All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-In-One Solution For Production & Post Production Near Silver Lake, CA

An office in the city could mean big things for your business. If you’re interested in location, you’ll quickly find a Hollywood PC office suite has everything you need in the heart of LA. You get to have the advantage of a unique business area with seasonable weather. California has a great seasonable climate making it a great time to do business throughout the year and they’re also with the proximity of Silver Lake CA with a view of downtown Hollywood from your executive suite. Their flexible leasing agreement allows you to stay as short as long as you like.

Are you in the filming industry and your next feature, motion, or independent film depends on your location and amenities? Amazingly, HPC has award-winning amenities that have made their plush office the top choice for many syndicated television programs including CBS. They have been able to use their complete ready to use IT infrastructure, unlimited local calls with international call access, customized janitorial services, ample lighting, many points and set positions, sound stage, professional emergency production assistance, Windows 10 operating system, free/water/tea, virtual assistant, front lobby directory, free basic utilities, and much more.

Their amazing production & post production facility encourages you to meet other like-minded professional on-site with their bu-weekly meet and greets. They cater to energetic, savvy, savvy, professionals who need office space willing to grow with them or a single office they can do business from to build their clients. However, if you’re a small corporation, they’re committed to growing with your business. It’s easy to find the right office for your needs at Hollywood PC and get your new office keys the same day with approved credit.

Visit the exclusive HPC for a tour of the popular office suites and find your fit for you or your small crew. Your office will soon feel like your home away from home at work.