Sound Stage for Rent

Sound Stage for Rent in Bel Air, CA

The Increase in Production
The increase in production has given HPC the opportunity to provide you with our brand new stage. This is fully equipped to suit all your production needs. This stage will be absolutely appropriate for the following:
*Music videos
*Video game motion capture
*Filming television

Quality in California
You may expect high quality in California. Bel Air CA is a remarkable and glorious area. You will be impressed with this sound stage because the quality of our offerings includes:
*Production offices
*Art sound stage filled with silent air
*Private bathrooms
*The perfect location
*Month to month as well as long term leases

Extraordinary Amenities
Hollywood Production Center provides you with extraordinary amenities. You can expect a comfortable and luxurious environment that provides everything you may need and more. You will appreciate the following:
*Same day move-in
*Filming location
*Long term leases or month to month
*Turn-key facility
*Office sets
*The perfect filming location

Impeccable Environment
You will find that the Sound Stage will provide you with an impeccable environment with an exceptional workspace. We offer top customer service. You can be assured that you will have everything that is required for you to complete your work in peace and luxury.

Your Open Invitation
You have an open invitation to see our Sound Stage for rent. Please contact us today and set up your appointment for your tour. If you need immediate occupancy we will be happy to accommodate you. You also have the option to browse through our website We are proud to assist this industry in any way that we can.

Stylish and Full Service for you
You may enjoy the highly stylish facility that offers full =-service with a personable and courteous attitude. The staff is highly trained in providing superior service. This is a very professional environment that provides the entertainment industry with a facility that will allow you to conduct your business in luxury and style.