US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Edendale, CA

Hollywood PC provides furnished office spaces, production spaces and post-production facilities in several locations. All of our office facilities offer cost-conscious businesses, organizations, and professionals a superb value with convenience and high-end amenities and services.

A Turn key facility is critical for small business owners, business travelers, directors, corporate personnel, producers, lawyers, designers, writers, and other professionals who are looking for an affordable workspace or private office. Our turnkey office solution is designed to take the hassle out of finding a suitable business office, allowing you to move into a new office quickly.

Our Fully furnished office suites and production spaces include professional receptionist, package handling services, directory listing, administrative support, janitorial service, modern decor, well-equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, breakrooms, large lounge areas and 24/7 secured building access.

Our Turn key facility also provide conference space and meeting rooms, outfitted with top quality leather chairs and glass-top tables. You’ll also have immediate access to lightning-fast Internet, video and voice conferencing, and energy-efficient office equipment.

Our executive offices and production facilities come with state-of-the-art technology, best-in-class office equipment, and high-end amenities to help maximize efficiency.

With HPC executive suites, production offices and collaborative workspaces you don’t have to worry about updates and upkeep of the space. We have a dedicated management team that takes care of the facility and ensures our renters and clients have everything they need to work in comfort and style.

HPC gives you access to excellent amenities and features at affordable rates. Our staff is highly experienced in creating customized business office solutions to suit the needs of our clients and renters.

Just let us know what amenities and services are important to you and we’ll meet your needs. Visit our website to check out our location near Edendale CA. Be sure to subscribe for a free personal tour.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Westwood Village CA

If you are looking for a professional office near near Westwood Village, HPC can help. We have many prestigious office spaces complete with receptionists, high-end quality amenities, and administrative support.

Fully furnished office suites are fast becoming the top choice of corporate executives, business owners, production companies and professionals. A furnished office solution is essential for businesses and organizations that want to minimize expenses, maximize profit and enhance customer service.

Hollywood PC provides modern, sleek, efficient office suites and workspaces with the latest technology. Our fully equipped office spaces are tailored to your current project needs and are ready as soon as you are.

Some of our renters include corporate executives, producers, directors, attorneys, business travelers, fashion designers, artists, creative teams, advertising firms, and others who desire an all-in-one location to live, work and play.

Amenities at our facilities include Professional Receptionist, High-Speed Internet, Network Printer, Mail Delivery and Handling, Telephone with Voicemail, Fax and Copier, modern decor, and 24/7 Secured Facility Access. HPC provides all the essential services and amenities for working efficiently. Use professional workspaces, conference rooms, meeting spaces, and networking facilities.

We have a Jacuzzi, sauna, rooftop pool, and yoga instructor on our premises. Our modern fitness center for your workout – it’s absolutely fabulous. We also have a state-of-the-art business center and advanced technology.

Our office building is situated in a prime location that offers easy access to shopping centers, fine restaurants, and recreational facilities. And, it provides easy access to major roads and public transport links.

We provide offices, Production spaces and Post-Production offices, and Executive Office Suites in an environment that enhances company image. With several large buildings near Westwood Village, you can move into your new Turn key facility right away.

Ready to move into a luxury office, executive suite or temporary office space near Westwood Village CA? Visit our website to check out the high-quality amenities and features we provide. Be sure to request a free tour of our world-class location.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Sunset Hills, CA

Putting together a commercial, a music video or a full-length movie takes a tremendous amount of effort and coordination. Communication between each separate part of the product throughout the process is essential. Having a single Turn key facility, where all of the individual pieces of the puzzle get the focus and pampering they deserve, is essential. Especially when they are all close enough to each other to still be a single product. Put it all in a single package, and place it near Sunset Hills CA.

Hollywood PC offers several choice locations in Hollywood and Glendale. Besides the proximity to the heart of the production industry, the Fully furnished office suites provide the perfect all-in-one spot to write, edit, film, and produce. Not just from a business perspective, but at a personal level as well.

From the business point of view, there are many advantages to leasing with HPC. Here are just a few:

  • Location: The heart of Hollywood and Glendale.
  • Various sizes of fully furnished office suites.
  • Short and long term leases available.
  • Reception area professionally maintained.
  • Complete janitorial services.
  • 24 hour security surveillance.
  • A wide range of amazing film locations.

From the human perspective, the list of personal services at Hollywood PC sounds more like a resort than a workplace:

  • Ample parking, including valet.
  • On-site gymnasium, with instructors and trainers.
  • Voice, data and high speed internet.
  • On-site hair salon.
  • Office suites with kitchens and balconies.
  • Pet friendly.
  • On-site cafe.

It doesn’t really matter what you are producing. Imagine being able to focus on the creation process, knowing that all of the different parts are being well taken care of. They are all connected and running smoothly. Do yourself a favor, and book The Hollywood Production Center(HPC). If you’re still not sure, visit their website, Hollywood PC. You can subscribe for a free tour of the location, and see it all for yourself.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Little Armenia CA

Looking for the perfect location to write, produce, film and edit? Well Hollywood PC is the place you are looking for. The Hollywood Production Center is loved by industry insiders in need of production space. There are 5 centers located in the cities of Glendale and Hollywood California. The center has been serving professionals in the entertainment industry in Southern California for 16 years. There are numerous amenities such as high-speed internet connections, on-site cafés, a hair salon, and a gym.

HPC strives itself to provide the most customer-oriented atmosphere for a smooth and pleasurable experience to make you feel at home. One of the benefits of Hollywood Production Center is its fully furnished office suites that range in various sizes for anyone’s needs. Hollywood Production Center has hosted various amount of TV shows and films such as Machinima, Family Guy, and Life of Pi.

In this rental space, you will be able to take advantage of all the amenities including 24-hour security surveillance, rooftop filming, and valet parking. Hollywood Production Center offers different floor plans in each location to provide the ultimate customizability. Another new amenity that has come out is the soundstage. This soundstage is equipped for production and is designed to accommodate filming for television, movies, commercials, and much more. This is the state of the art sound stage that has silent air, production offices, and private restrooms.

In addition to the TV shows and films that HPC has hosted, they have clients such as 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, and Paramount. One of the advantages of Hollywood Production Center is their Move-In Today where you can set up a tour of the facility and move in that same day. With the world-class amenities found at Hollywood Production Center, there is no reason to not host your production needs at a facility.

Currently, there is an office rental space available near Little Armenia CA. This is an ideal location with it being near Downtown Los Angeles. An example of one of the facilities is TENTEN Wilshire. This location is the ideal place for business-minded individuals, start-ups, and entrepreneurs looking to enter the entertainment industry. The facility offers full-service, flexible “Class A” office spaces in a professional atmosphere that is designed for modern businesses.
One of the best amenities found in TENTEN and all other facilities is the turn key facility. Based on that amenity alone, those interested in high-class production centers should consider Hollywood Production Center.
If you are interested in taking the next step in your entertainment career schedule a tour with HPC today!

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Mount Olympus, CA

Discover exclusive, world-class office suites for rental near the Mount Olympus CA. The Hollywood Production Center is the leading provider of high-end live, work, and play spaces at the center of the entertainment activities in downtown Los Angeles, Southern California. The office suites are ideal for businesses in the entertainment industry as well as professional services. The office addresses are conveniently situated in the heart of Hollywood with multiple locations in Glendale and Los Angeles.

