Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production in Santa Monica, CA

Hollywood Production Center is a center and an avenue that serves the entertainment industryin California. It specializes in acquiring offices and space for TV/film production, new media, and publishing companies. The amenities offered by the company are tailored to meet its clients’ needs with exceptional customer service. The services offered by it are utilities such as internet and phone. The center offers executive offices and suites of various sizes that are located in Hollywood and Glendale. The filming location spots offered by it are equipped with office sets, rooftops, gym, courtyard, and patio.

If you are looking to save some amount of cash on starting up, then this is the production center to rely on and work with. HPC has four locations that enables it offer the events production services. These are Hollywood PC1 (Hollywood), Hollywood PC2 (Glendale), Hollywood PC3 (Glendale), and Hollywood PC4 (Hollywood). These properties have a professional reception area, janitorial, and 24-hour surveillance. In addition to this, the office suites have skylights with private kitchens, balconies, and private entrances. In terms of data connectivity, the office suites have a pre-installed voice, data, and high-speed internet. The ample and secure company assures its clients of 24-hour car security.

Hollywood PC1
This building is custom-designed for industry insiders that need production office space. It is located in Hollywood. It serves mainly editors, producers, writers, and designers in Hollywood. It ensures that they can perform their work in a good working environment and thus manage to have prestigious works of films.

Hollywood PC2
The property which is based in Glendale has a basement and six floors. The architectural structure of the building is amazing and has several office suites on each floor and stand-alone office spaces. The offices and suites are executive enough to meet the needs of PR Companies, attorneys, talent agencies, fashion consultants, and real estate agencies. The turnkey office space makes it a preferable choice for these professionals. The offices are large enough and one can get mid-sized meeting rooms that are quite executive.

Hollywood PC3
This property also has a basement and three floors. The building is designed to cater to the needs of companies and individuals seeking entertainment office space and production and post-production workspace. They are modern and the office spaces are sleek and stylish.
Hollywood PC 4
This building is located near Santa Monica CA with over 100 office spaces on a 31,000 square feet space. It is pet-friendly with a conference room and a gym for its tenants. This HPC building currently houses Meta TV and Syfy’s television series Defiance.