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Long Beach is located within Los Angeles County and is located just 25 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles. While Long Beach is very much a part of Los Angeles, it also borders with Orange County on the south. Long Beach is located along the Pacific Coast and it is one of the world’s largest shipping ports. The Port of Long Beach is the United States’ second busiest container port, and continues to stay busy as a dominant maritime center in the United States. The area also dominants a large portion of the oil industry, with the raw material being found both underground and offshore.

The city has also found success in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing sectors include aircraft, car parts, electronic and audiovisual equipment, and home furnishings. Long Beach is also headquarters for Epson America, Molina Healthcare and SCAN Health Plan.

The city is also interested in keeping intact its ecology. The El Dorado Nature Center is responsible for actively introducing indigenous species to the Southern California area. The Los Cerritos Wetlands Study Group has also been doing their part to preserve Long Beach’s last remaining wetlands.

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Long Beach and the general Los Angeles County has so much to offer and it can truly be the place to start your expansion. Your business can only benefit from the huge population in California, and it is just an added benefit that it has some of the most beautiful cities in the country.