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Charlie Cox in CBS’ Wall Street Pilot

Charlie Cox will be starring in CBS' new untitled pilot.
Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox will be starring in CBS’ new untitled pilot.

Charlie Cox will be taking the lead role in CBS’ upcoming untitled television show. The Boardwalk Empire alum will be returning to CBS in a pilot described as a “Wall Street drama” from executive producer John Cusack. The drama will take place in the world of Wall Street, which includes money and power. Cox will be starring as Jackson, an inherently good Wall Street hedge fund trader who has returned from service in Iraq. The story was written by Justified writers Taylor Elmore and Ben Cavell, and was based on an idea created with the aid of Elmore, Cavell, Cusack and Kevin McCabe. The pilot will be executive produced by Justified’s Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

Charlie Cox is no stranger to CBS as he starred in last season’s pilot The Ordained. Cox is also a veteran of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, in which he starred in for two seasons. In addition, his long resume includes Stardust, Moby Dick and Hello Carter.

CBS has a great lineup of drama pilots for this new season. We can expect Extant and Battle Creek, which have both already received direct to series orders for this summer. Other dramas include Madame Secretary, Scorpion, and CSI and NCIS spinoffs.

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Summer Television is Making a Splash

Under the Dome premiered on CBS earlier this year and has been renewed for Summer 2014.
Under the Dome premiered on CBS earlier this year and has been renewed for a second season in Summer 2014.

Under the Dome is an original television series based on the Stephen King novel by the same name. The show premiered on CBS earlier this summer in June and it has since been a hit, proven by CBS’ quick renewal of the show for a second season to premiere in 2014. Scripted programming is rare during the summer months, but CBS may have struck gold with their success this summer.

Earlier this week CBS handed out a straight-to-series order for Extant, a television show that Steven Spielberg will be co-executive producing. Those at CBS believe that this futuristic thriller will be able satisfy peoples’ high-quality programming during the summer, and it is set to play alongside Under the Dome next summer.

While Under the Dome changed the face of summer television, CBS has assured everyone that they will continue with their regular 22-episode season approach, which continues to be the most popular trend. There is still hope for great television year-round, and hopefully it will not only be CBS that is provides it.