Production Office Space


You can find a great space for production on West Lexington Drive that can help you with all of your business needs. You will want to make sure that you are looking into a fully furnished office space, and this will prevent you from having to purchase furniture for this new space. You will be able to have everything you need for production furnished for you.

Finding the perfect spot for filming in Glendale CA can be very difficult. Executive Office Rentals can help you to find a space that is perfect for production. You do not have to look any further when you discover how easy it can be to find a furnished space that is ready for your immediate occupancy. You will be able to conduct your business faster when your space is ready to go.

Another great benefit of a fully furnished office space is that you will have the latest in office decor and even a kitchen you can use while working. This can be great for any business that has a number of employees. You can choose from an assortment of sizes of office space that can accommodate a number of employees.

You can find a variety of leases that you can choose from also. If you need short term space, you can find a month to month lease that you can discontinue at any time. You can also find a longer lease if this is what your needs require. You will have a great deal of flexibility and this can be very appealing to the business owner.

You can also find an executive suite that is great for filming. When you can film on location, you will have a variety of locations on site to choose from, without getting permission from anyone to conduct this filming. This can give your production company a great deal of freedom to film anywhere on site.

Your production office space will be large enough to accommodate your entire staff. There will be enough parking on-site for all of your clients and employees. You can also use the cafe that is located on-site to make sure that everyone eats and has snacks during the production phase. This is when a lot of hard work will be conducted. When you do not have to leave to eat meals or snacks, you can get more accomplished during production.

Production Office Space


As the saying goes, it’s all about location. Businesses thrive on location, whether as a retail outlet or a service related industry. In the current times, it can be difficult for a business to purchase the needed office space and remain afloat. If your business involves the need for a professional appearance at low costs – then you have even less options. Luckily for you, Hollywood Production Center is here to help. Through afully furnished office space in Los Angeles on the famed Santa Monica Blvd your business will find a home. Our location is perfect for any and all business to grow and attract new clients into their company.

Executive Office Rentals are the wave of the future and we have several styles from which to choose. Are you looking for production office space at an affordable price, why not get one here! Just launched a new company and need to find a home – rent a fabulous executive suite from us. At Hollywood Production Center, we know how an office should look and all of our suites meet the highest standards in the industry. Now is the time for your company to cut costs while maintaining that professional outward appearance.

We know how important appearance can be in any industry and we want to ease your stress. Our turnkey office suites allow you to move in quickly and focus on the important parts of your work. At the same time, we offer several different floor plans and styles of office space to accommodate any and all businesses into our facility. Our wide selection of floor plans will accommodate all of your needs and make your staff feel right at home. Whether you are running the next online start-up or working with top level artistic talent – this is the place to house your business!

Don’t fall for a place off the beaten path where your business will flounder and die. Instead, come and join us on the bustling Santa Monica Blvd where you will feel at home among the stars!

Did we also mention that our building is primed and ready to be a location in your next feature film? With the ability to roll tape in a professional production office space, at an affordable price, your next theatrical piece is sure to be a hit! Unfortunately we do have limited space. So don’t be like those other guys and wait for this opportunity to go begging. Head to our site and get set up for the future of your company!

Production Office Space


The city of Los Angeles is home to Hollywood and many other high powered industries such as law, business, architecture and engineering. The demands of business require work facilities that address the common need for a location suited to purpose, productivity, security and maintenance. Prime real estate is in high demand and the best selections offering central location, sophisticated space with proper consideration of appointments and amenities, can be a challenge to procure.

Hollywood Production Center offers Executive Office Rentals and is a respected haven for busy executives and production professionals. Maintaining several locations and floor-plans suited for both professional business and creative production office space, the HPC 1 is located on North Gower Street in downtown Hollywood, California.

In the midst of the walk of fame, many film and television production studios stand in the vicinity of The Hollywood Production Center. North Gower throbs with the pulse of the city, in clear view of the iconic Hollywood sign. On the boulevard you may see chauffeur driven Town Cars idle in traffic alongside city buses, as bicyclists and pedestrians weave throughout, in a part of the city thriving on the theater of movement.

