and downtown Glenside and one location right in the heart of Los Angeles.

Hollywood Production Company is located near Chula Vista CA, one of the seven major cities in Southern California. The area around here makes a perfect setting for filming. Hollywood PC takes advantage of the beautiful views by making their executive space within easy access to film locations. Turnkey office space is available for renters with short term needs. All suites are completely furnished and ready for immediate occupancy.

Flexibility and Short Term Leases
You need office space that is flexible enough to meet your production needs. Hollywood Production Company provides its tenants with the flexibility to change their space as their needs change. Short-term leases are also available for producers and other executives that only need space for a limited time period. Our staff is dedicated to helping you achieve the flexibility you need to make your production a success.

Amenities and Facilities
Hollywood PC has the amenities you need for your executive office. All suites have a ready-to-go voice, data, and high-speed Internet access. On-site cafes and restaurants are also available for tenants and guests. Tenants can exercise at the onsite gym with showers and work with our onsite personal trainer to maintain their bodies. Actresses and actors will appreciate the hair salon, the masseuse, and the yoga instructors available at all facilities.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere for Production and Post-Production
Hollywood Production Company, located near Chula Vista CA offers a wide range of filming locations with skylights, balconies, office and production space and rooftops that enhance your production. HPC offers five facilities that can be set up for post-production activities. Executives and producers appreciate the thought that goes into creating the perfect turnkey office space for their project.

Writers, editors, and producers like the fact that HPC offers a convenient and quiet space to create, edit and produce their productions. The entertainment industry can depend on Hollywood Production Company for outstanding facilities that meet and exceed their office, production, post-production and filming location needs. Why not call them today and schedule a free tour? Their number is 888-299-5107.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Century City, CA

If you ever get serious about recording that portfolio demo video you have always dreamed about, turn to Hollywood Production Center. We are Hollywood PC and we are the place that provides all the studio facilities, cameras, and recording equipment needed to make truly professional productions. We can schedule your time and space at your convenience. And, we can usually handle almost any size of production and projects of different lengths of duration.

We have 5 spaces, located in Century City CA, and including Hollywood, Glendale, and Los Angeles. We provide Events Production for any kind of media you want to create in. You bring your ideas, your artwork, and your talent, we will handle the rest. Of course, if there are special needs for your production, we can discuss that with you in detail. No project is too large and we can help you even with a quite small production as well.

The use of Filming equipment is supervised and assisted. All furnishings are provided in these office spaces. All necessary facilities are also included in our rentals. High-speed Internet connections, telephone access, and all other utilities are provided. You can film an art indie film, a commercial advertisement, an industrial instructional video, or any other media you wish.

The Entertainment Industry is vast and complex. It is well served by this complete studio complex in Southern California. We provide beautiful spaces with full amenities. There is nothing you need to concern yourself with, except your great ideas, scripts, actors, voice actors, and props.

Remember, we are specialists in providing immediate occupancy spaces of high style for both film and also television productions. Our facility can also be used for new media content creation, post-production work, and general publishing. There really is no limit to what can be accomplished in our professional studio spaces. Bring your projects to us and we will help you determine which solution we provide is the right one for you.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Bel Air, CA

Are you in search of turnkey office space to make use of in order to write, produce, or edit your current film or television project? Are you looking for an innovative and professional production house to film all or elements of your next entertainment project? If so, then you should focus on those companies that specialize in such services and offer such space at competitive rates.

The good news is that Hollywood PC located near Bel Air CA can provide any entertainment professional or amateur with space, environment, and tools that are needed to get started with filming immediately. Since 2001 they have provided the entertainment industry with some of the most dynamic space and amenities that are sought after in the industry.

When it comes to events production and entertainment office space the first thing that must be considered is the type of amenities that are needed to ensure success.
itself offers fully furnished office spaces that also include kitchenettes and high-speed internet. They are spacious in size and are accommodating for both small, medium-sized, and large productions of all types. They also offer a cafe on-site that can be used for refreshments for both a production company and anyone they may be entertaining during meetings.

Security is another advantage of working with Hollywood PC. They offer 24-hour security and go out of their way to ensure the safety of all individuals making use of the space. They also have 24-hour janitorial staff on hand to assist with any type of issues that may arise.

Parking is another area wherein HPC excels. They have plenty of parking space and even offer valet parking in their gated facility. This is great news for those productions that are looking to impress their current or future clients. They also offer a highly professional reception area that is manned 24-hours a day. This will ensure that production clients are greeted politely and professionally and are directed to the right office space.

