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Executive Offices & Executive Suites near Eagle Rock, CA

Eagle Rock, CA may be one of the most overlooked neighborhoods of the outer Los Angeles limits, but with its location being in between Hollywood and Glendale, there’s good reason to do film production work near there. But to maximize the ability to plan and put the film scripts into action, having offices with top-notch resources is a must. The good news is you can find these kinds of offices at our property near Eagle Rock, and the kind of move-in perks we offer make them even more accommodating. We have turnkey offices that are furnished and near film stage areas.

With all the planning and production activities by film teams and their producers that occurs here, we’ve become known as Hollywood Production Center. Our stages and other areas of the property have been used by clients like Warner Bros, 21st Century Fox, CBS, and Disney. But even outside of the film industry, other business startups and companies looking to add field offices have benefited from the flexibility we have in renting executive suites. Renting our offices comes with the flexibility to add or downsize the needed space, as well as giving you high-speed internet to work with, and office equipment you can use.

Also on the premises of Hollywood PC properties are snack bars, gaming lounges, gyms and massage rooms. Your gym membership even includes your own private locker. If you’re looking to recruit more business team members or host casting calls, you can take part in or host your own networking events here. But it all starts by renting executive offices here, and you can start on that by taking our tour. The tour of HPC shows you all areas of the property, and if you like what you see, we can get your lease signed and processed. Just make sure you act soon while availabilities last by calling our toll-free number at 1-833-472-0404, or visiting us at