Small Office Space


If you are working on a temporary film project, or if you just have too many other things on your plate to worry about, then the last thing you want to deal with is the tedious task of securing high end office space, turning on utilities and hiring non-essential staff. You have enough to worry about when it comes to finding the right script, deciding how best to direct the project, securing funding, finding sets and finding talent.

A Professional Solution to Your Problem

The Hollywood Production Center has four locations in Hollywood, CA and any one of these locations can provide you with the professional office and studio space you need, within just a few hours. These spaces are perfect for short term projects, (like music videos, one-time documentaries and feature projects lasting one to several years) and long term projects (like soap operas, variety shows, cartoons and children’s show series, and sitcoms).

Securing a furnished office at the Hollywood Production Center takes a lot of additional work off of your hands. In addition, the offices can provide you with several filming locations that you are free to use including patios, office sets, gyms, rooftops and a courtyard.

You can choose furnished office space located right in the fun and trendy Yucca Corridor. The Yucca Corridor centers around Yucca Street, a tiny, diverse neighborhood with a lot of character. The Corridor sits north of the busiest part of the famous, Hollywood Boulevard and is populated by touristy shopping and restaurants that buzz during the day and bars and nightclubs that are always busy at night. Having small office space here will put you right in the middle of all the action and your offices will be easily accessible by bus, subway, car, or bike.

Some of the landmarks near your new office will include part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Pacific Theater. You’ll also be close to other landmarks like the Kodak Theater and Capital Records.

A Turnkey Office Solution that Will Simplify Your Life

All office units are fully furnished and ready for you to move right in after your tour. This is true luxury office space that is available for immediate occupancy. All of your utilities, cable and Internet are included in your rental fee, so there are no other expenses you need to worry about. Whatever type of leasing suits you best is perfectly fine. The rental office offers month to month and long term leases. The facility itself and ample parking lot are both gated and secure. Valet parking is available along with other glamorous basics like personal training, massages, car washing and floral arrangement. All suites are equipped with features like private kitchens, numerous bathrooms, private entries, skylights and balconies, the facility itself is equipped with a gym and showers.

Small Office Space


A small office in Southern California may be exactly what someone in the Whitley Heights area may be looking for in the production business. Many professionals need to visit LA for a short time frame, and do not want the obligations of a full lease. At Hollywood Production Center you can find everything you are looking for in a short term space to work.

You will be welcome to a fully furnished space to complete all of your work while you are in the Southern California area. Parking can be a problem in LA, but you will find an assortment of spaces to park each time you need to work. Our reception area is professional and welcoming. This can be a great way to make a first impression on your clients and staff. With short term, and even month to month leasing, you will be able to set your own terms. Everything you need to be successful will be provided in your office suite, and this can include all of the latest technology. You will have access to high speed internet at your fingertips.

There is an assortment of filming locations on site. You will not have to leave your furnished officebuilding to be able to shoot on location. This can give you a more exclusive area to film that is free from distractions. You will find many other amenities you can take advantage of with your short term office space. There is a gym and showers on site and this can be very convenient after a long day at work. You will also be able to use personal trainers, and even a masseuse.

Many people do not need a large office space for production work. You may find that a small office spacethat is fully furnished can suit your needs perfectly. This will give you the right tools to work each day and to be very productive. With the beautiful amenities, this can be a great place to impress any potential clients that you may be working with.

You can find a small office space that can provide you with all of the amenities that you want and need for a professional space. This will allow you to get more work done while you are in the LA area, and you may never want to leave your office space. You can contact the rental office at

Small Office Space


The Hollywood Production Center near Westwood, California is currently offering interested business owners the opportunity to rent a small office space. Located near Los Angeles and Glendale, the rental office provides easy access to one of the leading media centers in the world. Renters will be able to conduct business out of a furnished office.

Whether you are looking for short term office space or for a long-term home for your business, you owe it to yourself to fill out the form below–or feel free to give us a call at the number provided. We want to hear from you. If you want to run your business out of one of the finest locations available in the State of California, don’t wait. Get in touch with us today!

Glendale, while not as famous as “big sister” Los Angeles, is a thriving community of over 190,000 people. Its diverse population allows a business owner to reach out to many different groups of people, with a unique opportunity to tap into the Armenian demographic. Located at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley, Glendale is home to the United States headquarters of the International House of Pancakes and Nestle, the Swiss chocolate giant. Panda Security, the maker of antivirus software, is based there, as is DreamWorks Animation, an entertainment company founded by Steven Spielberg among other giants of the Hollywood community. Walt Disney also has a base of operations in Glendale.

Shopping is a popular pastime in Glendale; the city is home to shops that appeal to high-end customers and to everyday shoppers as well. Few locations enable a business to reach out to such a broad spectrum of the population, but Glendale residents run the gamut. No matter what type of business you want to run, there will be Glendale residents and visitors eager to stop by. The city has its own police force and has been inhabited by such notables as Erika Eleniak, Robert Englund, Don Knotts, John Wayne, Rick Springfield, Casey Stengel, Pat Sajak, and a host of other athletes, musicians, and celebrities.

This area of Southern California offers any business owner the chance to carve out his or her own niche in a thriving community while enjoying the weather for which California is known. Weather extremes are rare. Relax in your spare time by checkout out the local beaches or mountains, all within an easy drive of this special location.

Small Office Space


West Los Angeles, California is one of the most revered places in the state and is a common entertainment service area wherein production professionals and amateurs conduct business meetings of all types. Often times those companies that need professional space to conduct business will choose to acquire a rental office to use on month-to-month basis or in the long term.

When looking for short term office space it is important that you only rely on those companies that specialize in professional buildings and that will provide you with the amenities that you have need of in order to ensure that you are capable of impressing your clients.

As you begin considering the various small office space options in your area you will first need to determine what your specific needs are. Do you want to acquire a furnished office? Do you want to gain access to food in-house or a gym? You want to consider each of these things as you begin looking for the best small office space to conduct business with.