Hollywood PC has been hosting the entertainment industry since 2001. It has created a vibrant business community around its centers that are ideal for lifecycle production ventures. This includes concept and casting, filming, production, post-production as well as exclusive workplaces and creative spaces. Numerous corporates in the entertainment industry have already set up shop. This includes big media houses as well as innovative startups crashing the scene with disruptive productions.

The corporate office suites are ready for immediate occupancy. You can move in today for a short-term project or make it your permanent base. Various sizes are available to cater to different operations. Besides the premium address, each turn key facility contains ample parking in a secure, gated compound. The office suites are fitted with cutting-edge business communications tools such as a reliable IT infrastructure, voice and data services as well as high-speed internet.

The offices consist of elegant designs with skylights, outdoor balconies, and exclusive private kitchens. The HPC community presents an exceptional opportunity for small businesses looking to leverage the experience of established production houses in media, film, television, and advertising. In addition to production firms, the fully furnished office suites are also ideal for professional services including marketing companies, distribution, legal, human resources and financial services among others.

Startups can reduce their infrastructure budget and avoid the hustle of sourcing for related professional services. The centers also feature on-site eateries, personal care, and fitness spots. Time to market is increasingly becoming a key factor of successful productions. HPC empowers you to cut down your production time from concept to distribution. As a result, your production budget also goes down, and your product hits the target audience sooner.

As a filming location, Hollywood PC is the perfect destination to shoot captivating scenes of activities in the penthouse, rooftop, office, catwalk as well as pool area. The spaces are excellent for contestant living enabling you to create niche media such as contests and reality shows quickly. Some of your potential neighbors include big names such as Comedy Central, Lionsgate, Paramount, ABC, New Line Cinema, and 20th Century Fox among numerous others.
Check out the HPC site at and view floor plans and subscribe to a free tour of the centers.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Spaulding Square, CA

The Hollywood Production Center provides ideal working environments for Hollywood producers, media companies, and freelance business executives. Sixteen years after it was founded, the filming and production firm now operates in five different locations in Glendale, Los Angeles, and Hollywood. Here are the exact addresses of the five modern studios-cum-rental offices owned by the Hollywood PC.

Hollywood PC1
1149 North Gower St Hollywood, CA, 90038
Hollywood PC2
121 W. Lexington Dr Glendale, CA 91203
Hollywood PC3
225 E. Broadway Glendale, CA 91205
Hollywood PC4
6350 Santa Monica Hollywood, CA 90038
Hollywood PC5
127 S. Brand Blvd Glendale, CA 91204

HPC has a rock-solid reputation of always going above and beyond to satisfy the varied office space needs and wants of their target audiences. They have won over the hearts of many corporate executives in the entertainment niche and beyond for their outstanding office rental spaces. The company is synonymous with elegant, fully furnished office suites complete with reliable and high-speed Internet, entertainment, fitness centers with trainers, and, kitchen spaces.

Turn-Key Facility

Clients get to ask special perks, for instance, a personal assistant and secretaries at this award-winning turn key facility. The hubs are an excellent platform for budding producers to mingle and interact freely with the industry’s vets. Hopefully, some of the professionalism and talent of Hollywood’s leading producers rub off on the novices, moving forward.

As a tenant at the executive office suites at HPC, your safety is always guaranteed. The center employs round-the-clock guards and surveillance cameras are covering every square inch of the facility. Holly has a secure parking lot that includes valet parking. In the unfortunate event, your valuable production equipment gets stolen while at the center, then you stand to be fully compensated, according to the lease agreement contract.

Flexibility and Convenience

Many clients prefer renting out at the Hollywood Production Center because of its flexible and convenient policies. Regardless of the duration of your stay at the fully furnished office suites, there’s always a tailor-made package to rhyme with your budget and specifications.

Impressions are everything in Hollywood. Lease out the state-of-the-art luxury suites within the sprawling Spaulding Square CA and rest assured of driving the point home, always. Impress the potential business investors by holding meetings at the chic albeit competitively priced Turnkey Office Spaces located a few steps from the Spaulding Square CA.

Rent Office Space

If you are a writer, producer, designer, or just a professional looking for quality office rental space, then, look no further than Hollywood PC. Hollywood Production Center has an extensive track record of providing outstanding office suites at unbeatable rates. We highly recommend you schedule a personal tour of any of the superb office facilities operated by this production firm to witness the awe-inspiring job done by the rental company.

Call the representatives of this leading Hollywood rental company using telephone contacts provided on their official website. On the website, you’ll also get a rare sneak-peak of the executive office spaces available to clients via the testimonial videos and the HD photos published.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Brentwood, CA

The entertainment industry is specifically designed to give everyone a chance to express themselves, but the challenges involved can be overwhelming for some. The process of editing, filming, and bringing your vision to life takes dedication and determination. Hollywood PC understands that better than anybody else and seeks to give creative types the tools they need to succeed. We promise you won’t need to look anywhere else.

The most important part of running any business designed to serve the entertainment community is to make sure you have an understanding of what your customers want. We do everything to make sure you’re able to handle every single detail of the process. HPC takes the convenience and satisfaction of its customers very seriously. We keep fully furnished office suites to give professionals the exact atmosphere they need to succeed. You’ll have absolutely no reason to go anywhere else. Our competitors simply can’t provide you with the same quality of service with the same attention to detail.

No Need To Go Anywhere Else

You’ll have absolutely no reason to go anywhere else near Brentwood CA. We provide every essential service at a price nobody can beat. Beyond simply offering you a service, we make sure that you are provided with a sense of community and bonding with our family. The entertainment industry is always going to be a tightly knit place and it’s important to keep that essence no matter what. Once you join our family, you’ll never want to go anywhere else to satisfy your film production needs. We guarantee our turn key facility is the best around.

You want to make sure that the product you’re bringing out is the best you can bring. This is why our offices offer the most sophisticated production options around. If you want to be able to create a product that truly speaks to your audience this is exactly where you’ll find the tools you need. Professionals have come to Hollywood PC for many years hoping to help themselves launch their product. You’ll have no problem absorbing into our community. Come check out our offices for yourself to see what they’re really about and how you can start production today.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Thai Town, CA

While looking for office space, convenience and safety are paramount. Thai Town, CA makes one of the best options in regards to location. It is surrounded by other rental apartments and has a good flow of local and foreign people. This aspect makes it ideal for corporate offices. There is a wide range of options to select from if you are in search of office space. From simple areas to fully furnished office suites. The possibilities are unlimited as they are a variety to choose from. Setting up an office space that is professional matters requires time and a well-thought-out rental payment plan. Like many properties, while renting, expenses do not come cheap. The setup can be time-consuming and expensive.

Finding convenient office space can be secure while you are looking at a location near Thai Town CA. A notable section of fully furnished office suites available for viewing. The suites vary in size, and they are big suits available and small ones Hollywood PC makes a perfect location as the suites are near multinational companies, financial institutions, corporations, and social amenities that you would require. The office’s suits are ideal for business consultancy firms, small business owners, production and companies, lawyers and advocates agencies, production companies, architectures, and designers. HPC offers a variety of first-class services and amenities for the different businesses around the area. These unique and quality services are available to all types of companies and professionals.

