Creative Space and Filming Locations near Brentwood, CA

Get The Right Office At The Right Place Near Brentwood, CA When You Lease From HPC On-demand office space is becoming important in today’s workforce, and the film industry has certainly grown its demand for it. The ability to move in and out as needed while having an environment that’s comfortable and fosters creativity is what many professionals look for in office suites, and our Hollywood Production Center company have that along with great filming locations. It’s a place where you can either relax and get the quiet work done in your office and host regular meetings in the conference room, or you can assemble your team to do post-production film shooting on the spot. If you’re looking for quality filming and office spaces near Brentwood, CA, consider leasing from us.

Everything from full IT Service and connection to high-speed wi-fi, to accessing quality printing, fax, and other office equipment are available when you rent here at Hollywood PC. But our fully furnished office suites also come with extra perks such as valet parking service, a private entrance, a private kitchen, and access to the building at any time. But it’s also a place full of enjoyment in activities you can do such as working out at our gym, enjoying a relaxing massage, or just shooting some pool with your colleagues. One of our luxurious offices could be yours if you signup for our tour.

Our HPC tour gives you a complete view of our facility and allows us to get to know a little more about you and your team. There is no charge or obligation as part of this tour, but you will be able to begin leasing if you’ve found the perfect post production office space and it fits what you’ve been looking for. It won’t take long to get situated in one of our offices but to make sure you get it while it’s still available, give us a call at 1-818-480-3312 or visit

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Executive Offices & Executive Suites near Eagle Rock, CA

Eagle Rock, CA may be one of the most overlooked neighborhoods of the outer Los Angeles limits, but with its location being in between Hollywood and Glendale, there’s good reason to do film production work near there. But to maximize the ability to plan and put the film scripts into action, having offices with top-notch resources is a must. The good news is you can find these kinds of offices at our property near Eagle Rock, and the kind of move-in perks we offer make them even more accommodating. We have turnkey offices that are furnished and near film stage areas.

With all the planning and production activities by film teams and their producers that occurs here, we’ve become known as Hollywood Production Center. Our stages and other areas of the property have been used by clients like Warner Bros, 21st Century Fox, CBS, and Disney. But even outside of the film industry, other business startups and companies looking to add field offices have benefited from the flexibility we have in renting executive suites. Renting our offices comes with the flexibility to add or downsize the needed space, as well as giving you high-speed internet to work with, and office equipment you can use.

Also on the premises of Hollywood PC properties are snack bars, gaming lounges, gyms and massage rooms. Your gym membership even includes your own private locker. If you’re looking to recruit more business team members or host casting calls, you can take part in or host your own networking events here. But it all starts by renting executive offices here, and you can start on that by taking our tour. The tour of HPC shows you all areas of the property, and if you like what you see, we can get your lease signed and processed. Just make sure you act soon while availabilities last by calling our toll-free number at 1-833-472-0404, or visiting us at

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State of the Art Office Space Rental near Spaulding Square, CA

Your office space should reflect your business and your personality. You should have a workspace that is comfortable enough to work in and stylish enough to entertain clients. You want an office space that is modern and has state-of-the-art technology so you can work without interruption. You want an office space that is a turn-key solution to your business needs. You want Hollywood Production Center.

With four prime locations in the Hollywood and Glendale areas, HollywoodPC offers premium office space rentals geared towards those in the entertainment industry. We have regular office space as well as executive office suites available at each of our locations. Every office offered by Hollywood Production Center is an all-inclusive deal.

Every office space rental offered at Hollywood Production Center has been professionally decorated and furnished using modern luxury furniture and decor. Each office space includes phone, electric, and high-speed Internet service as part of the lease price. All offices enjoy a shared reception area for an added professional appearance.

HPC also offers many property amenities. You will enjoy private secured parking with optional valet services, access to our business centers and meeting rooms, and onsite yoga instructors, masseuse, and personal trainer. Each of our properties offers different amenities and hosts different events for clients to enjoy each month. Each of our properties is dog-friendly, and each of our properties has amenities specific to that building alone.

If you are looking for an office space rental near Spaulding Square and is designed for entertainment industry companies, you need Hollywood Production Center. HPC has four convenient locations offering different sizes and styles of office space. Stop by and tour one or all of our buildings – we know that you will be amazed at what you see.


Hollywood Production Locations near Chula Vista, CA

We understand the entertainment industry. This is why we have dedicated each of our properties to providing turn-key office solutions that will meet this industry’s needs. Hollywood Production Center has five locations in the Hollywood and Glendale areas offering upscale offices with flexible leasing terms. Our company also operates one of the largest soundstages in Southern California.

Every HollywoodPC office has been designed to be a luxury setting that is both functional and comfortable. High-end modern furnishings and decor are used in each office. Each office is unique so that the business can retain its identity while operating from a shared office building. All offices are inclusive of electricity, phone service, and high-speed Internet.

Each of the Hollywood Production locations is a different type of office setting. Each property contains property-specific amenities as well as common amenities that all of our locations offer. If you are looking for an office with a balcony – we have it. If you want a high-end executive suite – we have it. If you are looking for the perfect small office space to finish w=uour writing or editing – we have it. We are all about providing your business with exactly what you need.

HPC offers very flexible leasing terms on all offices. We understand that you may need a long-term office space for your company or a short-term workspace while you are in the area on a project. We are happy to accommodate these needs.