If you don’t have furniture to move into the rental office that you are electing to gain access to then you will of course want to focus on those companies that offer furnished office space. This may require you to conduct some research in order to find those professional companies that offer these types of amenities and that offer them in the professional design that you want to acquire to impress your clients or for personal use.

Hollywood Production Center is a leading provider of office space available to those individuals involved in the entertainment business. They offer both furnished and non-furnished space and many amenities that will truly make a rental with their service worthwhile.

These amenities include ample parking including valet parking, a professional reception area, 24 hour security, high speed internet, an on-site gym, showers, access to a personal trainer, a yoga instructor, a masseuse, private kitchens, private entrances, and month-to-month or long term leases.

This company also offers affordable filming locations including office sets, patios, gyms, courtyards, and rooftops to name a few. When considering each of these unique features you will immediately see why so many professional companies involved in the entertainment business choose to conduct business with their company.

Small Office Space


Most businesses operate out of a rented commercial space. Renting a space for business is a popular option for small businesses. This office space option is perfect for businesses that need short term office space. It allows business operators and owners to stay in one location for as little as a year, depending on how the rental agreement is written.

When it comes to renting an office space, location matters a lot. It is not a good idea to pick just any space you see out there and start moving in. It is important to have your office in an area that will help you gain the exposure you need to reach your business goals. That is why West Hollywood is a great option for those looking to rent a space in this area. This city is one of the fastest growing areas in Los Angeles and a number of multi-national businesses have their offices in or near this area, including Hollywood Production Center.

If you have your own business and are looking to rent an office space near this fabulous city, you should understand that you must choose carefully. It is important to evaluate available office spaces first, before renting.

Even if you need a small office space, consider renting space directly from a rental office or property management company. This city has several popular property management firms which can provide everything from a small furnished office space to a whole building. Different companies will have their own specific requirements regarding rental commitment and agreement. Renting a furnished office space is a great way to get started as you will have all the amenities and setup of a professional office.

The choice of office space is not something to be handled lightly. If you don’t choose well, you will waste your money. You want to find a space that will help you attract customers or clients and grow your business. If you choose properly, your office space will help boost business and help take your business to the level of success you desire. So it is important to be able to recognize quality office space before renting a space for your business.

The abundance of newly constructed and renovated office buildings in this area has simplified finding commercial space for rent. It would be a good idea to rent through a company that is thoroughly familiar with this area.

Always take your time to choose the best small office space to meet your needs, no matter if you are looking for a short-term office space. The time you spend in finding and evaluating available rental spaces is not a waste; rather it will help to ensure that you find the perfect office rental for your business needs.

Small Office Space


Between MacArthur Park and Silver Lake is a highly under-utilized light commercial area with short term office space on every street and around each corner. Virgil Village is one of the quintessential urban parklands of Los Angeles that have successfully melded arts and history with absolutely unique, urban sensibilities.

For this reason, it is the perfect location for a business on its first steps to making ties with a noted Hollywood Production Center. This region has a virtually inexhaustible variety of rental office spacelayouts perfect for auditions, middle-brokerage checkpoints and accessible locations the interested public can commute into. It’s a great satellite location for those not yet fully invested in the Los Angeles limelight.

The Village is also the perfect low-cost region for business people who are building a clientele to temporarily establish a home base. There are equal numbers of unfurnished and furnished officeaddresses that are maintained for immediate use. Think about it. Auditions and LA newcomers only want a chance at stardom. They don’t care about the space they must audition within. Small office space just outside of the metropolitan craze of the city is a great way to minimize location expenses and operate with the smallest amount of stress and personnel necessary for business operations like artist meetings, auditions, sound tests, creative collaboration and all manner of customized ventures.

In short, it is often very beneficial for a media or entertainment company to seek available short term office space just outside of LA proper in order to stay within its budget, retain an LA demur and still be inviting for those starlets looking to form a lasting and successful client-to-broker relationship. There’s no need to expend monetary and human resources like a Hollywood production center, when a suburban location will suit preproduction needs adequately.

Virgil has long been overlooked as a place where high society and professional business people can congregate and invest to supplement their creative operations downtown, and eliminate unnecessary expenditures. This part of LA has long-awaited a “nod” from the Hollywood community as a suitable location for business.

The number of furnished office space opportunities in the Village are too numerous to count. Each has a unique view of the outlying LA cityscape. Rental office locations are as varied and colorful as the projects in which a vibrant, untouched location is needed. There is no need to shop for offices far from your company’s headquarters. This is one LA region actively looking for mutual, beneficial and practical investments from respected downtown corporate bodies in search of rich new locales.

Small Office Space


If you are looking for small office space near Thai Town Hollywood Production Center and schedule a visit to one of their many rental office locations today. Not only will our offices complement your business with a professional environment and loads of amenities, but they are all conveniently located near Hollywood and other film industry professionals.

The rental offices at Hollywood PC are all furnished with modern furniture and gorgeous decor. Your professionalism will be accentuated within our environment. Clients will be impressed with skylights, private balconies and entrances. Hold meetings inside or outside, enjoy coffee or other refreshments from the kitchen, escort high profile clients in and out through various private entrances and through valet parking.

The small office space is truly a turnkey office, and is equipped with the state of the art office equipment, like fax machines, copiers, computer connections, etc. Also, since we understand how fast business moves in this industry, you can move in same day and get to work right away. In addition, we provide various lease options like month to month rental agreements and long term rental agreements. We will also accommodate your changing staff needs, so when you need a short term office space, then require more or less space for employees, we will be with a furnished office for your needs.

Aside from our beautifully , well equipped office space, our many locations provide amenities rarely found in other rentals from other companies. Our facilities provide ample, onsite parking, valet service, gyms, kitchens, balconies, personal trainers, masseuses, and yoga instructors. You can relax, play and do business all in one location. Brainstorming sessions and meetings will spark when conducted in our facilities.

