Small Office Space


If you are working on a temporary film project, or if you just have too many other things on your plate to worry about, then the last thing you want to deal with is the tedious task of securing high end office space, turning on utilities and hiring non-essential staff. You have enough to worry about when it comes to finding the right script, deciding how best to direct the project, securing funding, finding sets and finding talent.

A Professional Solution to Your Problem

The Hollywood Production Center has four locations in Hollywood, CA and any one of these locations can provide you with the professional office and studio space you need, within just a few hours. These spaces are perfect for short term projects, (like music videos, one-time documentaries and feature projects lasting one to several years) and long term projects (like soap operas, variety shows, cartoons and children’s show series, and sitcoms).

Securing a furnished office at the Hollywood Production Center takes a lot of additional work off of your hands. In addition, the offices can provide you with several filming locations that you are free to use including patios, office sets, gyms, rooftops and a courtyard.

You can choose furnished office space located right in the fun and trendy Yucca Corridor. The Yucca Corridor centers around Yucca Street, a tiny, diverse neighborhood with a lot of character. The Corridor sits north of the busiest part of the famous, Hollywood Boulevard and is populated by touristy shopping and restaurants that buzz during the day and bars and nightclubs that are always busy at night. Having small office space here will put you right in the middle of all the action and your offices will be easily accessible by bus, subway, car, or bike.

Some of the landmarks near your new office will include part of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Pacific Theater. You’ll also be close to other landmarks like the Kodak Theater and Capital Records.

A Turnkey Office Solution that Will Simplify Your Life

All office units are fully furnished and ready for you to move right in after your tour. This is true luxury office space that is available for immediate occupancy. All of your utilities, cable and Internet are included in your rental fee, so there are no other expenses you need to worry about. Whatever type of leasing suits you best is perfectly fine. The rental office offers month to month and long term leases. The facility itself and ample parking lot are both gated and secure. Valet parking is available along with other glamorous basics like personal training, massages, car washing and floral arrangement. All suites are equipped with features like private kitchens, numerous bathrooms, private entries, skylights and balconies, the facility itself is equipped with a gym and showers.