All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-In-One Solution For Production & Post Production Near Universal City, CA

Universal City CA is a great work area to bring the best out of all of your employees and is within proximity of a very popular four office plan workspace for serious professionals. They offer the perfect location to cater to every facet of the film and entertainment industry with a superior location and award-winning industry. The exquisite Hollywood PC office facility offers a truly trendy interior with a well kept landscape area. Get the benefits of bringing your beloved pet companion to work with you or stage prop animals, but you will be asked to pick up after your pet to maintain the beauty of their landscape for all their guests.

If amenities are important to you, their production & post production facilities comes equipped with complete Windows 10 operating system, modernized office furniture, complete upgraded office equipment, full business center, events location, skylights in each office, customized housekeeping, private bathroom/shower area, 24 hour security with surveillance monitoring, sound stage, skylights, full kitchen, free basic utilities and more. If you’re still not convinced enjoy their rooftop gym, relaxation lounge, pool, and helipad that doubles as a great point and sets an opportunity for entertainment and filmmaker professionals.

You’ll enjoy other features to help your business like mail services or their lobby directory to help your guests find your office. They also have the benefits of free coffee, tea, or water while they wait. Your safety is also important at their unique filming location with ample lighting, private entrances, and a completely gated community. You and your guest can rest assured they’re doing business at a safe location with courteous, but responsive on-site security.

Your office is where you or your crew should perform their best work. They also have office space for tax professionals, fashion consultants, budding small corporations, and freelancers who need quiet creative space to perform their best work. Visit the descriptive HPC website for more details of scheduling a tour of their unique office park today.