Indicative our understanding of the film industry, we also provide filming locations within our facilities. If you need a last minute shot, or want a scene filmed in a beautiful location, you can easily film within our offices, rooftops, balconies, and parking lots. With the amazing views and beautiful decor, out location will complement almost any scene.

Hollywood Production Center is a true turnkey office solution. We are conveniently located near Hollywood and other industry professionals and businesses. You can move in the same day, rent month to month or longer, rent a small office and expand as needed, and use our locations for filming. We have been serving industry professionals for over a decade and understand the nature of the business and its demands. Call or visit one of our locations today to learn more about how we can fulfill your business needs.

Small Office Space


The heart of Hollywood is known for being home to many production studios, entertainment centric businesses and plenty of offices housing those engaged in the media, entertainment and arts industry that thrives in the local area. There are even smaller subsections of Los Angeles such as Sunset Hills, Glendale or any other area that is located within close proximity to the hustle, bustle and big business of the area.

The option of leasing, buying or renting an office is a high priced one when you factor in the need for office furniture and that causes many people to look elsewhere. That need not be the case as plenty seeking space close to Los Angeles or Glendale can opt for a furnished office at the Hollywood Production Center which will place your business right in the heart of the action. This is where you need to be to truly be competitive and when you have the right rental office space for your operational needs you will breath new life in to your business.

rental office option is one that meets the needs and budget of businesses new to the area, just starting out or simply expanding their operations. This allows those types of firms the opportunity to have a fully outfitted and furnished office that is ready to be moved in to right away. This saves both time and money for those businesses as designing, decorating and arranging a lease for office space is much faster sinceshort term office space is designed to be moved in to and used as soon as the decision has been made that this option is the best one for the business.

short-term office space can be a benefit to businesses that are just getting to know the area and the industry and this short-term option allows them to get their business running without having to make a long-term commitment before they are ready or possibly even able to do so. The best small office space is one that allows your business, regardless of size, to operate, look and feel like a truly professional organization and that will help your business thrive in the competitive world of entertainment as those who look the part of a pulled-together firm will have greater success as they will be taken more seriously by others.

Small Office Space


The beautiful state of California is the most popular place for filming and broadcasting. Many filmmakers, producers, and production companies in the Los Angeles and Glendale area use a variety of places to shoot scenes for films and for networking events. Hollywood Production Center offers exquisite and top of the line office space rentals. We are located in Spaulding Square, in the city of Los Angeles, California. Our furnished office space services include beautiful rental office suites for networking events, filming, and office meetings. Our facilities include a wide variety of amenities such as: re-installed voice, data and high speed internet, fully furnished office suites ranging in various sizes, filming location – office sets, patio, gym, courtyard, rooftops and so much more.

We at Hollywood Production Center offer short term office space for business and individuals. Our furnished small office space gives our clients a more intimate and professional feel for their business needs. The rental office services are for clients who would like to rent our facilities for a longer term. Many film companies use our short term office space specifically geared toward filming and small office meetings.

The Spaulding Square area, located in Los Angeles, is an upscale community with historic well-designed homes and buildings. Many of the homes in this area are Colonial-style bungalows, which adds the contemporary and historic feel of Los Angeles. A list of our trusted clients include 20th Century Fox, Bravo, Comedy Central, E!, MTV, CBS, Lionsgate, and Paramount Pictures. These particular clients have used our facilities for filming and production purposes.

Our small office space facilities are perfect for small meetings, casting calls, and luncheons. The Los Angeles area is the mecca of film, television, and glamour. Having such a diverse array of genres opens up the opportunity for many businesses to use our facilities for a variety of purposes. We currently have 4 office space centers with unique floor plans, in the Glendale and Los Angeles, California area. A few of our production centers offers a 2nd floor with ample space in our furnished offices.

We are flexible in the amenities that we offer in our production centers. We offer month to month and long term leases of our production centers. We also offer same day move-in if you are in need of an office space right away. Each client has different expectations, and we want to ensure the best possible service for your business and production needs in the Hollywood, California area.

Small Office Space


There are many advantages that Hollywood Production Center can offer that can allow you to get more accomplished each day when you are at work. If you live in the Silver Lake area and need to commute to LA for a short time frame to complete work, you may need a short term office space. You will have many great options from a small space, to a suite. You can tour our facility today, and move in the same day if you wish.

While you will have your own space to work, our clients benefit with costs by a shared building. There will be other professionals on site that are also business minded. You can take advantage of a full meeting area that will give you a place to meet with many people to discuss your business. Many people find that they actually work best when they are in a professional space that promotes a work environment. This will allow you to get in the right state of mind to get more accomplished each day.

furnished office has high class technology you will have full access to. This will include high speed internet that will not slow you down throughout the day. This technology will be able to keep up with your demands. You will have IT that is ready to go the same day you rent your small office space.

Another great advantage of a short term office space in Hollywood is that you will have your own premium address you can use while you are in this building. This can also help you to attract potential clients in the area. You can even take this one step further when you invite clients into your beautiful office space.

There are a couple of different locations where you can find furnished small office space. When you choose a furnished office, you will not have to worry about getting any of your furniture from one location to another, there will be no need to move anything.

You can visit our rental office and move in the same day if you like what you see. You can immediately begin to take full advantage of all of the amenities and get some work done. This can be a great location to begin building your business reputation. You can visit our site to find out much more

Small Office Space


Mount Olympus, CA is a popular entertainment center. Many people involved in the entertainment business choose to conduct business in this area as it is so close to many of the most filmed locations in the states and is also considered to be close in distance for most entertainment professionals in the general area.

The majority of people in California that are looking to set up business meetings based around the entertainment business often times need to acquire a rental office. They choose to do this as it often times may be too expensive for them to maintain a full office of this type year round. Therefore, they will work alongside those companies that offer short term office space at a price they can easily afford.