HPC commitment and determination to providing elegant office spaces make it stand out. For the rentals, they are available for both short-term and long-term basis. The offices are located in a convenient area near shopping and dining places. In addition to the state-of-the-art designs, the fully furnished rooms have standard amenities like kitchenettes, a community gym, and neatly managed common areas. There is an available Turn key facility available within the region. The services offer convenience and secure solutions to reliable, organized office spaces for different people. Turnkey spaces enable you as the office space renter to be in a position to efficiently work in the area you have rented as almost every essential tool required in the office is provided. Technology being priorities in HPC’s fully furnished office spaces. They have designed high-end office spaces that offer the clients functionality, convenience, and reliability.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Sunset Gower Studios CA

Are you a writer, an editor, designer, producer, or other, who is looking for a turn key facility that is the perfect place to work? If so, then you might want to consider renting chic office space at one of the Hollywood Production Centers or HPC in Glendale and Hollywood Ca., where there are dozens of rentals available now.

These luxurious corporate housing solutions, offer a variety of floorplans to suit all your needs, and you will be able to save on start-up costs and benefit from shared environment savings costs. Enjoy high-quality technology with state of the art IT infrastructure, already installed, and available for use. And, all properties are conveniently located. HPC 1 in Hollywood is right near Raleigh Studios, and just walking distance to Sunset Gower Studios CA

• Hollywood PC1 1149 North Gower St. Hollywood, CA 90038 323-454-2124
• Hollywood PC2 121 W. Lexington Dr. Glendale, CA 91203 818-237-4558
• Hollywood PC3 225 E. Broadway Glendale, CA 91205 818-616-7686
• Hollywood PC4 6350 Santa Monica Hollywood, CA 90038
• Hollywood PC5 127 S. Brand Blvd Glendale, CA 91204 818-423-4690

Rent an individual office or a featured office suite, today, as Hollywood PC specializes in immediate occupancy for those who are looking to move in now, especially if you’re in the television, filming, publishing, media or other related fields in the production or entertainment industry.
Rent a Turn key facility and enjoy full-service amenities, with utilities, phone and internet included.

Other amenities included in Hollywood PC:

• Valet or self-parking in a gated community
• Office suites have skylights
• Private entrance, kitchens, and balcony
• Lease month to month or long-term
• Professional meeting space
• Pre-installed high-speed internet with voice and data
• Car wash available
• Plant and flower arrangements
• Workout gym on-site with a personal trainer, showers, a masseuse, and yoga instructor
• Security surveillance 24 hours
• Janitorial and maintenance services
• Professional reception area
• Many filming locations such as patio, gym, decorated rooftops, courtyard, office sets, and more
Fully furnished office suites that range in a variety of sizes
• Right in the heart of Hollywood and Glendale
• Great customer service that goes above and beyond to help satisfy your needs.
• New soundstage, high-quality technology at its best
• An on-site café that you can go to for a light refreshment when you need a break
• And more

Whether you are looking to relocate to Southern California, already reside in the area, but looking for a place to work on your projects, write in style, film a documentary, have a photoshoot, etc., or just need a place to put up clients temporarily, while working together, HPC has the best fully furnished office suites already prepared for you.
Call now to speak to a representative 888-298-7887 or schedule a tour at Hollywood PC now

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Garden Grove CA

If you’re looking to meander little ways out of Los Angeles and perhaps drive into Orange County, Garden Grove CA is one place that has a little change of pace. This place was originally based in farming and small-town living back in the 1800s when it was founded, but it did eventually grow and change into an entertainment center as the 20th century wore on. However, it does still bring out some of the old rural roots when the Strawberry Festival is hosted every Memorial Day. You can also see the beautiful Crystal Cathedral rise from the downtown area and find many more attractions that have inspired filmmakers. If you’d like a place to go to work near there, our Hollywood PC studios are what you need.

We Have A Wide Range Of Clients Renting From Us

We are not just any executive office rental company, we’ve made it our goal to make sure we give you the best in class experience when you come here. Who have we served? Our clients come from some of the most well-known motion picture and entertainment companies in the US such as Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, CBS, 21st Century Fox, and many more, and they have all loved our fully furnished office suites. Why is that? Because we offer an atmosphere that allows you to both get to work, take some time to relax and play, or just enjoy the peace you need to find your inspiration.

What You’ll Find In Our Office Rentals

We like to make sure that your office space is as personalized as possible to meet your needs. All executive suites have desk space, sofas or other comfy chairs, office equipment, high-speed enterprise internet, phone, and VoIP services as well as private entrances and kitchens if you want a suite with those features. Our staff also go the extra mile to help you at the turn key facility by offering valet parking, security patrolling, receptionists and even cleaning services for when you’re away. You’ll also have access to the rooftop area either for personal or business reasons, access to a gym and spa, and many other onsite services.

Why You Should Take The Tour

At HPC we give you the opportunity to see firsthand why our studios offer unparalleled luxuries. Our staff will be happy to give you a guided tour of everything we offer and let you see which available office space you like the best. If you really love what you see, we can even arrange for you to move in immediately. All you have to do to get started is call 1-888-675-4015 or visit and fill out our tour request form.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Civic Center, CA

Civic Center CA is near an HPC in Glendale and Los Angeles, CA. You get to work in a professional-looking office without a headache and the costly services of an interior designer. The offices are ready for you to occupy with no delays. Treat yourself to the free tour HPC offers and then you can move in the same day.

Check out the accommodations for the corporate and entertainment field, or a small or start-up business and become a resident of the Hollywood PC community.
Your needs will be met before and after you step into the world of using the Hollywood Production Center as a home base. The outstanding customer service staff can answer all of your questions and help you select the type of office suite you need.

The Fully furnished office suites is designed to handle as many electronic devices you need to complete your work. The high-speed internet with a pre-installed voice is ready for you to plug in your electronic devices. The skylights in the office suites, the streamlined modern decor, and the soothing colors make the offices comfortable for the employees.

The Hollywood PC suites have conference rooms where confidential, private or video conferences can be held. The smooth tabletops, the cushioned chairs, make it easy to focus on the meetings. The decor of the reception area is professional looking and comfortable.

The HPC has quite a few perks. There is a secured valet parking, a masseuse, there is a personal trainer within the state-of-the-art gym. You can stay indoors to enjoy the on-site café, enjoy the free food and drinks and the copy centers are at your fingertips. The janitorial service is on the site and the utilities are already working.

Working with a Turn key facility is exceptional because the modern style, the lighting, the choice of selecting the right style is to make you and your staff comfortable.
Visit the website to schedule a free tour of the exceptional office suites that are available. It’s time to make your workday productive and comfortable by working in a Hollywood Production Office Suite.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental Near Burbank, CA

Get affordable office space with luxury amenities giving your small team professionals to perform their best work with productive space with Hollywood PC. Their award-winning office space invites your clients to feel free to do business in a secure, but warm environment. They take pride in your safety with a gated community with a professional courtesy officer available for your convenience 24 hours a day. Your office comes fully furnished with everything you need firsthand. Move to your new office, and bring just a few things to get your keys, and start a business right away. Their turn key facility has an office available for you with minimal paperwork.

