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Two and a Half Men ending

After 12 seasons, Two and a Half Men is finally coming to an end. The show received an hour-long series finale date; CBS announced that the series finale will air next year on Thursday, February 19 at 9PM. Two and a Half Men is the longest running sitcom on television right now.

The series earned 47 Emmy Award nominations, with co-star Jon Cryer winning twice. For five years straight, the comedy was the most-watched sitcom on TV (2005-2009). Producer, Chuck Lorre, said to expect a lot of surprises in the last season of the show, especially the season finale. Charlie Sheen has said that he would be interested in reprising his role before the series ends. No word as to whether he will be featured in the last season of the show.

The sitcom has been through a lot of major changes throughout the years. In 2011, Charlie Sheen was fired by the network after being under a lot of media scrutiny during the time. He was the highest paid TV actor at the time earning $1.25 million per episode. The show also saw the loss of another main cast member, Angus T.  Jones after he spoke negatively about the show.

The series finale will mark the debut of remake sitcom of The Odd Couplestarring Matthew Perry.

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Tenant Spotlight with Bryan Grant

Brant Grant is the CEO and Creative

We had the opportunity to catch up with Bryan Grant of Bryan Grant Studios from our Hollywood Production Center location…

Bryan Grant is the founder and Executive Creative Director of Bryan Grant Studios. BGS is globally recognized for their work in broadcast, theatrical and digital Motion Graphics, Branding & 3D Animation. With over 20 years’ experience they’ve had the fortune of working with clients across the country including leading networks, studios, agencies, celebrities, & producers like David Copperfield, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Universal Pictures, HBO, Nike, JWT, DDBO, Lexus & T-Mobile to name just a few. The full list can be found at The studio’s work can be screened HERE.

Tell us a little about yourself, Bryan?
I went to Seaholm High school in Birmingham, MI & Columbia College in Chicago, IL. I studied film production and had the fortune of working with some incredible DP’s and film directors. In high school I was asked to teach the television production class, which was wild because a lot of my friends were my “students”. I later taught an animation course in college to help pay for my schooling. Most notably, I’ll never turn down some incredible BBQ.

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?
It’s funny.  I started at 14 when I opened my own video production company in Birmingham, MI. We became the #1 video production company for weddings & bar mitzvah one year later. I feel blessed to have always known what I wanted to do at a very early age.  Many years later after moving to Los Angeles my first client through BGS was Disney where we helped them animate one of their largest entertainment properties at the time.

Do you enjoy what you do?
I love what I do!  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I especially love what happens when we combine the latest technology in VFX & 3D with our creative vision to help produce one-of-a-kind creative for our clients.

Who would you say is your biggest client that you were you like, “whoa!”
I would say David Copperfield.  He was an idol of mine growing up.  In fact I would tape all of his television specials every year and watch them a million times over.  So when he approached me later in my adult life it was totally surreal and an amazing experience. I was tasked to brand his new production company Red Safe.  The branding premiered in Variety magazine 2 months later and we couldn’t be happier.

Where do you see the future for BGS?
It’s important for me to promote the company’s core values, which are integrity, loyalty and accountability. Our client’s value that along with our strong creative output.  I see BGS growing into one of the most influential design and animation studio in Los Angeles within 2 years.  Staying humble, innovative and inspiring will get us there.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to sit down with us, Bryan!

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Charlie Cox in CBS’ Wall Street Pilot

Charlie Cox will be starring in CBS' new untitled pilot.
Boardwalk Empire’s Charlie Cox will be starring in CBS’ new untitled pilot.

Charlie Cox will be taking the lead role in CBS’ upcoming untitled television show. The Boardwalk Empire alum will be returning to CBS in a pilot described as a “Wall Street drama” from executive producer John Cusack. The drama will take place in the world of Wall Street, which includes money and power. Cox will be starring as Jackson, an inherently good Wall Street hedge fund trader who has returned from service in Iraq. The story was written by Justified writers Taylor Elmore and Ben Cavell, and was based on an idea created with the aid of Elmore, Cavell, Cusack and Kevin McCabe. The pilot will be executive produced by Justified’s Sarah Timberman and Carl Beverly.

Charlie Cox is no stranger to CBS as he starred in last season’s pilot The Ordained. Cox is also a veteran of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, in which he starred in for two seasons. In addition, his long resume includes Stardust, Moby Dick and Hello Carter.

CBS has a great lineup of drama pilots for this new season. We can expect Extant and Battle Creek, which have both already received direct to series orders for this summer. Other dramas include Madame Secretary, Scorpion, and CSI and NCIS spinoffs.