If you are looking to acquire the best short term office space in the area there are several things that you must keep in mind. You don’t want to rush into acquiring small office space or you could greatly regret your decision.

The first thing to look for is size. You will want to acquire a rental office that is sized according to your unique needs. You will also want to be certain that this space has the unique features and additions that you require in order to conduct your business professionally.

For example, to save yourself time and effort you may want to consider your furnished office options. By doing this you won’t have to spend additional money in order to decorate the office space that you rent. The good news is that there are several high profile rental companies that offer this type of rental space.

One of the most relied on options that people within the state of California consider is the Hollywood Production Center. They offer a wide variety of rental space. This includes small office space and large office space. This also includes empty space and furnished space. This will allow you to quickly acquire the space you need and to immediately begin conducting business in limited time. This is good news if you have a rushed project wherein you need this type of space.

Another thing to consider when it comes to this company is the fact that their offices have reliable 24-hour security. They have a gated community and go out of their way to ensure that both you and your guests are protected at all times. They also offer a full-gym, showers, and many other common amenities that other rental places don’t offer their customers.

Small Office Space


Any business, whether large or small, needs clean and centrally-located small office space. The office is the place work work gets done. Homes and restaurants may be fine for performing light tasks, but the real hard work should be done in an office. Offices project success. They let people know that the business is serious and stable.

One of the best locations for any business to set up their offices is in or around the Melrose District of Los Angeles, CA. The Melrose District is the area where the famous strip of trendy Melrose shops is situated. This strip of retail stores is where the hip and youthful come to find the latest fashions and accessories. This is a prime location that sits in the middle of everything.

Renting an office in this area of town makes it much easier for a business owner to operate. This area is near many of the hotspots of industrial activity in LA. These include such places as Beverly Hills, Century City and Hollywood. Even Burbank and Glendale are just over the hill, which is easily accessible by taking nearby La Cienega.

It is not hard to find a nice rental office, where business can be conducted to the full extent of the owner’s wishes. A furnished office short term office space or other office rental can be easily obtained by visiting one of the leading office space rental companies Hollywood Production Center. This company specializes in providing quality places for business professionals to operate and thrive. They can help people who have never rented an office. They will be able to suggest which rental operations make the most sense for the particular organization that will be renting the property. It makes sense to deal with knowledgeable rental professionals when deciding upon a space that will be the home for a growing firm.

An office is like a home base for any business. Companies that have places where they can settle down grow faster and stronger. There is no better place to set up a home base than in a thriving center of activity. Melrose is one of the most alive and happening parts of LA. The energy alone will keep excitement and productivity empowered in any company that chooses to set up shop in this hub of life and youthfulness. The sunshine and cool temperatures of California make it a wonderful place for conducting business. The many fine restaurants around the Melrose area make it even better for meeting with clients and associates.

Small Office Space


Whether you’re looking for a rental office in Los Feliz because you love Figaro Cafe and House of Pies or because you love it’s east coast feel with the architecture and tree lined streets, Hollywood Production Center is able to help you enjoy more of it’s New York charm. With our short term office space you will have money in the budget to treat your team to lunches at Home or Fred 62 or an after work movie at the Vintage Theater.

Designed with your needs in mind, we have suites with world class amenities such as private kitchens, balconies, skylights and private entrances for your star powered visitors. We know your schedule is fast paced and we’re working around you. If you need same day move in, we’re here to help. Every office suite is fully equipped and ready to go voice, data and internet packages for your convenience.

Parking is one of Los Angeles’ biggest drawbacks and no one wants to have that as a worry when it’s a matter of getting to work on time or walking to your car after a long day. We have a wealth of parking at our facilities with gated, secure lots as well as valet service. That’s assuming you get to leave the office. If you’re pulling over nights or it feels that way, take advantage of our on site gym, showers or masseuse.

Finding comfortable, furnished office space can be a bit of a challenge wherever you’re looking to rent, but it can be increasingly difficult in Los Angeles. We pride ourselves on offering high quality, well fitted, professional work environments and saving you the headache of start up costs.

Working in a shared environment allows you to benefit from the feel of small office space while expanding your own network and saving on overhead. With all of your IT already in place, you can focus on getting the job done. With 24 hour security surveillance, professional reception and janitorial, we’ve taken all of your day to day operating concerns off your plate and put them onto ours. Let us do what we love so you can do what only you can do!

Small Office Space


Are you tired of dealing with the burden of an inadequate office? Has your business outgrown the utility of your home office space? Do you need to upgrade to a location that speaks to your professionalism and will wow your clients? Hollywood Production Center has you covered! Located in Hollywood and Glendale, we have a variety of fully furnished office spaces to suit your needs. We specialize in the type of classy small rental office you need for media, publishing and film production companies. Whether your business needs a long term center of operations, or you simply need short term office space, you can find it in our beautiful Little Armenia facility.

Little Armenia is a neighborhood located in the suburbs of down town Los Angeles. We chose this area for both its classy, small town eloquence and its historical charm. Home to landmarks such as the Armenian Apostolic Church, this East Hollywood enclave provides a rich local culture that will have your clients eager to visit. The Hollyhock House, a structure built by famed American architect Frank Lloyd Write, adds to the ambiance you and your clients will appreciate doing business in. The Mural of The History of Armenia adds a touch of bohemian street art to the neighborhood, which is particularly attractive to those looking to attract the attention of film production companies. The trendy Hollywood set will also appreciate small-town-chic spots such as the quirky store, Whacko!, and a grand old movie theater called the Vista that will lend media cache to your business.

We all know that location is everything. Our offices clearly have the chic and eloquent angle covered, but it is also a convenient center of operations for your business! Located close to Rout 101, you have a direct artery into the down town area. Los Angeles is home to some of the most cutting edge, hip trend setters in the nation, which will make the nearby Red Line service a big hit with those looking for a convenient and energy efficient means to do business on the go.

