US Corporate Office Rental

US Corporate Office Rental near Highland Park, CA

Are you a member of the entertainment Industry (production company, films, television, commercials, and music videos, creative teams, producers, manager, and directors) or looking for a business office, corporate office, office space, production office spaces? Look no further than Hollywood Production Center.

With locations near Highland Park CA, the centers boasts of five different office turnkey facilities designed to suit different needs for all our clients in the business world,entertainment industry or even individuals who would like to work in privacy while enjoying preferential treatment from our dedicated staff. Our facilities include:

Hollywood Production Center 1
Located in Gower street, this turnkey facility is best for post-production work due to its proximity to other nearby studios. It is a best set up for writers, designers, editors, and producers. It also has individual offices. The facility comes with kitchenettes, an in-house gym, and an on-site café, what’s more, all amenities such as janitor services and security are paid for, making it so convenient that all one has to do is check-in and get down to immediate work.

Our other facility was made with talent agencies, fashion consultants, attorneys, real estate agencies, etc. in mind, Hollywood Production Center 2 boasts of fully furnished office spaces complete with large and mid-sized meeting rooms. Also available is our usual gym and furnished kitchenettes, valet parking with your water and power amenities all paid for. What’s more, we even have a masseuse for you just in case the meetings get too draining, or you can hit the gym where a personal trainer will be waiting for you.

For those yearning for a longer HPC experience, Hollywood Production Center 3 is for you, located within Glendale just like its sister building, HPC 3 offers you private entrances, valet parking, skylights and balconies plus all the other turnkey facility amenities aforementioned, if you are a film crew, the center offers in house amenities such as copy centers, cafes and free refreshments to the crew, all these are available on both long term and month to month lease basis.

Hollywood Production Center 4 & 5 boast of a combined office space total of 53 thousand square feet, complete with upstairs and downstairs patios,conference rooms and all other aforementioned turnkey facilities.

Hollywood Production Center is your best bet for a one-stop-shop for all professional fully furnished office suites and modern turnkey facility designs and modern office furnishings. Visit our website and schedule a tour.