Small Office Space


Operating a business means being accessible to your clients and presenting a professional image when you do. This is especially true when you’re operating out of a major metropolitan area like LAX. TheHollywood Production Center may be the answer to your small office space needs. Present the image of professionalism that gives your clients the comfort they require and obtain a space in which you can comfortably perform your business duties.

These offices are available furnished and with short term leases making it convenient for anyone seeking facilities from which to operated on a temporary basis. Self-employed persons, seasonal businesses, temporary job assignments or traveling business men and women should consider the benefit gained by renting a fully furnished short term office space. This fully furnished office is also fully equipped and requires no up-front costs for out-fitting the office for business use.

This rental office is preferable for those who are just getting started or expanding because of the flexibility. A business has the ability to simply relocate without the traditional concerns about long term leases and contracts. With these offices, it’s easy to downsize or grow. More or less office space can be assigned with ease that comes only with these types of office facilities.

Businesses operating locally and seeking a professional presence can utilize fully furnished short term office space. Home businesses or self-employed persons from Los Angeles and surrounding areas like Culver City or Glendale might find the temporary leasing option very attractive. Seasonal businesses with headquarters in Montebello, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills can use the professional image projected by the use of a fully furnished office to their advantage. Clients will be impressed and consequently feel more confident and trusting in the services or product you offer.

Start out with a small office space and as your needs change; expand to include more square footage. The beauty of renting office space in our Production Center is the flexibility your business has to expand or reduce the actual space used. As your business grows, you’ll have the added room needed to hire new employees and add services to your line of business. If you have a seasonal business and part of the year you’re overwhelmed with activity and then on the off-season your business is all but dead, this may be the best solution to adequately match your overhead expense fluctuations.

rental office with the flexibility to grow with the uncomplicated ease of short term space is the solution many small businesses and self-employed individuals are seeking. It solves a lot of concerns about committing to long term leases and contracts. The business is not hindered by the normal restrictions placed on it by leasing office space, there is far less overhead spent to set up a location and the options for expansion or contraction are numerous. Ultimately, renting one of these furnished offices solves the major issues facing small businesses and hindering their growth.

Renting office space near LAX in California should offer flexibility. To find out more about our office spaces contact the Hollywood Production Center at