Inside the HPC1 executive suite layout, which can be accessed by common or private entrance, a balcony looks out onto the city beyond. Equipped with a kitchenette and overhead skylights, the atmosphere extends an array of comforts and conveniences, freeing the focus for concentrated work efforts.

Within HPC1, fully furnished office space is equipped and installed with high-speed internet, voice and data service, convenient for immediate plug-in. The office gym facility has steam showers, which may leave room for extended breaks, while re-affirming the core functionality of HPC1, which is designed for productivity. On site Fitness Training, yoga instruction and sports massage are a few of the other executive style amenities offered within the Office.

An expansive reception Center serves as an intake area, where guests and visitors are greeted and seated while being attended. Modern furnishings and tasteful decor presents to the client, an atmosphere of style and distinction.

Open air spaces include an outdoor courtyard, the HPC1 rooftop with a spanning view of the Hollywood Hills as well as a garden patio. Here company colleagues may take a private moment, or gather as a group.

A contract janitorial service maintains scheduled cleaning and housekeeping procedures, alleviating the burden and details of office maintenance.

Office parking is plentiful and secure with the added security and convenience of valet service. Complimented by 24-hour private security, on-site and after-hour safety and protections have been considered with precaution.

Production Office Space


Looking for production office space with easy access to Sunset Gower Studios CA? Be their neighbor by leasing modern, stylish office space at the Hollywood Production Center 1. Known as HPC1 to industry insiders, this hotspot is within walking distance of Sunset Gower Studios. You’ll also be in convenient proximity to Raleigh Studios, and Sunset Bronson Studios, right in the hub of this action-packed area, rich in the history of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

This area remains a hive of industrious tv and movie-making activity so you can stay on top of what’s hot and happening in Hollywood. Sunset Gower Studios has been going strong with film and star-making since its early days in silent film to famous westerns featuring legends like John Wayne, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers. Oh, and the landmark cowboy hangout Gower Gulch is right up the street. In fact, the Sunset Gower Studios CA (the former home of Columbia Pictures), remains Hollywood’s largest independent production studio with twelve sound stages. It’s home to Showtime’s “Dexter,” ABC’s “Scandal,” ABC Family’s “Boneheads,” and HBO’s “The Newsroom.”

Now it’s your turn to produce your own legend-in-the-making at HPC1. Month-to-month and long-term leases are available on fully furnished office space of various sizes. They’re fully equipped with stylishly appointed furnishings and premium amenities to make your work-life easier. Each executive suitefeatures a private kitchen, skylight, and balcony. HPC1’s facilities and services include a professional reception area, on-site cafe and gym, showers, a masseuse, personal trainer, yoga instructor, hair salon, valet and garage parking, janitorial, and 24-hour security. It’s just the place to accommodate your entire team, or host client meetings and events. You can even arrange to film on-location with office sets, patio, gym, courtyard, and rooftop with Hollywood as your backdrop.

As your staffing needs change throughout the production cycle, flexible lease terms enable you to increase or decrease your executive space size. See, we’ve thought of everything! Also, count on HP.

HC1 staff to provide impeccable five-star service to you, your clients and your team, just as it should be. After all, you’re the boss! With all your needs met, you practically never have to leave HPC1, but when you do, you’ll be close to famous and trendy restaurants, entertainment biz resources and venues for after-work events.

Whether you need Executive Office Rentals, or an executive suite, check us out. Fill out our online application or give us a call at 1-323-785-2100. We’d be delighted to welcome you to the building and to the neighborhood. Choose your production office space at Hollywood Production Center, sign your lease and move in today.

Production Office Space


The Glendale Courthouse area is an awesome place to locate your office. There are many office buildings still available in this area and having an executive suite around the area of the courthouse will put your business at the top of the list when it comes to perceived value. People know that if you have an office in this area, you have reached a level of success.