You get the best of both worlds with their office space including signature over-the-top amenities. That’s right; enjoy premium cable, complete ready-to-use infrastructure, unlimited local calls, and free basic utilities. HPC is well known for being an all-in-one spot to work, live, and play. Your small startup can thrive in an exclusive business district with four great locations to choose from. They offer extraordinary workspace for entertainment professionals to enjoy their listening center, listening room, conference room, and events center. They have everything you need to get your best film written, filmed, or produced by Burbank CA

If you’re a fashion consultant, designer, tax professional, or writer there is a great floorplan for you to choose from. Enjoy an open, private, shared, or executive fully furnished office suites Relax in your corporate office space with all an inclusive gourmet kitchen, private shower area, skylights, and a great view of downtown Hollywood on days with great weather. Experience office space with a true home away from home feel with reduced rates shared by other like-minded business professionals. Apply today, and get an answer with approved credit with an up to 24-hour response.

Host a small office party, celebrate an office milestone, or an employee’s retirement with a gourmet kitchen with a full-range oven, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker. You never have to incur the expense of a caterer, or it makes your next office party easier with all the utensils. Enjoy all access to their rooftop lounge, gym, and helipad under your contract agreement. They even host social bi-weekly events to encourage meeting other like-minded professionals in their office space.

Contact one of their friendly professionals to inquire about a tour of one of their four popular locations. Their customers have the option of a short, or long-term lease option. HPC is there to back their patrons no matter how long, or short they stay.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Universal City, CA

The Los Angeles metro area serves as the main hub for the American entertainment industry. Within this region, there are many scripts and potential silver screen hits waiting to be written and produced.

Hollywood Production Center (HPC) provides an ideal location for would-be films to be made. With four different locations in the metro area, Hollywood PC has a plethora of fully furnished office suites for production crews ranging from the writers to the film editors.

For those who live or work out of Universal City CA or near the city, Hollywood Production Center has five separate locations in Glendale and Hollywood. In addition, there is a sixth location at TENTEN Wilshire which is a building that caters to start-ups and entrepreneurs which features both living quarters and workstations.

Each of the locations can be a turn key facility which can provide a new and emerging entertainment company immediate office space to begin their work. The offices are geared particularly for those in the entertainment production business. Whether it is film, television, or even music videos, these facilities have all the services and amenities an industry company can need.

Each of the Hollywood PC locations have numerous individual offices available for different industry workers whether they are writers, editors, producers, or graphic designers. The offices are all furnished with desks, chairs, and workspace. Due to the consistency of the floor plans, a wide array of entertainment companies can set up shop at one of the locations. The TENTEN Wilshire also serves as a triple threat of working, living, and enjoying personal entertainment. Also, Hollywood HPC is expanding its production studio in Glendale.

While the fully furnished office suites are a part of the package, each facility has gated parking with ample spaces available. The offices and the parking lot are under 24-hour surveillance and each center has its own reception area as well as its own janitorial service. Each site has high-speed Internet availability and the buildings range from two to six stories.

The company offers the ability to tour a place one day and potentially move in on that same day. Leases are flexible as some can be month-to-month and others long-term deals.

So if you are a burgeoning start-up company within the entertainment industry, check out one of the Hollywood Production Center locations and their Glendale production studio. The company’s website can be found here, providing details as to what it can bring to a new company looking to make its mark within the industry.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Toluca Lake CA

Identifying corporate office space for rent is never easy. If you are looking for the right place to accomplish your career goals in the entertainment industry or as an entrepreneur, the professional guidance of Hollywood PC will ensure that you have the right space. Their dedicated support team will help you pick a facility that matches your company profile and meets its needs from their rich database of corporate offices near Toluca.

The Hollywood PC offers fully furnished turnkey offices with amenities fitted for immediate occupancy. For US corporate office rental near Toluca, consider fully furnished office suites from Hollywood Production Center. Whether you are looking for offices with state-of-the-art technology, prime location, and professionally equipped spaces, HPC offers versatile offices with on-demand amenities. Their office spaces are well equipped with fast internet, copiers, fax, and cable. They also have ample parking, which includes valet parking services.

Their fully furnished office suites are generously apportioned, have information technology infrastructure installed and vary in size. There is an extensive variety to choose from with fitted amenities to suit your lifestyle including gym facilities, café, and dog-friendly offices to suit individual lifestyles. In case you value your privacy, there are offices with private entrances as well as stand-alone offices.

The HPC modern office spaces are sleek and stylish. The versatility of available spaces and the dynamic environments in which they are located offer businesses the flexibility they require. This way you can choose the strategic facility to stay ahead of your competition.

The facilities include corporate office space ideal for occupation as executive suites, private offices, and co-working space in Toluca Lake CA. If you are looking for a temporary office, you can opt for a cost-effective co-working space. Once you have established your place of work, you will not be troubled whenever you have meetings. Their conference rooms and meeting facilities are fitted with state-of-the-art technology including whiteboards and flat panel displays. These elegantly furnished office facilities help you project a profound corporate image.

The terms of payment offered by HPC are favorable for startups, individual persons as well as well-established corporations. You can choose from their flexible plans, which include long-term leases and month-to-month payment arrangements. The spaces also range in size and can accommodate those in need of vast spaces or individual workstations. These provisions ensure that Hollywood PC offers comprehensive and reliable business office solutions.

To get the kind of space that will boost your image and see your business prosper, visit the Hollywood Production Center Website or call 888-409-0775 to schedule a tour and move into one of their turn key facility.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Silver Lake, CA

Are you searching for a new quality office space for your business? Is your production company seeking in-house filming locations? Is your publishing company looking for space to produce your writings? Do you live in or near California? You can find what you need and more at Hollywood PC.

Created in 2001, the Hollywood Production Center has facilitated businesses and production companies in California. You can find everything you need to conduct your business in one location, and for entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, you also have the advantage of creating quality projects for any type of medium. The center’s rental office is near Silver Lake CA. The center has five, state-of-the-art, full-service facilities to conduct your business, run your publishing company, or generate your TV or movie production or post-production. You’ll also find the creative space you need, for filming. For your convenience, there are three centers in Glendale and two in Hollywood. All are furnished with the equipment you need to pamper yourself, staff, or your clients and conduct your business in a high-quality environment. With high-speed internet, a gym, lockers, a café, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, car wash, hair salon, and much more, it can be your home away from home! HPC is a turn-key facility that also offers short term leasing with the option to expand or decrease your needed space. It also includes utilities, phone, and internet service.

Fully furnished office suites at Hollywood PC and all the amenities you need to feel safe and a valued occupant with its excellent customer service and staff. Some of these include:
Executive offices
Valet parking
Gated facility
24-hour security
Personal trainers
Yoga instructor
Private kitchens and entrances

Your company can experience advantages at HPC from day one of your move-in. You can move in on the same day after touring the center. Some of these advantages include:
Saving money using the shared center, while having private and separate working space for your business
Private meeting space
Comfortable environment to conduct sound calculations regarding planning and conducting your business
High-quality technology
All IT infrastructure is installed and ready to use.

