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The Chase is a Hit in the U.S.

"The Chase" premiered Tuesday, August 6 at 9PM on GSN.
“The Chase” premiered Tuesday, August 6 at 9PM on GSN.

The Hollywood Production Center is proud to announce that their very own “The Chase” premiered its new game show last night on the Game Show Network. “The Chase” is a one-hour quiz show based on the British version that has 3-player-teams to earn as much money as possible by answering rapid-fire quiz questions. The contestants have added pressure because of The Beast, the quiz genius that must answer as many quiz questions as he can to deter the teams from banking their money. By the end of the game, it becomes a one-on-one quiz competition between the highest scoring contestant and The Beast himself. The reward of outwitting The Beast is that they get to go home with their bank of money.

The show premiered on Tuesday, August 6 at 9PM and brought in 511,000 viewers. A second new show premiered at 10PM and captivated 461,000 viewers. The show’s set schedule is Tuesdays at 9PM on GSN.

Actress and television host Brooke Burns is the host of this exciting game show. The Beast is Mark Labbett, and this quiz genius is also the veteran from the original U.K. version. While the show just premiered this week, GSN announced last month that they have ordered another 8 episodes for a second season. The show is produced by ITV Studios America.