It can be hard to find a fully furnished office space if you don’t know where to look. Lucky for you, there are many Executive Office Rentals available and you can get yours today. These office spaces do go fast because of their desirable location and surroundings.

Looking for production office space does not have to be a stressful process. You simply have to find a space you want, in a location that offers your business what you need. With all of the office spaces going on and off the market, people make this process much harder than it has to be. The secret to finding your special space is to remember the location and act quickly to secure the office you need for your business.

A location by the courthouse makes perfect sense because it is central to a location that people are familiar with already. That makes giving directions easy and following those directions easy for your clients, customers and friends. Getting people to your office is the hardest part of selecting your location. When you rent fully furnished office space by the courthouse, you make it much easier for them and yourself.

This makes for a stress free work environment too. There is scientific proof that maintaining a stress free work place in a good location will lead to more work being done and higher morale over all. Many business people do not stop to think about the bigger picture when it comes to office rentals and their health. Perhaps if everyone gave this more thought the world would be a much better place to work and live.

Do not be ordinary in your office rentals, think outside of the box and get a location like this this one that allows you to have less stress and get more done. Everyone spends so much time at the office that it is much better to be happier there than to feel like it is something you must do just because it is expected of you.

Why not rent an executive suite or production office space near the Glendale Courthouse today?

Production Office Space


Beverly Hills CA has for a long time been a preferred location for production companies looking for fully furnished office space. Many options are available to suit the needs of both large and small operations.

For instance, executive office rentals are available. These usually come equipped with all the comforts that usually are expected when renting a business suite. For instance, many of them include balconies, private entrances, high-speed Internet, phone service, and valet parking.

What is more, most of the executive suite complexes also provide a full gym and even private workout sessions. Persons working on the premises might receive a full-body massage, yoga training, or other personalized services. Luxury is often mixed with business mainly because many high-power managers and producers spend almost all their hours in the day on the set. Likewise, the team they hire also spends quite a bit of time on the premises, so they are often looking for the best so they can perform the best.

Of course, the best Beverly Hills California offices also include a fully-stocked restroom, comfortable furniture, and 24-hour security personnel. A very specious lobby where customers can sit comfortably while waiting for a contact to meet them is also provided.

Reception areas are also located in strategic places on the premises. This allows for casual and professional meetings to occur just about any hour of the day. Plenty of different ways to communicate are also offered, including pre-installed voice mail and complete customer service answering service technology.

Even more importantly, production office space is found in prime art districts of Beverly Hills. Therefore, making quality movies in highly-coveted filming locations is not hard at all. Furthermore, long-term and short-term leases are available. This helps you decide for how long of a time you need to rent the executive venues so you can accomplish all that you set out to do.

Whether a production company requires space to shoot just one episode or an entire season, they can find the fully furnished office space that is suitable for them. Not only is space available for production filming, but also production office space is offered for any post-production work that is required.

Besides the provision of the kind of space that production companies need to operate, safety is a main priority. All executive office areas are protected by full-force security who takes great care in making sure everyone on the premises is safeguarded from danger.

Production Office Space


When you have a decent project come together over the course of a few months, the last thing you want to run into are snags in the production or office space siting. Los Angeles CA is obviously the place where you will find most the film industry people, yet it can be like a lot of other places, the shorter your timeline, the harder it is to find a place.

Fortunately, Hollywood Production Space has been created with your project in mind. With four large buildings in Glendale and Hollywood, depending on your schedule, you can move in as soon as the following day. Since location is everything in Los Angeles, you will be pleased to see that location-wise, you can choose to be close to Burbank, or in the heart of Hollywood.

Executive office rentals do not always include furnishings and if your project is temporary, you may be loathe to acquire a bunch of furniture so that you can set your office up for eight or nine months. Our fully furnished office space includes classic and contemporary furniture that will allow you to host any type of social or work function without pause.

