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Hancock Park is a historical neighborhood located in Central Los Angeles. This affluent neighborhood features architecturally distinct homes and parks, which makes it stand out in the diverse city of Los Angeles. Hancock Park shares a border with Hollywood to the north, Larchmont and Windsor Square to the east, Mid-Wilshire to the south and Fairfax to the west. This neighborhood is ideally situated among nicer areas of Los Angeles, and the entire area surrounds the Wilshire Country Club.

Hancock Park was developed by the Hancock family in the 1920s from the profits they earned from oil drilling in the former Rancho La Brea. George Allan Hancock, developer and philanthropist of the area grew up in a home that is now the La Brea Tar Pits. He himself was a visionary and wanted to create an area that he would like his future children and other future families to call home.

With such a beautiful city to reside in, it is no wonder that many have chosen this location to call home. While where you live is important, it is also important to start considering where you would want your business to be located. A Los Angeles office space has a lot to offer and should take a lot of thought when making such decision. Your Los Angeles office space is ideally located in an area where your target market is dense and easily accessible. For example, many in the entertainment industry choose aHollywood office space. The Hollywood office space is ideal when they need to work with local clients, an especially if they bring in talent who typically frequent the area. On the other hand, many have found a Glendale office space as their ideal location. The diverse market that this city offers makes aGlendale office space the smart move.

Above all else, your Los Angeles office space needs to be where you call home and where you can see yourself doing working comfortably. A Hollywood office space may seem glamorous, but if it doesn’t provide everything you need it may end up being pointless. Be sure to put a lot of thought into your office hunt, but don’t forget to enjoy Hancock Park and the surrounding neighborhoods of Los Angeles.