With so many great reasons to consider our small office space for your business needs, why not give us a call? Our fully furnished, small office spaces will meet your every expectation! From the tasteful interiors to the culturally diverse neighborhood, our rental offices will give your clients a good impression that will compliment your professionalism. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your business to come to see what Hollywood Production Center can offer you?

Small Office Space


Operating a business means being accessible to your clients and presenting a professional image when you do. This is especially true when you’re operating out of a major metropolitan area like LAX. TheHollywood Production Center may be the answer to your small office space needs. Present the image of professionalism that gives your clients the comfort they require and obtain a space in which you can comfortably perform your business duties.

These offices are available furnished and with short term leases making it convenient for anyone seeking facilities from which to operated on a temporary basis. Self-employed persons, seasonal businesses, temporary job assignments or traveling business men and women should consider the benefit gained by renting a fully furnished short term office space. This fully furnished office is also fully equipped and requires no up-front costs for out-fitting the office for business use.

This rental office is preferable for those who are just getting started or expanding because of the flexibility. A business has the ability to simply relocate without the traditional concerns about long term leases and contracts. With these offices, it’s easy to downsize or grow. More or less office space can be assigned with ease that comes only with these types of office facilities.

Businesses operating locally and seeking a professional presence can utilize fully furnished short term office space. Home businesses or self-employed persons from Los Angeles and surrounding areas like Culver City or Glendale might find the temporary leasing option very attractive. Seasonal businesses with headquarters in Montebello, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills can use the professional image projected by the use of a fully furnished office to their advantage. Clients will be impressed and consequently feel more confident and trusting in the services or product you offer.

Start out with a small office space and as your needs change; expand to include more square footage. The beauty of renting office space in our Production Center is the flexibility your business has to expand or reduce the actual space used. As your business grows, you’ll have the added room needed to hire new employees and add services to your line of business. If you have a seasonal business and part of the year you’re overwhelmed with activity and then on the off-season your business is all but dead, this may be the best solution to adequately match your overhead expense fluctuations.

rental office with the flexibility to grow with the uncomplicated ease of short term space is the solution many small businesses and self-employed individuals are seeking. It solves a lot of concerns about committing to long term leases and contracts. The business is not hindered by the normal restrictions placed on it by leasing office space, there is far less overhead spent to set up a location and the options for expansion or contraction are numerous. Ultimately, renting one of these furnished offices solves the major issues facing small businesses and hindering their growth.

Renting office space near LAX in California should offer flexibility. To find out more about our office spaces contact the Hollywood Production Center at

Small Office Space


Finding office space in Calfornia can be very difficult, especially near Los Angeles. With so many different types of business operating across the city, you need to know that you can get a space that will fit your needs and let you maintain the identity of your company. Larchmont has a great selection of small office space choices that will fit any budget. Not only can you benefit from the cost savings of a shared office building, but you can tailor the lease to meet your needs.

When looking for a rental office space, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. The most important consideration for any company is that their offices are in a good location. This isn’t only important for client visits, but having a centrally located office space will make it easier for your staff to commute each day. The building should be secure, ideally with around-the-clock security and cleaning staff. If you do entertain clients, then it’s important that the office space reflects well on you and your business. While you may spend much of your time in your office, it’s necessary that you have a fully functioning meeting area as well. Having a selection of meeting and event spaces available in your building will let you make a great impression when it matters the most.

The next biggest factor is the interior. If you are looking for a space and don’t want to be burdened with a long lease, then the best choice is a furnished office. This saves you the expense of buying furniture that may not be appropriate in any future offices. Not only should your space be furnished, but you also want world class amenities, including high quality technology infrastructure that lets you hit the ground running.

Hollywood Production Center is your best choice for Larchmont short term office space. The fully furnished office suites are available in buildings that have been professionally equipped with the latest technology and high class amenities. Regardless of your needs, you can find the right office space to fit your staff and budget. Each office space comes pre-equipped with cutting edge voice, data, and high-speed internet service, meaning you can move in right away. Each building is housed in a secure facility with gated valet parking and 24 hour security. Not only is there amazing infrastructure available to meet all of your business needs, but the building includes on-site gym, shower, and yoga facilities that include personal training.

Small Office Space


Whether you are looking for small office space in LA Cienega Heights or Glendale, Hollywood Production Centers has plenty of available offices ready for you to use. The advantage of renting out office space is the fact that you will have a private area for you to get your work done in comfort, keeping you more productive and allowing you to keep your focus on your job without outside distractions.


You will be able to enjoy a furnished office that will be comfortable for both yourself and any guests that might stop by. Each office is equipped with comfortable chairs and sofas, coffee tables, decorations, a television set, and much more. It will almost feel like you are working in your very own living room without the distractions and your own personal desk.

Being able to be contacted, even while working, is essential to many people. Your office will have a phone that you can use to either call people or accept calls yourself. You will also have Internet available for your computer so that you can check emails, video call important clients and co-workers, or browse the web during your leisure time. Both electricity and running water are included with each office as well.

Do you ever get hungry or thirsty while working? If so, then you will appreciate the on-site café. You can come in at any time and take a break from work to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a muffin. You can even bring your laptop in and do some of your work at one of the tables, or take your coffee upstairs to your office.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our work that we don’t take the time to stay healthy and fit. Now you won’t have an excuse not to hit the gym seeing as you will be working right next to one! If you are using arental office at Hollywood Production Center, then you will have full access to our gym that is equipped with showers so that you can get clean and refreshed before returning to work.

Finally, perhaps the best part about using our short term office space is having the luxury of dozens of employees that will be ready to serve you at a moment’s notice if you need anything. They will provide excellent customer service at any time of the day!

Get the best value and enjoy a peaceful working environment by renting space from Hollywood Production Center today. You can learn more at

Small Office Space


Whether you’re looking for a rental office, a furnished office, a short term office space, or just a small office space, then Hollywood Production Center (HPC) is the place you have been searching for. Located in Hollywood Hills, these chic offices all have premium addresses which offer professionally equipped buildings with the highest quality. These offices are ideal for TV/film production, post-production, new media, and publishing companies that need fully furnished office suites immediately.

