Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production

Hollywood PC Entertainment & Events Production near Alhambra CA

Creative people work hard. They have many needs. They need to be alone to draw upon their inner resources. They need to exchange ideas with other creative people. They need access to the most advanced tools, and the privacy and support to use those tools.

That’s especially true of the film and TV industry where the pressure to produce hits not failure is extreme because of the large quantities of money involved. And it’s also true for publishing, events production, new media companies and everyone in the entertainment industry.

However, production companies and creative teams often startup for particular projects, then dissolve at its conclusion, even in Alhambra CA. There is a high demand for office space and production facilities that comes ready-to-go and which can be paid for only on an as-needed basis. Hollywood PC went into business in 2001 to meet this need.

Hollywood Production Center provides fully-furnished office spaces for the creative industries of Southern California, at five different locations around Los Angeles. Tenants get the latest in film production and post-production equipment as well as executive suites and creative spaces. They also include sets for filming scenes in offices, gymnasiums, patios, courtyards, and rooftops.

All locations of HPC come with all the amenities pampered stars, hardworking film professionals and top executives need to both work and, occasionally, take a break. They get high-speed data and Internet connections, gyms with showers, dine-in cafes, a personal trainer, masseuse and yoga instructor, private kitchens, valet parking, and private entrances. It’s turnkey office space, ready for someone to move in on the same day.

The HPC location on North Gower provides friendly, relaxed office space for writers, producers and designers to meet and work on scripts or film pre-planning. The janitorial staff keeps your offices and the common areas clean while the security staff keeps you and your automobile safe and private. The location is conveniently close to Sunset Gower Studios, Sunset Bronson Studios, and Paramount Pictures, in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale, close to much of the entertainment industry.

HPC’s turnkey office space located in Santa Monica is new, and is the largest facility, with over 100 offices in the two-story building in Hollywood. Current tenants include MetaTV, CW’s Star-Crossed, and Defiance. Its cafe is run by Brasil Kiss.

All locations are friendly for dogs and pets.

Everybody who is a producer, writer, director, for film or television, commercials, events production, or music videos, should check out Hollywood PC and its website and take a free tour.