All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-In-One Solution For Production & Post Production Near Garden Grove, CA

If you’re near scenic Garden Grove CA is a great opportunity for your employees to feel refreshed on their way to work to help with their job performance. Your route to work can help insight your creativity and with seasonal weather, it’s always a great time to do business. Conveniently choose from a executive, corporate, or penthouse office suite at Hollywood PC. They cater to their guests with a trendy interior design to attract your clients and a well-kept landscape. You are invited to bring your pet companion to work with you or stage prop animals to their pet-friendly community, but you will be asked to pick up after your pets to protect the beauty of the landscape for all patrons.

Their amazing production & post production facilities has all-in-one spot amenities which include complete operating Windows system, modern furniture, skylights, private shower area, ready to use IT infrastructure, customized room cleaning, virtual assistant, front desk personnel, free water/coffee/tea, modernized office equipment, sound stage, free basic utilities, and much more. You can also enjoy their rooftop helipad, pool, relaxation lounge, and gym. They have everything you need to cater to proactive, energetic, and savvy professionals.

Meet other like-minded professionals during their bi-weekly and monthly social events, but they also have the space to cater to a quiet introvert who needs creative office space. Your privacy is important with ample day and nighttime lighting, a 24 hour friendly on-site responsive courtesy officer, and 24-hour surveillance monitoring. Still not convince? Come to work and leave in style with year-round valet parking in a completely gated office facility at a safe location.

Learn how you can get up to 68% off your taxes on expenses at their office suites catering to the filming community by inquiring within. You’re invited to visit the descriptive HPC website for more details on your new office space no matter how long or how short or long you need to stay with a flexible leasing agreement.