All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production

All-in-one Solution For Production & Post Production near Edendale, CA

At the turn of the 20th century, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake in northwest LA county were known as Edendale CA, and this historic town was considered the capital of B&W moving pictures such as the Keystone Kops and Charlie Chaplin. These early movie studios in Edendale CA became the roots of major motion pictures today. This historic district is located near two of the five Hollywood Production Centers.

These centers are modern executive offices specially designed for those in the film industry. Every HPC is known for its state-of-the-art offices and the production & post production facilities.

The luxurious offices are ultra-modern, sleek, and sophisticated, and each center offers meeting rooms equipped with high-quality equipment including high-tech sound stage. We are proud to announce that there are a total of two Hollywood PCs in Hollywood and three in Glendale, which gives you access to LA.

Each center creates a small community of about 100 sleek, executive and creative spaces for your filming and production & post-production activities. Each center has fully furnished suites with modern decor and all amenities ready to go. Voice, data, and high-speed connections are included in the lease, and there is an eclectic on-site café, fitness gym, and onsite personal trainer with showers on each property, so you can stay all day.

These luxury office centers are designed for professionals in the film industry, but if you are a professional who could use these state-of-the-art facilities in your business, they are available. Each office suite has a balcony, skylights, and a private entrance that leads to private parking. The decor of the office is sleek, stylish, and very modern, and meeting rooms are furnished and come equipped with the latest in video and sound equipment.

HPC would like you to take a virtual tour of the facility that is most convenient for you and your team. Simply go to and schedule a detailed tour.