For production and post-production entities, you can create great visuals with all the support from the production center. Here is just a few:
Eleven, on-site filming locations
Production & Post Production Office Space
Contestant Living and Casting
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Hollywood PC, a fully-furnished turnkey center supplies all you need for conducting your business, publishing, and film, video, or TV production. Visit the HPC website and schedule a tour!

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental in Santa Monica, CA

Looking for suitable office is not an easy task. If you are relocating your business from another state to California, You will need a location that is convenient for your operations and an office that meets world-class standards so that you remain competitive in the market. HPC provides fully furnished office suites for corporate business operators in Sana Monica California as well as other areas in California. The office block in Santa Monica is a new two-story building that is equipped with modern technology for all tenants.

Although the offices are designed to meet the needs of people in the film production business, they are also very suitable for other professionals such as lawyers and managers. All kinds of professionals prefer them because of their convenient location to the public transportation means, the very excellent customer care services provided not to mention the flexibility when it comes to leasing terms. You are free to rent the office space for a short period or long-term depending on what your business needs.
The offices are not only executive in nature, but also fully furnished with turn key facility. The amenities are top-notch. The building has a very modern conference room that is used to hold all kinds of meetings. The technology installed ensures that you can hold secure teleconferences without interruptions. The internet connection is very stable and reliable.

Hollywood PC offices have created a home-like kind of environment. The shared amenities bring people together in the evenings after a long day. This gives the people a chance to share, network, and expands not forgetting the relaxation part. There is an onsite gym at the Santa Monica CA offices. A salon, a café and showers, and lockers are available to every person operating on the block. The fully furnished office suites in Hollywood PC are equipped with a modern kitchen. The kitchens have modern appliances to supplement the executive feel and look of the premises and to serve the people conveniently.

Apart from the flexibility in leasing contracts, HPC offices are of different sizes. The floor plans have been designed in such a way that the blocks can host any size of business. Before you rent out an office space, visit the Hollywood Production Center website and choose the specific location where you would like to operate from then have a look at the many office floor plans.

For a more informed decision, the purpose to visit the location in person to vie the offices in person. For a personalized free tour of the facility, book through the website and give your proffered date.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near San Jose, CA

Moving your offices to a new facility can be a hectic and complicated process. There are a lot of important considerations that you need to keep in mind so that you get moved quickly and easily while having little disruption on your operations. You also need to make sure that you take care of all of the little details like transferring phone, internet, and data services, arranging for parking options for both your team and your clients, and hiring security and janitorial staff for your place. Of course one of the most important things that you need to do is find a location that is perfect for your needs and which also includes the features and amenities that you want and deserve.

The easy solution is to make the smart choice that countless others before you have made, Hollywood Production Centers. HPC is the industry leader in southern California for ready to occupy executive suites catering to the TV and film entertainment industry and its associated professions, but they also are a great place for any working professional to call home. What makes Hollywood PC different? Let’s take a look.

First, it’s the little details that matter. When you rent from Hollywood Production Centers you don’t just get roomy, flexible, and well-maintained office space, you also get everything that you need to be at your best and succeed included. This means that you can walk into your fully furnished suite on day one and get to work. All suites include all furnishings, artwork, lamps, window treatments, rugs, occasion pieces, accents, file cabinets, and more. There is also high-speed data, Wi-Fi and hardwired internet, and PBX-ready phone lines pre-configured in every suite and included in your rental rate. When you work at Hollywood Production Centers, you can be sure that your every need has been anticipated and met.

Every one of Hollywood PC’s turn key facility properties include not only fully furnished office suites, but also amenities like fitness centers, free valet parking, and on-site cafes. There are also large conference rooms, board rooms, teleconference suites, and a fully-staffed lobby with the professional reception staff, security officers, and concerning services. You even get fully vetted, US citizen janitorial and maintenance staff to help you keep everything running smoothly.

Why not heck out the HPC website today and register for a free tour. Come see for yourself why Hollywood Production Centers is the leader in ready to occupy office suite solutions in all areas of Southern California including Glendale, Burbank, Downtown, and even San Jose CA.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Palmer Park, CA

There is no doubt that California is the home of executive office suites that compete with other offices across the globe. Being the home of Hollywood, CA has no choice but to stay on top of the game. If you are looking for an office space near Palmer Park CA, HPC is the right place to go. Upon arrival, you will be received warmly by the receptionists or any other staff member.

Hollywood PC operates several office blocks in California. The offices are available to corporate business people as well as those who are in film production. For those who have operated in one of HPC’s office blocks, it is clear that the offices provide executive amenities and very favorable working conditions.

In any of the four office blocks, there are cafeterias available for all employees working in the neighborhoods. There are food trucks that supply fresh food every day to all people. This is not to say that the offices themselves lack a kitchen, on the contrary, there is a fully equipped kitchen in the offices.

If convenience and flexibility are among your top priorities, then Hollywood PC is the place to go. The offices are located in prime areas, Locations that are easily accessible by private and public means of transport. Concerning flexibility, offices near palmer park CA is available in different sizes. Hollywood Production Center has catered to all business people operating any size of business. The floor plans are different in shape and size and are available online for viewing.

HPC provides executive offices that are fully furnished at very affordable rates. The cost of the space per month is very fair compared to the high-speed internet available in the office, the stable and reliable telephone connection, the conference rooms and the modern IT infrastructure that is installed in the buildings. You will be free to take a short-term or long-term lease depending on your requirement. There is no discrimination of tenants based on the period they will be occupying the offices.

When looking for a turn-key facility that is located in a secure environment and with modern state-of-the-art amenities, then look no more, Hollywood PC provides exactly what you are looking for and more. You will get an onsite personal trainer if your work requires one, there are gyms in every block, salons, cafes, and private lockers. Security is catered for by employing the latest technology available in the security industry together with very skilled and professional staff.

To get a view of the many different offices available at any of the Hollywood production center locations, book a free viewing tour that our customer care personnel will give you.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental In Hollywood, CA

Enjoy a popular production, and post-production facility to cater to every facet of the entertainment industry with Hollywood PC office space. Enjoy spacious office space that can support your short, long-term stay with a flexible leasing agreement. They are there to support you for the duration of your stay. Everyone knows Hollywood CA is a vibrant place to film, live, work, and play. Creative professionals understand the benefits of having a Hollywood address. Their sophisticated design breathes life into your best work. Enjoy coming to work, and leaving in style with 24-hour valet parking.

Your safety is a priority in a totally gated community with a highly trained professional courtesy officer available 24 hours. They also provide spectacular evening lighting to ensure you’re working in a well-lit area. Customized your office cleaning to make sure no unauthorized personnel is in your office. Their fully furnished office suites come with a full conference center, listen, meeting, and music room for added professional support. They have everything you’ll need for every facet of the entertainment industry. Your team can come to work every day prepared to perform their best work with advanced modernized technology.

Instead of hiring a cater, throw your next office party with your own kitchen. Say goodbye to a retiring co-worker, welcome an asset to your team, or celebrate a company milestone using your all-inclusive kitchen. A skylight in each office gives you a spectacular view of downtown Hollywood while you’re making important business decisions. Enjoy free basic utilities, unlimited local calls, high-speed internet, and complete ready-to-use office infrastructure. Your next feature film is only as good as your office space. Get a quick credit response for an opportunity to become a part of their turn key facility for affordable office space.

