All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-In-One Solution For Production & Post Production Near Civic Center, CA

You’re busy planning for a move with a new office location near the popular Civic Center CA area and you’ve heard about the popular office space nearby. Their superior office space has been used by the top television syndicated broadcasting networks like NBC to produce some of your favorite television shows. We’re talking about the elite Hollywood PC office facility. Your new office is designed to grow with your business needs. You and your team will be able to perform their best work with full in-suite amenities. In fact, their location gives you unmatched views of downtown Hollywood.

Their major production & post production facilities doubles as a one of a kind film location. You find many points and set locations for serious filmmakers with all-in-spot amenities. Their plush executive suites in-suite amenities include a complete Windows 10 operating system, unlimited local calls with international calls access, ready to use IT infrastructure, private shower area, full kitchen, customized housekeeping, modernized furniture, private entrances, skylights in each office to enhance the view, free basic utilities and more. There other amenities include full events center, sound stage, music/listening room, and they’re within close proximity to Sunset Gower and Raleigh Studios for additional entertainment support.

Your privacy is important at their popular filming location with ample lighting day and night along with a friendly on-site courtesy officer and 24 hour surveillance monitoring. As a savvy, energetic, proactive professional, you’ll be encouraged to get to know the other people who share your workspace at their bi-weekly social and monthly events. Many people have said their office suites feel like a home away from home while you’re at work.

Imagine hosting a small office party and saving on the cost of catering with an in-office kitchen area. You’re invited to visit the descriptive HPC website for more details on their turnkey opportunities on a flexible leasing agreement to meet your needs regardless of how long or short your stay.