All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-In-One Solution For Production & Post Production Near Toluca Lake, CA

Creating a film can be tedious work and be determined by your location when it comes to a hit, motion, feature, or independent film and location could make all the difference in creating your best work. The top syndicated networks in the television industry like NBC produce some of your favorite broadcast television shows with their office space. They give you four locations to choose from and being in the heart of LA and Glendale, CA has been their top filming location at Hollywood PC. They help your crew perform their best work each day with spectacular location options and award-winning amenities.

Their production & post production facilities includes complete Windows 10 operating system, IT infrastructure, unlimited calls with international call access, skylight in each office, sound stage, full kitchen, private shower area, customized janitorial services, 24 hour on-site courtesy officer with surveillance, valet parking, gated community, and free basic utilities with every signed lease. If you’re still not impressed, you will be with their rooftop pool, gym, relaxation lounge, and helipad. More importantly, all of these places double as a great point and set an opportunity for all professionals in the film or entertainment industry.

HPC caters to proactive, energetic, savvy, and professional business executives who are looking for upscale office space including a penthouse suite with a great view of Hollywood, if you’re near Toluca Lake CA. Their office space encourages you to meet like-minded professionals during their bi-weekly socials or monthly events. You’ll enjoy planning a small party in your new office with your full gourmet kitchen. Bring your small pet to their pet-friendly community, but you’ll be asked to pick up after your pet companion to protect the beautify of their landscape for all their guests.

Take a tour of their wonderful facilities and inquire about your turnkey opportunity. Hollywood PC would like to invite you to your new office with a flexible leasing agreement and a 68% tax deduction.