Their full-service facility and excellent customer service are unmatched by local office space competitors. They encourage interaction by other like-minded professionals with bi-weekly social events featured on the rooftop. The rooftop area also includes a relaxation lounge, full gym, and helipad. HPC stands next to none with superior in-office amenities. It can be easy for you, or your team of professionals to forget they’re at work because it is an over-the-top home away from home experience.

Would you like the opportunity to do business from a luxury downtown office? Schedule a tour today with a friendly HPC professional, and choose from one of four popular office locations. Your new corporate office is waiting for you with same-day occupancy for applicants with approved credit.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental In Los Angeles, CA

Your office space should invoke your entire team to do their best work, or inspire a creative professional to produce a masterpiece. Office space Colin Los Angeles has always been popular because they are a highly active social, and business district. Your clients will be welcomed each time they visit your new Los Angeles CA with a signature design, and a well kept grounds. Their office space protects your privacy with a completely gated community, and a friendly professional courtesy officer available 24 hours a day. In fact, come to, and leave your luxury office in style with valet parking options 365 days a year.

Hollywood PC is within close proximity of Gower, and Raleigh Studios for a deeper entertainment connection. Each office comes with a full range, coffee maker, toaster, and microwave. Save on the expense of catering by hosting your employee’s retirement, promotion, or anniversary from the office. Eliminate the expense of hiring an expensive caterer, or lower your cost by 26%. Experience shared office space designed to help you save by spreading the cost over all of their clients, and giving their clients more reasons to be a part of their turn key facility office community.

Experience over the top amenities including customized office cleaning, private in-office shower area, unlimited local calls, Windows 10 operating system, complete office technology, and ready-to-use infrastructure in each office. HPC is your all-in-one spot for entertainment professionals with a business center, listening room, conference center, and full events center. Creative professionals have everything they need to produce their next masterpiece manuscript or film. They also have ample space for fashion consultants, tax professionals, fashion designers, freelancers, and book authors who need a comfortable, quiet space to work.

Hollywood PC encourages other like-minded professionals to get to know each other with popular award-winning bi-weekly corporate socials. You’ll have everything you need to build a productive team with four sophisticated locations to choose from, and several floor plans. Freelancers and corporate professionals can get up to 68% tax-deductible for their expenses at Hollywood. Feel like a star at work, and enjoy your new home away from home no matter how long, or short your stay.

If you’re looking for a new office, or relocating your small business to the LA area, visit the HPC website to schedule a tour of their luxury fully furnished office suites on a truly affordable short, or long term lease.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Highland Park, CA

Are you a member of the entertainment Industry (production company, films, television, commercials, and music videos, creative teams, producers, manager, and directors) or looking for a business office, corporate office, office space, production office spaces? Look no further than Hollywood Production Center.

With locations near Highland Park CA, the centers boasts of five different office turnkey facilities designed to suit different needs for all our clients in the business world,entertainment industry or even individuals who would like to work in privacy while enjoying preferential treatment from our dedicated staff. Our facilities include:

Hollywood Production Center 1
Located in Gower street, this turnkey facility is best for post-production work due to its proximity to other nearby studios. It is a best set up for writers, designers, editors, and producers. It also has individual offices. The facility comes with kitchenettes, an in-house gym, and an on-site café, what’s more, all amenities such as janitor services and security are paid for, making it so convenient that all one has to do is check-in and get down to immediate work.

Our other facility was made with talent agencies, fashion consultants, attorneys, real estate agencies, etc. in mind, Hollywood Production Center 2 boasts of fully furnished office spaces complete with large and mid-sized meeting rooms. Also available is our usual gym and furnished kitchenettes, valet parking with your water and power amenities all paid for. What’s more, we even have a masseuse for you just in case the meetings get too draining, or you can hit the gym where a personal trainer will be waiting for you.

For those yearning for a longer HPC experience, Hollywood Production Center 3 is for you, located within Glendale just like its sister building, HPC 3 offers you private entrances, valet parking, skylights and balconies plus all the other turnkey facility amenities aforementioned, if you are a film crew, the center offers in house amenities such as copy centers, cafes and free refreshments to the crew, all these are available on both long term and month to month lease basis.

Hollywood Production Center 4 & 5 boast of a combined office space total of 53 thousand square feet, complete with upstairs and downstairs patios,conference rooms and all other aforementioned turnkey facilities.

Hollywood Production Center is your best bet for a one-stop-shop for all professional fully furnished office suites and modern turnkey facility designs and modern office furnishings. Visit our website and schedule a tour.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Griffith Park, CA

Whether you are a Production Company, films, television, commercials, music videos, Creative Teams, Producers, Manager, Directors and all members of the Entertainment Industry or any other Industry looking for business office, Corporate Office, office space, Production Office Spaces; you have to look no further for Hollywood production center is here to help you out. HPC understands the hassles one goes through when looking for an office space to suit your needs.

Hollywood production center is a top company in providing prestigious office spaces. For the professionals located near Griffith Park CA, sound and quality spaces are available with excellent services and other necessary amenities.

Hollywood production center has for many years provided exemplary services to all its clients. The firm has maintained this excellent track record with a reputation standing tall. Our well-trained staff members are always ready to help you get an office space of your choice. Size being a critical factor in most businesses, HPC ensures that it provides a wide range of sizes to its clients to achieve satisfaction and the interest of the customer.

Amenities coming with the office you choose are also something to reckon. A private entrance is assured to ensure that the user has a private entry and exit of the room. This feature also enables the user to have good security in times of confidential work in the office as no outsider will be able to notice when you are in or out. Besides, a private kitchen, balconies, and skylights are also available. It is indeed a fully furnished office suite.

If you are an entrepreneur, lawyer, a creative writing company, and looking for prestigious office space near Griffith Park CA with a good internet connection, then we got your back. Depending on your budget, our different packages are made to meet your standards. Just a one-month bill with no insurance and maintenance charges, you can still get a good and decent space. You also have a choice to choose if you prefer having a long-term lease or a month-to-month package, all is set to provide flexibility to the client.

All office spaces come with pre-installed voice and a high-speed internet connection. Communication via the internet or other internet-based activities is well catered. Besides having a turn-key facility, the office spaces are always located in an area with ample parking space, gated, and security of the highest standard.

Since they are fully furnished office suites, you are assured of saving money on start-up costs. You are also guaranteed to move on the same very day of signing the relevant papers, a process that is short and straightforward. Contact Hollywood pc to schedule a tour in the various office spaces.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental in Glassell Park, CA

Some of the best video and film production companies in the world are situated in California. Media firms often like to take advantage of all the finest production and recording equipment, office suites, and studios near Glassell Park CA. All of the individuals and TV/film production firms in South California share a mutual concern in the Hollywood Production Center. Do you need some creative space? Look no further because Hollywood Production Center near Glassell Park CA has precisely what you require. The Turn key facility at Hollywood PC contains entirely creative spaces that you need for all your filmmaking requirements.

