Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Edendale, CA

Hollywood PC Entertainment near Edendale CA has been serving the professional and filming industry with top-of-the-line facilities since 2001. It can be used as a studio location for films, music videos, TV series, photoshoots, or commercials as well as a location for executive offices. There are four separate locations in the heart of Hollywood and downtown Glendale. We offer immediate occupancy for productions, post-production work, office suites, and studio locations.

We provide state-of-the-art, fully furnished suites with everything you need to start your project. Whether you simply need executive offices, creative space, or a full filming location, we have what you need. We offer immediate occupancy with fully furnished suites so that you have no set-up time and can get to work right away. You will have a ready-to-go voice, data, and high-speed Internet connections. For your convenience, there is an on-site café, hair salon, a gym with showers, and even a personal trainer.

Hollywood Production Center provides a location and Turnkey office space for those in the entertainment industry to conduct business among their peers in a friendly, hospitable environment. Office suites range in size depending upon your needs. There is ample parking, including valet parking all in a gated facility. We offer a professional reception area, as well as a 24-hour security service. Regular maintenance services are also offered. In addition to the personal trainer, the gym has a yoga instructor and a masseuse for your convenience.

Our office suites come with skylights, balconies, and private kitchens. We are located in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale. You can choose month-to-month leases or long-term leases based on your needs. We offer facilities that you can move into the very first day. HPC makes setting up shop simple and easy. We will provide everything you need so that you can get right to work. We pride ourselves in serving the specific needs of the Entertainment Industry. We offer you the option to add space or reduce space as your needs change. Once you join our facility you will understand the benefits of working in an environment that caters to your industry. Visit our website at to take a tour of our facilities.