Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Sunset Hills, CA

Hollywood Production Center is the ideal community for film, TV and video production because it has been serving the entertainment industry for decades and knows exactly what is needed. It offers its tenants state-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge technology and the unique ability to occupy for a day, weeks, months, or years. Everything is included for one price. You save on production cost and time while having your every need catered to by the professional staff who anticipates the needs of industry professionals. There is no other place in the world that can provide you with exactly what is needed in the creation and production of quality entertainment than Hollywood PC.

HPC offers a variety of filming locations as well as fully furnish office suites, meeting and conference spaces, and the equipment needed for film, video and TV production. You can also take full advantage of the sound stage. You have everything you need for pre-and post-production and you and your team or staff will enjoy amenities such as an on-site cafe and fully stocked kitchenettes. There are also roof-top amenities for unwinding including a pool and gym. You will mingle with other entertainment professionals and use the same facilities and environment offered to Fox, Lionsgate, and Paramount Studios. An added plus to choosing HPC is that it is walking distance from Sunset Gower Studios and only a short distance from Raleigh Studios. Your every need from the conception to the finished product is available near Sunset Hills CA.

At Hollywood PC, everything is set up and ready to go and waiting for you to take up occupancy. Office suites with skylights, balconies and private entrances, a variety of floor plans, and your choices of filming locations, including a courtyard, rooftops, patio, and many more, are waiting for your creative vision to give them life. There are also other amenities including a professional reception area, ample parking, janitorial service, and 24-hour security surveillance. Hollywood Production Center offers the entertainment industry the perfect professional environment, with cost-saving features and world-class amenities, to makes the creative process for the film, video and TV production easy and your work more enjoyable.

Whether filming a commercial, music video or an event, everything is ready for you to begin. If you are working on a TV series or producing a movie, what you need is there waiting for you. There are creative spaces for writers, producers, designers, editor, and all in the entertainment community to feel at ease and concentrate on their work as well as spaces for meetings, conferences, and pre-and post-production work all at Hollywood Production Center, near Sunset Hills, CA. Visit the website and schedule your tour today.