If you are looking for an office setting near Chula Vista, we encourage you to stop by one or all of the Hollywood Production Center properties for a tour. We are positive that you will be thrilled with everything that you discover about our properties.



Wednesday, August 26th from 5:30-8PM we will be hosting The Glendale Latino Association’s Summer Mixer on the 2nd floor patio at HPC 2. Come enjoy food, drinks, and networking with other businesses! Feel free to bring a drawing prize to be raffled off and get your business recognized amongst others in the Glendale community!

Admission is $10 for members and $15 for non-members. All proceeds will go to the Latino Association’s scholarship fund. They awards thousands of dollars in scholarships, annually, to students in the Glendale Unified School District, Glendale Community College, and some private schools.
GLA Mixer

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Pharrell Williams the Newest Coach on ‘The Voice’

The Voice is well into its 6th season, but we’ll be seeing a new face for the 7th season. It has been announced that Pharrell Williams will be taking Cee Lo Green’s spot as a coach for the new season of The Voice. Cee Lo Green announced his departure from the show in February, and has since been covered by Usher and Shakira.

Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green were the original coaching panel when the show started in 2011, and they continued to be the face of The Voice through season 3. For season 4, Christina and Cee Lo took a hiatus from the show, in which Shakira and Usher filled their spots. While season 5 had the original 4 coaches reinstated, season 6 is back with Adam, Blake, Shakira and Usher. Pharrell is the only confirmed coach for the 7th season of NBC’s The Voice.

Pharrell Williams will make a great addition to The Voice team, as they have in the past had the biggest and most current musical talent as coaches. Pharrell made quite a name for himself with the Despicable Me franchise soundtracks, and his 2014 Oscar performance of his Oscar nominated song ‘Happy.’ Pharrell made a guest appearance in the 4th season of the show, as a guest mentor for Usher and his team.

See full story at The Hollywood Reporter.

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Production facility adds office space

NewOfficeSpace_DAXKOCompany expands its offices into a pair of buildings on Brand Boulevard.

DOWNTOWN — With a growing need for office space in the entertainment industry, Glendale’s Hollywood Production Center has acquired two new buildings to accommodate its growth and expand its services.

Hollywood Production, located on the northeast corner of Lexington Drive and Orange Street for about a year and a half, is expanding into adjacent buildings at 401 and 413 N. Brand Blvd.

“We rent out office space only for people in the entertainment industry,” General Manager Lucy Mardonovich said. “Since we’ve opened, we’ve seen a lot of interest in Glendale from the industry.”

The company provides office space for industry tenants, and amenities such as a gym, car wash, private kitchens and other accommodations.

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Arts foundations raise funds for public dance performances

Nerd-Herd-1024x681Glendale Arts is working with the Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre and the Anna Djanbazian Dance Company to raise money for free public dance performances that will be held on Oct. 15 and 16 in the vacant lot on the corner of Brand Boulevard and Wilson Avenue in Glendale.

The three organizations will host a dinner on Sept. 24 at 7 p.m. at the Ard Eevin house located at 851 W. Mountain St., Glendale.

Designed by Nathaniel Dryden in 1902, the Ard Eevin House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Dinner guests will enjoy an elegant buffet dinner and a dance performance by the Djanbazian Dance Company. Tickets to the dinner cost $100 per person.

The funds raised from the dinner will underwrite the free dance performances of a dance work titled “Expulsion.”

The performance is a thought-provoking work of art based on the themes of the often fragile nature of home and the universal experience of being forced to leave it.

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Hooray for Hollywood

Hollywood Production Offices open for production staff looking for extra space or a spot closer to home.While nearly a million square feet of office space sit vacant in the city, Amidi Real Estate Group has just finished renovating a Glendale building that sat vacant for the past five years with plans to reopen it Wednesday.The Los Angles-based group, which owns the Hollywood Production Center, will reopen the building at 121 W. Lexington Drive for short-term leases by video production support staff who are crowded at their home offices or who need a place closer to home, said general manager Lucy Mardonovich.”We had an asset that wasn’t being used so we just decided to do something with it since the Hollywood office was so successful,” Mardonovich said. “We felt there would be great energy for city of Glendale to have. Disney and DreamWorks are expanding and those valley production companies need to have something nearby.”

Amidi also owns the Glendale Office Center and the Brand Jewelry Mart, she said.Dubbed the Hollywood Production Center-Glendale, offices come with furniture, high-speed Internet, phones and other amenities. They will only lease space to the creative people who work on video production, she said.”It’s an absolutely total remodel,” she said. “Every floor’s been gutted and separated into the offices.

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New ‘Hollywood’ site

Production center opens downtown building targeting entertainment industry clients.

BLACKNEWADDOWNTOWN — The Hollywood Production Center celebrated the opening of its newest office building Thursday, even as it enters a market with low demand and more than 1 million square feet of empty downtown work space.

Hollywood Production Center, which owns a property in Hollywood and another downtown, hopes its new 70,000-square-foot building on the corner of Broadway and Louise Street will draw tenants as a space for entertainment-industry workers or individual entrepreneurs who are not interested in conventional offices.

The center’s open lobby, with curvy suede arm chairs and blue accent walls, leads directly to individual offices and suites, giving tenants the opportunity to mix and network, said Lucy Mardonovich, the company’s general manager.

But while Hollywood Production Center has historically succeeded in drawing entertainment-industry tenants with flexible leases and stylized work spaces, the company did not start the project expecting to be opening during a recession, Mardonovich said.