Production Office Space


When you have a decent project come together over the course of a few months, the last thing you want to run into are snags in the production or office space siting. Los Angeles CA is obviously the place where you will find most the film industry people, yet it can be like a lot of other places, the shorter your timeline, the harder it is to find a place.

Fortunately, Hollywood Production Space has been created with your project in mind. With four large buildings in Glendale and Hollywood, depending on your schedule, you can move in as soon as the following day. Since location is everything in Los Angeles, you will be pleased to see that location-wise, you can choose to be close to Burbank, or in the heart of Hollywood.

Executive office rentals do not always include furnishings and if your project is temporary, you may be loathe to acquire a bunch of furniture so that you can set your office up for eight or nine months. Our fully furnished office space includes classic and contemporary furniture that will allow you to host any type of social or work function without pause.

If your project requires extra amenities, each executive suite offers showers and kitchens built in. We also have great workout facilities on site. In terms of common space, you will find comfortable lounges and plenty of open space. Best of all, each complex was planned for in terms of parking and so we are certain that we can accommodate you and your team’s parking needs.

We also allow our office complex to be used as shooting locations without you having to sign up for a shooting permit. If you have done other projects in Los Angeles, you will know that signing up for filming permits and having them approved is not an instant process. You can use our offices, hallways, roofs, parking, and exteriors to add variety to any project that you make. Other advantages that our locations provide include social networking functions that encourage you to meet your neighbors.

So whether you are ready to begin your project or are merely pre-planning so that you can move into space once you have organized the rest of your project, we would love to hear from you. Our floorplans are posted on our website at and we can certainly be available to answer any questions or give you a tour. Call us today!