Some of the amenities HPC is proud to include is ample gated parking and valet parking, a professional reception area, janitorial service, 24-hour security surveillance, high speed Internet, as well as an installed and ready-to-use IT structure. They also have an on-site gym with showers with services of a personal trainer, yoga instructor, and massages all available within the area. A car wash as well as flower and plant arrangements are also available upon request. They also have filming locations within the vicinity if you need office sets such as a patio, gym, courtyard, and rooftops.

Both short term and long term leases are available depending on your needs. By choosing this location, you can move in immediately and start working today. There is no need to worry about all the details since your staff will be able to work with ease immediately. This location has everything in one spot ready for you. There are also various floor plans in four different property locations that you can choose from. So you can choose which office space suits your style, needs, and budget.

The first building is located on 1149 North Gower Street downtown Hollywood also known as HPC1. This place has two floors which is perfect for post-production work that needs to be rushed to nearby studios. The second building is located on 121 West Lexington Drive in Glendale which has six floors and a basement. This place is perfect for law offices, PR agencies, talent agencies, fashion consultants, and real estate companies. You can also have all the administrative help you need because there is a friendly staff ready to assist you. You may also have a break and relax with fully equipped gym facilities.

The third building is located at 225 East Broadway Glendale which offers a basement for art offices and three other floors. This is perfect for companies who want to do both production and post-production at the same place. The last building is located on 6350 Santa Monica which has two floors with a variety of office spaces that you can choose from.

This excellent location is really a haven for people in the entertainment industry who are looking for a professional space where they can do pre-production, production, and post-production work all in the same spot. This will not only save you money but also time. You will not only have easy access to all the facilities that you need, but you will also be close to other production companies and studios that work with you.

Small Office Space


Running a small business can mean leasing or renting an office space for your business. As a businessperson, it is important to know your requirements before you begin looking for a rental space as not all commercial rental spaces will be suitable for any business type. Finding the right location is important because your location can have a great impact on your business flow and revenue.

Glendale, CA is a beautiful city, located just a few miles from Los Angeles. The city offers numerous attractions and many types of businesses are located in or near this area, including the popularHollywood Production Center. Many office rental options are available in the area, including short term office space. Whether you want a small office space or a large commercial space, you can find it in this attractive area.

You probably are aware of the availability of furnished offices for rent or lease. You can decide to either rent a furnished space or an unfurnished office. Although most offices for rent are unfurnished, you will notice that there are also furnished spaces. Although the rate may be a little higher, a lot of suites come already furnished.

Choosing a furnished option has several amazing advantages. When you rent any of these suites, you can have access to conference rooms, and office equipment. Many furnished office suites also provide a receptionist. Renting a fully furnished commercial space will save you from having to purchase equipment and furnishings. This allows you to move into your new office immediately and start running your business.

You should contact the rental office to find out all the amenities that are included in a furnished rental space. Depending upon a person’s preference or need, a furnished office may be the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want the hassle of moving office equipment around.

You can search for available spaces by using the Internet. The Internet provides a convenient and fast method of finding the right spaces for rent. There are many companies or agencies that offer to help people find the right commercial space for them. Keep in mind that all rental agencies or companies are not created equal. Some rental companies provide better quality service than others. It is important to deal with a reputable company. You should choose a popular company that can help you find the perfect space for your business needs. When you find available spaces, compare all options and choose the most suitable office for your business needs and budget.

Small Office Space


Any businessman knows that there are a few resources that any business needs to be successful. The movies always make a big deal about leads. These are quite important. A well-known maxim tells of the necessity of money to make money. That is also important. However, one thing that many people seem to overlook when setting up their businesses is the office.

Small office space can supercharge the productivity of a business. It offers a number of benefits that cannot be duplicated by working out of the home. The most important benefit is that the office offers a spot where one can come to get away from the many distractions of the home. It is much easier to focus on the work at hand when Netflix is not calling out to be watched. Entering into dedicated office space can put a person into a different state of mind, where they can be more productive.

Another benefit of renting office space is that people can come by the office to meet. An office with walls decorated by various newspaper clippings and awards can project an air of success that cannot be duplicated by a visit to a fancy restaurant. People who have offices are at least successful enough to pay rent for a place to conduct business. Potential customers feel safer when they know that they are dealing with people who are established and successful. Making clients feel more secure with their association is extremely important. It can lead to innumerable profits in the longterm.

Hollywood Production Center offers excellent small office space around town. They even havefurnished office space and short term office space available for rent. They specialize in setting people up with work spaces and will be able to recommend the best option for someone who has only recently entered the rental office market.

The company offers spaces near the popular Fairfax District, which is the perfect place to set up shop. The Fairfax District is located minutes from Beverly Hills, Century City, and many other areas where the rich and powerful are concentrated. There are also many fine restaurants in the area that provide great places to do lunch. Anyone who is serious about doing business in the entertainment industry must have an office in this part of town. Many industry moguls hate driving in LA’s traffic. They also simply do not have time to waste dealing with the sometimes arduous task of traveling across town. Renting office space close to the movers and shakers makes it easier to meet with them.

Small Office Space


Looking for a new office space? How about a rental office in Downtown Los Angeles? I know of the perfect place for all of your office space needs including; short term office space, furnished office spaces and they also offer smaller office spaces for those who need a small office space. These awesomeDowntown Los Angeles complexes are called the Hollywood Production Centers.

This complex is fully functioning with turnkey office spaces ready to go. They say right on their website, “Tour Today, Start Working Today”. This concept is very production-friendly, allowing you to spend less time on office setup and spend more time opening and running your business. Especially in fast-pace town like Los Angeles, who wouldn’t love such an easy transition into a new office space? The Hollywood Production Center offers month-to-month and long-term leases, sure to fit any budget.

