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Haunted Play Presents ‘Delusion: Masque of Mortality’

Haunted Play presents 'Delusion: something' that will be taking place through the month of October just in time for Halloween.
Haunted Play presents ‘Delusion: Masque of Mortality’ that will be taking place through the month of October just in time for Halloween.

With Halloween coming up, Los Angeles has plenty of spooky activities to take advantage of. One of them is Haunted Play, the first ever interactive horror theatre company, which returns this year with Delusion: Masque of Mortality. The story will involve a group trying to escape a plague during California’s troubled past, and attendees will be walking through an old church as they see the story unravel. This theater group allows you to be a character in a horror/suspense film, connecting with actors in an unprecedented way. You will participate in the spooky story and perform actions for the actors that will move the story along. Such interaction is unheard of in most theatre groups, and will allow you to be truly a part of the horror story.

Haunted Play has been ranked by various sources as the best haunts to be a part of in Los Angeles. In 2012, Neil Patrick Harris joined the team to help them create even more psychologically disturbing, interactive theatre experiences. This year their play will take place at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Silver Lake.

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The Toys Return for an Adventure

The Toy Story characters are back for ABC's 30-minute special of Toy Story of Terror in October.
The Toy Story characters are back for ABC’s 30-minute special of Toy Story of Terror in October.

ABC revealed last week that they will be airing Disney-Pixar’s first special-for-television, Toy Story of Terror! on October 16. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen will be back in their roles of Woody and Buzz on the half-hour special of a spooky adventure just in time for Halloween. The spooky new tale of our favorite characters from the Toy Story movies will also be joined by the rest of the gang, including Jessie, Combat Carl, Mr. Pricklepants, Mr. Potato Head, Rex and Trixie.

The toys go on a fun road trip that soon takes a turn for the worst when they get detoured to a roadside motel. Once one of the toys goes missing, a series of mysterious events ensue and they must work together to avoid the same terrible fate in the Toy Story of Terror!

While Pixar has not denied a fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise, the talks of another movie is still a rumor. One confirmed Pixar movie is Finding Dory, the sequel to Finding Nemo that is set to release in 2015. Ellen DeGeneres will be returning for the voice of Dory.