See full story at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Bill Cosby is Back at NBC

Bill Cosby will be returning to NBC for a new family comedy.
Bill Cosby will be returning to NBC for a new family comedy.

The Cosby Show was an iconic family show during its eight-season run from 1984 to 1992. 22 years later, Bill Cosby will be returning to NBC for a new comedy show. Tom Werner, former producer on The Cosby Show, and Bill Cosby are uniting forces once again for a new family comedy sure to bring back some good ol’ memories. The show is expected to revolve around Cosby as the patriarch of a multi-generational family as they address marriage and parenting. No writers have been attached to the project yet, but they are planning for development to take place outside the traditional pilot season window.

Since Bill Cosby’s days on the set of one of America’s favorite family comedies, he has also starred in A Different World, CBS’ Cosby, and Kids Say the Darndest Things. Cosby is 76 years old and a multiple Emmy Award winner. He helped to make The Cosby Show the number one show in America for five years, and preceded other award winning sitcoms such as Family Ties and Cheers.

Read full story at The Hollywood Reporter.

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With the Fall Season Comes Fall TV

CBS, NBC and ABC will start their fall TV premieres this week, joining FOX that started last week and the CW that will start next week.
CBS, NBC and ABC will start their fall TV premieres this week, joining FOX that started last week and the CW that will start next week.

This week is kicking off with the majority of networks premiering their new television shows alongside their beloved returners. While Fox had its premiere week last week, the rest of the networks are just catching up. This week CBS, NBC and ABC joined in to round off the big 4 networks for fall television in 2013. The CW network will soon be joining in as well with their premieres starting on October 3rd and continuing into the next week.

What shows should you be looking forward to? If you’ve been up with TV thus far, you’ll understand just how exciting it is for CBS’ How I Met Your Mother to be back for its final season after the Mother was revealed to viewers during last season’s finale. Zooey Deschanel has made her way into everyone’s hearts as the “adorkable” girl in New Girl, and with the new budding romance with Nick, everyone will be tuning in to see if these lovebirds can make it. Other returners garnering buzz are The Big Bang Theory, Nashville and Parks and Recreation.

We know we’re ready to try a new show, and with that we can’t wait for the CW’s The Originals to air. The show is a spin-off of the hit show Vampire Diaries, and is a continuation of the lives of the original vampire family. The Originals is set to premiere Thursday, October 3.

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Season 16 of “Big Brother”

"Big Brother" has been renewed for a 15th season that will air next summer.
“Big Brother” has been renewed for a 16th season that will air next summer on CBS.

Big Brother is a television reality game show that has been a hit since it first premiered in 2000 on CBS.  With the 15th season wrapping up this week, it was only fitting for the network to announce the show’s renewal for a 16th season that is set to air next summer. Big Brother has been going strong for 14 years and the airing of the September 5th episode this month marked the show’s 500th episode.

The show follows a group of HouseGuests who live, eat and sleep in the Big Brother House, isolated from the outside world and under constant video camera surveillance for 3 months. The HouseGuests compete in a series of competitions throughout the season for a chance at the grand prize of $500,000. The group of HouseGuests vote each other off each week, and at the end of the season when there are only 2 contestants left, the last seven evicted become the “Jury of Seven” that will choose who wins the grand prize. The game is especially interesting because while contestants fight to outlast everyone in the show, they must also avoid burning any bridges because in order to win they need the most allies.

Julie Chen has been the host of Big Brother since its first season. The show is executive produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Alison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly in the Wall Entertainment.

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Summer Television is Making a Splash

Under the Dome premiered on CBS earlier this year and has been renewed for Summer 2014.
Under the Dome premiered on CBS earlier this year and has been renewed for a second season in Summer 2014.

Under the Dome is an original television series based on the Stephen King novel by the same name. The show premiered on CBS earlier this summer in June and it has since been a hit, proven by CBS’ quick renewal of the show for a second season to premiere in 2014. Scripted programming is rare during the summer months, but CBS may have struck gold with their success this summer.

Earlier this week CBS handed out a straight-to-series order for Extant, a television show that Steven Spielberg will be co-executive producing. Those at CBS believe that this futuristic thriller will be able satisfy peoples’ high-quality programming during the summer, and it is set to play alongside Under the Dome next summer.

While Under the Dome changed the face of summer television, CBS has assured everyone that they will continue with their regular 22-episode season approach, which continues to be the most popular trend. There is still hope for great television year-round, and hopefully it will not only be CBS that is provides it.