These turnkey offices come with utilities, phone and internet already included in with your lease agreement for your rental office space! This is an unbeatable deal and perfect opportunity to have your own brand new, fully furnished and fully functioning, superbly designed office space in a new modern office building. With over 4 different Hollywood Production Center locations to choose from (2 locations in Hollywood and 2 locations in Glendale), you are sure to find the right locations and office space for you.

Now, believe it or not these complexes get even better! Aside from having turnkey office suites available for same day move-in and same day operation, these buildings come with big perks! All locations are fully gated and include ample parking as well as a valet service. Also most of the office suites come with skylights, private entrances, balconies and even private kitchens. Each building also has a professional reception area, janitorial service and 24 hour security and surveillance. But wait, here is the best part; all locations feature a on-site gym, showers, yoga instructor, masseuse, a personal trainer, plant and flower arrangements and even a car wash!

These buildings are by far the best and hottest complexes in LA to have your own office space. They are hip, modern, a little urban and completely awesome. Imagine the impression you’d be leaving clients with when they come to see you at your office in one of these cool buildings in the heart of Hollywood or Glendale. It would be unforgettable!

So take some time and go online to their website and check out these buildings and features for yourself. Schedule a tour at your desired site today and start working today. No need to wait because they have everything you need already set up and ready to go. Call today!

Small Office Space


Ideally, coming up with an office space in some part of the prestigious Century City can be costly. This is because the place is conceived to be a heart of trade wherein several well known establishments are built as well as serve as the center of commerce. With this, it is expected a rental office in this area can be quite expensive for a regular seeker for an office space. Apparently, this is because we are referring to an office space located in Hollywood.

However, Hollywood Production Center can provide for an appropriate office space for you business. Here are some features that may help you decide in favor of our offerings.

  • Presentable Spaces. Unlike other office spaces wherein you will need to spend more time and cash for renovation, our office spaces in Century City are very presentable ready to use. Thus, you may only add up some finishing touches to the selected furnished office space.
  • Spacious and Secured Parking Area. Another good thing about the office spaces that we offer is that business owners like you can be assured that your clients will have adequate space to park their vehicles. Further, your clients will also be guaranteed that their automobiles will be guarded and well protected.
  • Security Perks. Our facilities are the finest and we provide for security inspection from time to time to yoursmall office space.
  • Sanitation. Our cleaning services within the vicinity can be exemplary thus you will provide for a good impression to future clients.
  • Competent Receiving Area. We also provide for a competent receiving area to accommodate guests, clients and ample space that is ideal for convocations and business events.
  • Technological Perks. You do not have to worry about telephone wires and internet connectivity since the same is already installed and can be immediately utilized.
  • Recreation and Entertainment. If you are the type who would wish to engage in recreational and fitness activities then we provide for a perfect place for you. We provide for fitness facilities like gyms and yoga centers as well as personal trainers and instructors. In addition to that, you will not have a hard time in finding for event coordinator for important business functions for we also host a local flower arranger. Further, we also offer automobile cleaning services.
  • Flexible Lease Arrangement. Our lease arrangement can be very flexible. Thus, if you wish to lease thesmall office space for years then we will gladly accommodate you. Also, if you only need for a rental officefor a short time then we also provide for short term office space
Small Office Space


The Cahuenga Pass is part of the Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles, California. It is part of the elite Hollywood district of LA and connects the San Fernando Valley to the Los Angeles Basin. It is a unique area that is in close proximity to Hollywood, which is just a short drive away. The area has an interesting historical background that adds to its aura, and it is a premiere spot for upcoming businesses that are looking for office space.

Upscale office spaces with immediate occupancy are located at the Hollywood Production Centerwhere “Tour Today Start Working Today” is their motto. The complex is easy to locate and near freeways for convenience. Their turnkey office spaces offer production facilities for new media, publishing, and film companies in Southern California. The beautiful executive offices and executive suites are designed to help businesses thrive in a pleasant working environment by providing them with all the amenities that they need to run a successful business.

Businesses deserve the best, and a rental office with a modern sophisticated design allows businesses to flourish. First impressions are an important part of any business, and an office should give off a professional look and feel while maintaining a creative working atmosphere. The start up costs are minimized when using an office that encompasses all that is needed right from the beginning, which saves time and money. Businesses thrive when they are given the tools to achieve their goals with the right support system. A furnished office space allows the business owner to move right in and begin business the very same day. The high end furnishings are sure to impress clients and provide a comfortable working environment that encourages productivity. The office spaces are available in a variety of sizes and styles that fit any business type, all with the objective of comfort and success in mind.

The size of the office space is in direct correlation with the size of the business and the amount of area that is needed. A small office space is perfect for certain businesses that do not require a great deal of room. Small office spaces at the Hollywood Center have all the amenities of the bigger offices but at a manageable size. Their 24-hour security, gym, reception area, and technology options make this space perfect for long term or short term rental. They offer short term office space for those needing a quick place to start or finish a project in a luxurious location.

Small Office Space


The need for office space is something that every type of business requires and regardless of business size. This is because businesses need to project a professional look and have a business setting so that the company is taken seriously. This is especially important when one is operating a smaller business and needs to compete against other, larger firms.

Those types of firms in the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, such as Brentwood, can find short term office space that is available for rent so that the company can have that much needed office environment that is conducive to business. This helps firms that are working on projects, contracts or with clients in the Los Angeles area have a professionally outfitted office to use for all functions and aspects of business operations.

One of the most challenging businesses to operate in the Los Angeles area is one that is relevant to movies, entertainment and music. This is because the area is known for those industries and thus many businesses are in existence to satisfy and compete specifically for those types of business contracts and accounts. One can make even a small operation stand out from the rest simply by using a rental officespace that will have the company operating as a professional organization.

This is imperative to business in those highly competitive fields; such as entertainment. The need to be close to the Hollywood Production Center is also crucial to being successful and the fact that plenty ofsmall office space is available makes finding such a short term office space simple and easy.

