Production Office Space


When you are looking for production space in East Broadway in Glendale, you are in luck. You can find the full amenities you are looking for in a fully furnished office space. There are various sizes of office rentals to choose from giving you some great choices. This will allow you to find something that is perfect for your temporary needs.

Many people are worried about parking in East Broadway. You can find a great deal of parking at youroffice rental and this can even include valet parking. Security can be very important and the parking lot is secured by a gate.

You will have access to a reception center in the building and full janitorial services that are available 24 hours each day. This can give you more amenities compared to many other offices spaces in the area.

Executive Office Rentals can also provide you with filming locations. The leases can be catered to your needs offering month to month leases, and more long term options also. You can discuss your personal needs, and a plan can be designed for a lease that fits these needs.

Amenities are outstanding on site. You will have access to a full gym that is located on the same grounds as the property. You can also find a yoga class with an instructor on site. If you need a massage after working hard, you can find a masseuse on site as well.

You may need an executive suite and you can find this available option. Some spaces have kitchen areas and even skylights to provide you with an outstanding space to conduct your business. Showers are located on site to give you the amenities that you would find at home. There are some great places where you can conduct meetings to impress your clients. This is often the work location where you will be able to really excel.

The technology in each building is state of the art. You can count on all of the technological amenities that can help you to conduct your work in the most efficient way possible. Each office space is set up and ready for you to start working in right away.

You can locate production office space and move in on the same day. You will have a premium address in the Glendale area that you will proud to share with others. This will allow you to conduct your business each day in a location where you can really get some work accomplished.