HPC facilities provide diverse office areas that are suitable for executive offices, creative space, acting space, sets, and production, post-production, and filming locations. Hollywood Production Center contains both office suites and individual offices that are convenient for producers, editors, designers, and writers. It offers fully furnished office suites with all that you require to efficiently and quickly do your projects. The janitors and security personnel have already been hired for you by Hollywood PC.

The fully decorated HPC turnkey office space will also provide you with high-speed internet. When you choose facilities at our Hollywood Production Center in Glassell Park CA, you will also be treated to the additions of phones, utilities, and customer service that is above average. The facility also boasts of secure and abundant parking places which are available close by and valet parking.

HPC offers facilities whose utilities are paid, so you do not have to worry about setting up power and water accounts. If you desire, you could have your car cleaned while you go about your business in the building. During the lunch breaks and when you take a rest from those stressful sessions, you can relax in our on-site gym with trainers, showers, massage therapists, and yoga instructors.

The post-production amenities come full of elegant furniture pieces and state-of-the-art technology. The room environment is very sophisticated. At Hollywood PC you can acquire an office for all the crew that works in production. You can make a small stage where you may get your production work done. You will not find any other place like Hollywood Production Center Glassell Park, CA.

If Hollywood Production Center meets the criteria for you or your film company we will be glad to work with you. You are also welcome to schedule a tour. Go to the link marked schedule a tour, fill out your name, phone number and, e-mail. You should also indicate when you intend to visit so that we can contact you. In some instances, individuals or businesses demanding instant production space could move in immediately after the tour.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Eagle Rock, CA

When it comes to finding the perfect turn key facility for your next business home, it is imperative that you choose a property that not only meets your location needs, but that also provides you with the features and amenities that you desire. There is of course no shortage of office space solutions in the greater Los Angeles area and indeed you can find ready to occupy offices that in every part of town and at every budget level. But what if you want and need more than a basic four walls and a phone situation. If you are ready to move up to a new level of luxury, style, and convenience then why not make the smart choice? Make Hollywood Production Centers your next office address.

HPC is the industry leader for fully furnished office suites and ready to occupy workspaces for those in the TV and film entertainment industry and its associated professions. They are also a smart choice for anyone who is looking for a high-quality office solution that provides everything that they need to succeed in a single, budget-friendly, and easily live with the package.

What makes Hollywood PC different is the fact that it is built from the ground up and managed with one key factor in mind, to provide the best all-inclusive environment for an exclusive and discerning clientele to work at their best to get stuff done. From on-site cafes to fitness centers with locker and shower rooms, to secure parking facilities staffed with professional attendants offering free valet parking, everything here is designed to make your life easier so you can succeed.

Every suite is fully furnished with everything that you need to get started on day one. This includes not just desks and chairs, but occasional furniture, art, rugs, lamps, accent pieces, window treatments, plants, phones, data, and internet service, and more. All you need to bring to your new office is your team and your desire to succeed. With Hollywood PC as your partner, you can be your best and get it done, no matter what it is that you do.

Why not come see for yourself why HPC is the leader in luxury, fully furnished, ready to occupy, turnkey office space solutions near Eagle Rock CA,

and all other areas of greater southern California. With five locations, there is a Hollywood PC property nearby wherever you want to be located. Check out the HPC website right now and while you are there make sure that you register for a free tour.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental in Glendale, CA

Located in Southern California, the Hollywood PC serves the entertainment community to its utmost satisfaction. Be its post-production work, publishing, television/film production, or working on new media, this facility offers immediate occupation with top-notch customer service and state-of-the-art amenities. Not only does HPC provides fully furnished turn-key office suites, but also includes utilities such as internet and phones!

They have five locations in Southern California located in North Gower Street, Lexington Drive, East Broadway, and Brand Boulevard in Glendale CA and in Santa Monica. Located at North Glover St, this facility offers quality production space coveted by numerous industry insiders around. Just around the corner are the Sunset Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios, giving the production center’s offices the best background for film production. The beautiful turn-key facility is perfectly suited for all designers, writers, editors, and producers alike. Not forgetting the sophisticated professionals looking for quality individual office spaces.

Offering over 100 fully furnished office suites, the Hollywood PC located at Santa Monica Boulevard boasts of also a large beautiful conference room for the deserving tenants to utilize. This facility has got the fitness gurus and enthusiasts covered as they have a gym with state-of-the-art equipment. After a fulfilling work-out, the Brasil Kiss café on site is the perfect place to hang out with a relaxing ambiance. If you are looking for a space to hold mixers as well as small corporate events, the downstairs and upstairs patios will do the trick. In case you decide to move into the turn-key facilities, you will have MetaTv, The CW’s television show Star Crossed and SyFy Television series Defiance as your fellow tenants.

Glendale CA’s fully furnished executive office suites are liberally partitioned to provide the perfect turn-key facility for professionals such as PR companies, talent agencies, real estate firms, legal practice, and even fashion designers. In addition to the stylish building features located at the basement level, HPC also has skylights, private entrances and balconies, making it the go-to place for entertainment and production/post-production professionals. The fully furnished facilities have a stylish, modern-day sophisticated look, emitting only a positive aura to get those creative juices flowing.

With plans to expand and open new offices, HPC is clearly the best option for renting executive suites. From the exceptional facilities stated before, all professionals will enjoy their stay at Hollywood PC. Please visit their website to subscribe and get a free tour of their executive office suites today! Get invited by the facility’s warm atmosphere and get to achieving your goals right away.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Chula Vista, CA

Making a movie, television production or commercial can be a massive enterprise. Although it might be the last thing on your mind, procuring space to produce, direct and shoot the production is a top priority. Can you find it? It can actually plague you and be a huge question on your mind. The short answer is that yes, through Hollywood PC, you will be able to find production offices near Chula Vista CA!

Hollywood PC realizes that attention to detail is important, and that is why their offices spare no expensive in providing you everything you need for your next full feature production. They have a turn key facility with fully furnished office suites for all of your administrative work as well!

HPC has developed the best corporate office rental near Chula Vista, CA for a number of reasons. First of all, they originally designed these suites with one purpose in mind: your productivity. A team of engineers, tradesmen, remodeling experts and architects did all of the planning necessary to design these locations for every aspect of your Hollywood production.

There are several amenities at this turnkey facility. Most of these locations feature large and mid-sized meeting rooms. When your planning team is comfortable, they are better able to brainstorm about the direction that your project should take. Moreover, our suites near the Chula Vista area also feature skylights, balconies, and they often have a private entrance as well. The office spaces feature a sleek, stylish, and modern floor plan with a wonderful amount of eye appeal. Finally, one added benefit to these office suites would be that they all offer an immense amount of square feet, not to mention many of them are dog-friendly and have local catering merchants so that members of your professional team can grab a quick bite of lunch if needed.

Of course, seeing is believing, and the Hollywood Production Center is more than happy to schedule a tour to show you some of the remarkable advantages you will encounter to leasing or renting one of these spaces. You will be impressed with the fact that many of these spaces have the latest internet services and an on-site gym. You will be also be impressed with the excellent filming locations available at the site, including great gyms, office sets, patios, courtyards, rooftops, and many other options. We are confident that after your tour you will realize that Hollywood PC is truly second to none.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Century City, CA

Are you part of a production company, providing films, television commercials, and music videos? Are you a producer, manager, director, or part of a creative team? Are you looking for a specially designed office space to suit your professional needs, fully furnished, and in a prestigious location? Well, look no further than Hollywood PC.