Though the Hollywood Production Center is not the only main area one wants to be close to; it is one that needs to be easily accessible from the rental office you choose. You will also find that the wide assortment of furnished office spaces found throughout the Los Angeles area are conveniently located to many other sections of the city and surrounding areas that are prime places to get your business really off the ground and growing.

Even the smallest start-up can find the right furnished office for their needs and really get their business up and running. This affords such firms the chance to really get their business out and competing against some of the biggest and most well-known firms out there. The right setup makes running a business much easier and thus will help as you work towards growing your firm into one that is highly regarded as being a top contender in your field.

Small Office Space


Beverley Hills is the home of movie stars, the movie business and entertainment, so what better place for a small office space to bring your business to success. The Hollywood Production Center promises that they can provide a chic, contemporary office space that is a smartly furnished office in one of their four locations: North St. and Santa Monica in Hollywood and Lexington Dr and Broadway in Glendale. These are prime locations for modern office buildings and they can be leased completely furnished in bright, ultra-modern decor for either short term office space or for an indefinite rental office. The decision is yours and the staff is flexible on establishing the lease.

Smart businessmen and women come from all over the world for a rental office in Southern California. They might be in Beverly Hills for a few months or a few years, shooting a film clip or video, but a functional, yet chic office is where the young business people choose to work. All four of the buildings in the Production Center are designed to be exceptionally attractive with a contemporary décor that is comfortable and will impress both you and your clients. The furnished offices have high-tech amenities, networking and promotional events opportunities within the business community and individual turn-key suites.

Amenities in the Office Suites

Some of the amenities that are included are valet parking, varying size offices that are available according to your needs, installed voice, data and Internet, along with amazing skylights and private kitchenettes. But the benefits don’t stop there. Each building includes a state-of-the-art fitness center, masseuse, car wash, office sets, choice of filming location and a beautiful courtyard. Leases are easily negotiated for the length of your stay up to long term commitments. This production center is here to allow the small business man or woman to connect with a beautifully modern office that will allow tenants to be as productive as possible while still enjoying everyday at work.

A great number of clients thrive in a shared environment with other professionals. This type of environment allows businessmen to easily communicate and network. The client receives savings on start-up fees, great amnesties, high-quality technology throughout the buildings, and each building has a premium address. There is also a great benefit included in each building and that is each small office space is able to use a quality meeting room.

Small Office Space


The population continues to grow in Glendale, California. As a result, it can cause an individual to have difficulties in finding an office space on their own. Hollywood Production Center, is a company that assists the public with finding vacant office spaces. Vacant office spaces can be viewed online on their website: Through their website, inquiries will be able to to view floor plans, read blogs, or create an account.

The company provides their current and potential clients the opportunity to tour a vacant rental office of their choice in California–adjacent to Bel-Air. Having an office space in the city of Glendale has many advantages. Some office suites provide an amazing view, skylines, balconies, private entrances and many of other luxury amenities. Those who enjoy a quiet and comfortable work space should take advantage of the small office space that is available and ready for touring.

Most of the clients that ascertain vacant offices for rent are not a resident of California. These are individuals who are entrepreneurs or they are a component of a company that works independently. When a person works independently, they must find their own rental office or work from home. Sometimes working from home can be distracting, which is why most come to an area that has a beautiful scenery that exudes serenity…Glendale, California. Due to the fact that most clients are not from the area, they want to rent a short term office space.

When an individual request to have a short term office space, they usually expect for the office to be afurnished office. Fortunately, the company provide their clients with the option of renting an office space for a short period of time; those who have chosen this option would most likely want their office to be furnished upon arrival, and the company provides that option as well. The office spaces that are furnished includes pre-installed voice, data, and high speed internet, showers, on-site gym, and private kitchens. The company is there to accommodate each customer’s needs and to ensure satisfaction. For those who would like to take a break from working in the office can take advantage of the on-site court yard and roof top.

If one is in search of office space of any size, feel free to contact Hollywood Production Center by telephone: (855) 737-7534 to get started. One could also fill out an online form for further information, and the inquiry will be contacted promptly.

Small Office Space


Hollywood Production Center knows that if you are interested in opening a short term office space in the Hollywood area, close to Beachwood Canyon, you want a rental office that is appealing and inviting both for you and your clients.Beachwood Canyon has become a favorite area for film directors. There are only 22,000 residents, but there have been several films, such as the Invasion of the Body Snatchers, shot in this small town.

With four production centers in Hollywood and Glendale, the contemporary style of the furnished officebuildings creates a fresh and open atmosphere for those from North Hollywood Hills. The small office spaceis located in the center of the entertainment and movie business, which makes these furnished officespaces ideal for anyone in this business.

Amenities Included

The majority of the time when shopping for office space, the furniture and décor is unattractive and boring, but this is not the case with the Hollywood Production Center. The buildings are architecturally designed so that each office has a premium address and an individual turnkey door. Many business people thrive by working in a shared environment because they benefit from communicating and networking. One way that networking is even easier is with the contemporary meeting room that is in each building.

World Class amenities are included in each ultra-modern small office space, and this takes the production center over the top. There are several different sized small office spaces, and all utilities, Internet and phones are included with the office.

Working long hours can be exhausting, so a fully equipped fitness room is provided with yoga, a masseuse and showers to relieve built up stress. The building includes 24-hour surveillance and a professional receptionist area in the lobby, which is also completely decorated in colorful, ultra-modern furnishings. When you walk into your office, the contemporary décor makes a positive statement that will be attractive to all your clients.

Each office suite has amazing skylights that add a touch of class to every office, which also include private kitchens and balconies. Everything that can be included to assist your daily business has been added. Having a production center of this quality provides more benefits to help the small business owner succeed. The start-up fee will be less when you use a short term rental office with all the amenities; it saves the owner all of the incidentals. Everything is already taken care of in the lease, so all you need to do is bring your laptop.