Video and TV Production Facilities

Video and TV Production Facilities near Mount Olympus, CA

One of the most sought after fields in the entertainment industry is in the area of video and TV production. Being in this part of the industry is of course highly competitive so picking the right space to work on projects can be a daunting task. Why is this? Because you not only need a space that has the specific functionality to handle video and TV production you also need a unique space that can make the right impression on your clients when you bring them over. Well, look no more because the Hollywood Production center or Hollywood PC has got exactly what you need. All of our custom HPC suites are designed with your needs in mind. Nothing has been left out. Do you need access to a sound stage or do you need to do additional filming? This is no problem because we have made sure that we have gone the extra mile and given you the ability to have access to anything that you need to solve any technical problem that might arise.

Where would be the most convenient place to live and work? Of course, the answer is where you do most of your business. And because of this, we have made your decision of where to work and live easy, it’s at one of our Mount Olympus CA suites or in one of our other locations. can make your decision easy. We offer five different locations all in either Hollywood, Glendale, or Los Angeles California. Each location also offers you some different floor plans all designed to suit any need or desire that you might have. In fact, we have suites set up specifically for editing, production, and writing. Each suite is also equipped with all the latest technology including high-speed internet, phone and fax service plus other technologies all designed with you in mind.

Our suites, regardless of which one you choose, offer you a multitude of options. You have the option of Rooftop, Penthouse, and even suite filming. You have your own production and post-production office space and even an on-site engineer, and helipad filming. There is no need to ever leave your office suite because your suite can include sumptuous living quarters that are also pet-friendly. The amenities available from us include fully furnished office suites, valet parking, a professional reception area that includes a 24-hour security service, and janitorial service. You also get pre-installed high-speed internet service including voice and data service. You also have access to an on-site gym, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and even a masseuse service. In addition, the office suites come with attractive skylights, private kitchens, balconies, and a private entrance.