Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities Near Little Armenia, CA

Are you looking for an all-inclusive video or TV production facility near Little Armenia CA? If so, look no further than Hollywood Production Center, which offers state-of-the-art furnished office space and executives suites tailored for the needs of the production industry professionals. Located in a wonderful community of entertainment industry professionals, Little Armenia hosts a variety of competitive rental locations. HPC offers a variety of leasing options, from month to month to long term.

Along with top-of-the-line office space available, the amenities offered include everything from private kitchens, on-site exercise facilities and fitness classes, rooftop pools, security services, and ample parking, just to name a few. Hollywood PC is the best possible location to write, produce, film and edit your next project.

The impressive setup includes the highest quality technologies. You will be riveted by the sound stage studio and production center, which rival top industry standards. At over 6 thousand square feet, this brand-new production facility could not be more convenient. Whether you are filming your first movie, working on an upcoming music video, commercial, or TV show: HPC has everything for your Video and TV Production needs.

Take a glimpse into the spectacular setup in the turnkey offices, and see what it is like to house your entertainment business alongside top industry professionals. Clients will be impressed with the tidy sophisticated spaces and production will run smoothly with a pleasant backdrop and top-of-line customer services.

Speak with Hollywood Production Center’s staff about convenient same-day move-ins and get to work without delay. Don’t think twice about waiting for interest installation or outsourcing a janitor, these services are built into your lease. Work without interruption by getting food on location, and burn off post-production stress in one of the many exercise facilities made available to all tenants.

Don’t delay anymore. Visit today to subscribe for a free tour of the HPC location nearest to Little Armenia, CA. They look forward to hearing from you!