A leading provider of premium serviced offices in the most exquisite business locations. For years we have provided quality services, and we boast of an impressive clientele across a wide range of sectors. Most of our clients are members of the entertainment industry; they include film and music production companies, advertising companies, and creative teams.

Moreover, we provide production spaces and executive offices for entertainment industry members who desire to live and work in one location. Considering the hassle and bustle of commuting every day to their place of work, we are alleviating the stress and providing one with suitable options.

Our Fully furnished office suites and ready to go and come in different dimensions and additionally, contain a robust IT system with dedicated reception service. Furthermore, our complex includes a wide range of conference halls and meeting rooms, and exclusive lounges coupled with an experienced and dedicated team of administrative support.
We provide elegant events production and management venues to host, and with attention to detail, every type of event. We can also accommodate intimate board meetings, high-profile conferences, and intimate, private receptions.

We are the perfect location for your all-in-one writing, producing, filming, and editing needs. Our executive space is housed in a professional environment providing an impressive image for your company as well. Additionally, having a Turn key facility provides you with a prestigious business address further projecting a remarkable image to your business clients and associates. You will have access to world-class amenities and top-notch services. Calls to your company are answered in your business name, and our pleasant and cordial receptionist ushers your guests on arrival and notifies you.
Not forgetting, our HPC location near Century City CA provides easy access to major transport links, i.e., highways and also exciting restaurants to eat, shops to purchase, and entertainment venues to kick back and relax after a hard day’s work.

Finding your ideal business space without spending heavily and the hassle of setting it up is vital. We are affordable, with short-term and long-term offers, only letting you pay for the space you need depending on your selection. Moreover, if you choose to scale up or downsize your space to adapt to your dynamic business needs, we are ready to work out a plan.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Bel Air, CA

For spacious luxuries and modern offices, Bel Air CA make a suitable place for you. The place is situated in Los Angeles, California at the foot of Santa Monica Mountain. It is surrounded by a serene environment. Los Angeles is the second-largest in the US. The area is of moderate population density and has a good record of people flow. It attracts people of all sorts making it a suitable place to choose for a corporate office. A variety of offices are located in the area that you can choose from going up to fully furnished office suites.

Setting an office suite or choosing a place for your office can be time-consuming and so expensive. It is a professional task to decide on putting up an office in the same way as in other property acquisitions, therefore a prior plan is necessary as it can become expensive. In choosing a place for an office, security is a key consideration. Hollywood PC offers a convenient location in terms of financial security as it is located in these rich grounds that are surrounded by large corporations, large financial institutions, and social amenities necessary for you. Consultancy offices, firms ranging from small to large ones, advocates and law offices, and others such as architecture and designer’s offices are also provided. The firm also has world-class offices and services that will suit all sorts of companies both in the region and the surrounding.

Shopping malls are surrounding the place, dining places are within the proximity and the conference halls are as well among the Turnkey facilities within the region. Most people can enjoy the turn key facility that is provided in quality measures to offices and individual people with organized office space. You can be able to work as well within the area you have rented an office place having all the necessary equipment provided. HPC is additionally fully technology-enabled to ensure high-end office spaces that are reliable, convenient and functional. The offices are also designed with the provision of basic amenities such as a kitchenette, a common room that is well kept, and a community gym.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Altadena, CA

Entertainment industry professionals understand that when you are working on a screenplay, motion picture production, editing content, or starting a new business, having a turn key facility to work from is extremely important.

Our short-term leases allow you the flexibility to grow into space and subtract space as needed, making it a true one-stop-shop for all of your pre-production, production, and post-production needs. Each location comes with a site Rep, ample parking, including valet parking options, all inside of a gated facility.

If you find yourself in need of one location that can wear many hats, then you are in luck. Hollywood PC is the perfect solution for all of your creative and business needs. We provide all of the amenities that a modern and forward-thinking facility should have plus a few extras.

Move-in and production at our locations is a breeze since we are equipped with tools to make your job seamless, such as; freight elevators, contestant living space, in-suite filming, catwalk access, views of downtown Los Angeles, base camp space, concierge services, and clean up. We also offer helipad filming and discounted room rentals for those on a budget.

Aside from being a place for you to house your editing suite, laptops, and have lunch, we’ve taken it a step further by providing fully furnished office suites, film sets, private kitchens, meeting rooms, balconies, 24-hour security surveillance, high-speed internet, car wash, gyms with showers, lockers, and even an onsite personal trainer and staff ready to serve your needs with a smile so you can focus on being creative.

We have been serving the professional and entertainment industry since 2001, with locations in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and our Glendale facility, serving Altadena CA, and the San Gabriel Valley area. We know that production workers spend 10-12 hours a day at work on average. Our facilities are state of the art so you feel like you are at a home away from home, yet, still able to conduct business.

So, if you are seeking an all-inclusive production facility that you can have offices for scriptwriting and development, facilities for actual film production, and post-production suites, congratulations we’ve got you covered. Our locations can save your production time and money, convenience, and a safe place for your cast and crew to get the job done.
Don’t just take our word for it. Be sure to visit the HPC website to schedule your tour of our multi-faceted production spaces today.

US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental Near Alhambra, CA

You may be looking for office space every month, or long-term in the LA area, and Hollywood PC has the right office space for you. Their all-in-one award-winning office space has highly rated amenities with four locations to choose from and several floorplans. You’re within close vicinity of the historical Alhambra CA area, and in the heart of the very business-minded, and social Los Angeles area. They have everything you need to give your small professional team a jump on their day-to-day functions. Their committed to helping you as an individual contractor or building a small corporation with office space that will grow with your team.

Enjoy office space with award-winning amenities that include complete ready-to-use office infrastructure, Windows 10 operating system, modernized office equipment, skylights, and a private entrance. Enjoy a sophisticated gated facility with well-kept grounds, adequate evening lighting, 365-day valet parking, and a highly trained professional courtesy officer for assistance. You won’t find anything similar in the area affordable rates, and similar amenities. You only need to bring a few things to make your new turn key facility office space.

Like-minded professionals save money with shared office space. Entertainment professionals have access to a full events center, listening room, music room, and conference center. Produce your next top film or manuscript with nearly everything you need including production assistance upon request. If you’re a savvy, career-minded, creative, proactive, energetic professional, HPC has the corporate office space for you. Freelancers and corporate professionals can receive a tax-deductible up to 68%. Get luxury office test caters to every facet of your business. Enjoy a great location guaranteed to welcome your guests for business at any time you prefer. You can enjoy a short, or long-term lease with same-day approval with approved credit. Try to have long-term loyal residents who enjoy coming to work every day, and agree, Hollywood contributes to their creative work. The top professionals nationwide with business in LA love being a part of the Hollywood PC office community.

You get all access to their rooftop full private gym, relaxation, and helipad. They encourage other like-minded professionals to meet each other with bi-weekly social events. Learn more anoint choosing from one of for sleek office locations by scheduling a tour with one of their bury friendly HPC professionals. Their fully furnished office suites give you every reason to want to get up every day and come to work, be your own boss, and lead your team.