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Los Feliz is a small neighborhood located in Los Angeles, California. Located within the Hollywood District, Los Feliz is located East of Hollywood, North of Silver Lake, South of Griffith Park and West of Atwater Village. The neighborhood was named after its colonial Spanish-Mexican land grantee and is known for its expensive home and celebrity inhabitants. Such a small neighborhood still has plenty of history. Walt Disney’s uncle lived in Los Feliz, so this city became the birthplace of our favorite Disney character, Mickey Mouse. He drew the first Mickey image in his uncle’s garage, and later set up his first animation studio just down the street.

The entrance to California Adventures at the Disneyland Resort on Buena Vista Street is partly modeled after 1920s Los Feliz. Walt Disney had a lot of attachments to this area and the people of Disney decided to respect that when building the newest addition to Disneyland Resort. While rich with history, present day Los Feliz still has plenty to offer. The neighborhood is close to various bars and restaurants, and most easily walkable, which is a rarity in Los Angeles. The bar scene is characterized by its copious dive bars and overall relaxed attitude the bar regulars bring. The Dresden Room is one of the oldest remaining bars in the area. It was featured in the movie “Swingers” and is recognized by its old 70s décor.

This neighborhood is a great place to make your home, but it should also come into consideration as you pick your new business location. A Los Angeles office space may seem daunting, but there are various area and neighborhoods you can choose from. Just a couple of miles to the northeast, you can findGlendale office spaces. This city makes for a great Los Angeles office space because it is a developed and beautiful city. A Glendale office space gives you the luxury of a nice area without as much traffic and bustle of the main areas.

However, if you are in the industry or would like your business to get more foot traffic, a Hollywood office space would be your best option. The benefits of a Hollywood office space would be that you are part of the main attraction as thousands of people shop and visit the businesses of Hollywood. Such a developed and well-known area such as Hollywood is great for your business and can be the boost that your company needs.