US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Silver Lake, CA

Are you searching for a new quality office space for your business? Is your production company seeking in-house filming locations? Is your publishing company looking for space to produce your writings? Do you live in or near California? You can find what you need and more at Hollywood PC.

Created in 2001, the Hollywood Production Center has facilitated businesses and production companies in California. You can find everything you need to conduct your business in one location, and for entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, you also have the advantage of creating quality projects for any type of medium. The center’s rental office is near Silver Lake CA. The center has five, state-of-the-art, full-service facilities to conduct your business, run your publishing company, or generate your TV or movie production or post-production. You’ll also find the creative space you need, for filming. For your convenience, there are three centers in Glendale and two in Hollywood. All are furnished with the equipment you need to pamper yourself, staff, or your clients and conduct your business in a high-quality environment. With high-speed internet, a gym, lockers, a café, personal trainer, yoga instructor, masseuse, car wash, hair salon, and much more, it can be your home away from home! HPC is a turn-key facility that also offers short term leasing with the option to expand or decrease your needed space. It also includes utilities, phone, and internet service.

Fully furnished office suites at Hollywood PC and all the amenities you need to feel safe and a valued occupant with its excellent customer service and staff. Some of these include:
Executive offices
Valet parking
Gated facility
24-hour security
Personal trainers
Yoga instructor
Private kitchens and entrances

Your company can experience advantages at HPC from day one of your move-in. You can move in on the same day after touring the center. Some of these advantages include:
Saving money using the shared center, while having private and separate working space for your business
Private meeting space
Comfortable environment to conduct sound calculations regarding planning and conducting your business
High-quality technology
All IT infrastructure is installed and ready to use.

For production and post-production entities, you can create great visuals with all the support from the production center. Here is just a few:
Eleven, on-site filming locations
Production & Post Production Office Space
Contestant Living and Casting
Easy Set-Up & Strike
On-Site Engineer
Site Rep
Clean Up
Discounted Room Rentals
Catwalk Access
Freight Elevator
Generator Parking Available
Base Camp Space
Electrical Tie in Available
Concierge Services

Hollywood PC, a fully-furnished turnkey center supplies all you need for conducting your business, publishing, and film, video, or TV production. Visit the HPC website and schedule a tour!