Additionally, HPC offers a variety of relaxation amenities including a gym on-site that has personal trainers, showers, a masseuse, and even a yoga instructor. No production company will have to leave the site to take advantage of these types of amenities.

No matter what type of project you may have in mind it is important to consider this turnkey company. With years of proven experience and a reputation like no other, they are the best option for those individuals that need immediate access to office space and production services.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Altadena, CA

Are you looking for office space specifically designed for professionals and growing businesses? Need a fully furnished, flexible, high-class office or production space in a prestigious location. Executive office or production space that is housed in a professional environment or setting provides the impressive image your company needs.

Hollywood PC is the leading provider of prestigious serviced offices in the most exclusive business locations. We have been providing excellent services for many years and have an impressive list of clients and renters across a diverse range of sectors. Some of our clients include Production Companies, films, television, commercials, music videos, Creative Teams, Producers, Manager, Directors, and all members of the entertainment sector.

Fully-furnished, ready-to-go offices come in various sizes and have a robust IT system, dedicated reception service and are complemented by a range of conference and meeting rooms, experienced administrative support, and exclusive lounges.

We also offer executive offices and production space for members of the Entertainment Industry who want to live and work in the same location. HPC is the perfect location for your all-in-one spot to write, produce, film and edit.

A Turnkey office space provides you with a prestigious business address to project an impressive image to your clients and associates. You will also have access to a vast range of world-class amenities and top-notch services. Calls are answered in your business name and our friendly receptionist greets your guests and notifies you of their arrival.

We provide elegant Events Production venues to host every type of event, all with attention to detail. And we can accommodate high-profile conferences, intimate board meetings and cozy receptions.

HPC location near near Altadena CA gives easy access to high ways and major transport links as well as the area’s most exciting restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.

Find your ideal business space or executive suite without the expense and hassle of setting it up. It’s affordable, and it’s quick and easy. Only pay for the space you need – short-term, long-term, all on your terms. Choose to scale up, downsize and adapt your space to fit your changing business needs. Choose a package to meet your business needs and save you money.

Get access to every high-class amenity and top-notch service imaginable. We handle the details while you focus on running your business or working on your project. To get started, simply contact our staff and we will schedule your free tour of our beautiful, modern, tech-powered spaces, and Filming and production location.

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Alhambra CA

Creative people work hard. They have many needs. They need to be alone to draw upon their inner resources. They need to exchange ideas with other creative people. They need access to the most advanced tools, and the privacy and support to use those tools.

That’s especially true of the film and TV industry where the pressure to produce hits not failure is extreme because of the large quantities of money involved. And it’s also true for publishing, events production, new media companies and everyone in the entertainment industry.

However, production companies and creative teams often startup for particular projects, then dissolve at its conclusion, even in Alhambra CA. There is a high demand for office space and production facilities that comes ready-to-go and which can be paid for only on an as-needed basis. Hollywood PC went into business in 2001 to meet this need.

Hollywood Production Center provides fully-furnished office spaces for the creative industries of Southern California, at five different locations around Los Angeles. Tenants get the latest in film production and post-production equipment as well as executive suites and creative spaces. They also include sets for filming scenes in offices, gymnasiums, patios, courtyards, and rooftops.

All locations of HPC come with all the amenities pampered stars, hardworking film professionals and top executives need to both work and, occasionally, take a break. They get high-speed data and Internet connections, gyms with showers, dine-in cafes, a personal trainer, masseuse and yoga instructor, private kitchens, valet parking, and private entrances. It’s turnkey office space, ready for someone to move in on the same day.

The HPC location on North Gower provides friendly, relaxed office space for writers, producers and designers to meet and work on scripts or film pre-planning. The janitorial staff keeps your offices and the common areas clean while the security staff keeps you and your automobile safe and private. The location is conveniently close to Sunset Gower Studios, Sunset Bronson Studios, and Paramount Pictures, in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, close to much of the entertainment industry.

HPC’s turnkey office space located in Santa Monica is new, and is the largest facility, with over 100 offices in the two-story building in Hollywood. Current tenants include MetaTV, CW’s Star-Crossed, and Defiance. Its cafe is run by Brasil Kiss.

All locations are friendly for dogs and pets.

Everybody who is a producer, writer, director, for film or television, commercials, events production, or music videos, should check out Hollywood PC and its website and take a free tour.