If your project requires extra amenities, each executive suite offers showers and kitchens built in. We also have great workout facilities on site. In terms of common space, you will find comfortable lounges and plenty of open space. Best of all, each complex was planned for in terms of parking and so we are certain that we can accommodate you and your team’s parking needs.

We also allow our office complex to be used as shooting locations without you having to sign up for a shooting permit. If you have done other projects in Los Angeles, you will know that signing up for filming permits and having them approved is not an instant process. You can use our offices, hallways, roofs, parking, and exteriors to add variety to any project that you make. Other advantages that our locations provide include social networking functions that encourage you to meet your neighbors.

So whether you are ready to begin your project or are merely pre-planning so that you can move into space once you have organized the rest of your project, we would love to hear from you. Our floorplans are posted on our website at and we can certainly be available to answer any questions or give you a tour. Call us today!

Production Office Space


If you have ever been a part of a film crew, then you know how hectic things can get when you are in the midst of production. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep track of what day it is, nonetheless where you are supposed to be, who else is supposed to be there with you, and what you need to keep the shoot on schedule.

Even if you wouldn’t consider your project ‘big budget,’ that doesn’t mean that the amount of work going into it isn’t worth the trouble of investing in as well. When you have a base of operations, it becomes that much easier to keep track of all of the little details that go into helping your project live up to its fullest potential. Even the simplest executive suite can be enough, just as long as you have what you need to organize your production schedule and hold meetings with your team, whether for rewrites or for production updates, or anything in-between.

When filming a feature, you may need a place that can accommodate you and your crew for weeks, if not months, and if you are going to be spending long hours at the office, then you will want a place where you can be comfortable. With fully furnished office space providing you with all of the necessities including internet and phone service, you will have everything you need to ensure that you and your team have a place to come back to and strategize, hold table reads, or even casting sessions.

Executive office rentals are a great asset for crews that know that they are only going to be in production for a short period of time. Not only does it eliminate all of the hassle of having to move in a bunch of furniture, taking away from valuable production time, but with so many sites available, you can find a production office space just about anywhere. Whether you want to be in the Valley, near some of the bigger studios, or in Hollywood CA, right in the thick of it, wherever you need to be, there is an office there for you to make your life easier.

When you have a thousand things on your plate, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to find a place, not to mention the time, to organize your thoughts and make sure that you are on schedule and under budget. When you have a production office space to go back to, it can not only make your life easier, but it may also help raise the quality of your project as well.

Production Office Space


When you are looking for production space in East Broadway in Glendale, you are in luck. You can find the full amenities you are looking for in a fully furnished office space. There are various sizes of office rentals to choose from giving you some great choices. This will allow you to find something that is perfect for your temporary needs.

Many people are worried about parking in East Broadway. You can find a great deal of parking at youroffice rental and this can even include valet parking. Security can be very important and the parking lot is secured by a gate.

You will have access to a reception center in the building and full janitorial services that are available 24 hours each day. This can give you more amenities compared to many other offices spaces in the area.

Executive Office Rentals can also provide you with filming locations. The leases can be catered to your needs offering month to month leases, and more long term options also. You can discuss your personal needs, and a plan can be designed for a lease that fits these needs.

Amenities are outstanding on site. You will have access to a full gym that is located on the same grounds as the property. You can also find a yoga class with an instructor on site. If you need a massage after working hard, you can find a masseuse on site as well.

You may need an executive suite and you can find this available option. Some spaces have kitchen areas and even skylights to provide you with an outstanding space to conduct your business. Showers are located on site to give you the amenities that you would find at home. There are some great places where you can conduct meetings to impress your clients. This is often the work location where you will be able to really excel.

The technology in each building is state of the art. You can count on all of the technological amenities that can help you to conduct your work in the most efficient way possible. Each office space is set up and ready for you to start working in right away.

You can locate production office space and move in on the same day. You will have a premium address in the Glendale area that you will proud to share with others. This will allow you to conduct your business each day in a location where you can really get some work accomplished.