Sound Stage for Rent

Sound Stage For Rent In Altadena, CA

When people shoot films in Altadena CA, they contact Hollywood Production Center because this company has everything filmmakers need to succeed. The process of capturing proper sound while filming is not easy. Without the proper equipment, the finished product will sound terrible. Because the experts at HPC are knowledgeable, they help filmmakers produce Hollywood-style films. To learn more about this company, visit the website and schedule a free tour.

Why a Sound Bar is Important

A sound stage needs a few good soundbars for various reasons. For example, they eliminate the need to use wired equipment, so the setup process is much quicker and less of a hassle. Also, filmmakers save money because wired equipment is usually expensive.

A soundbar is better than traditional speakers because it moves sound to the middle of the image. Stereo speakers only move sound near listeners who are seated in specific areas. For example, people who are seated closer to the right speaker will hear more sound from the right channel, and listeners near the left speakers will get crisper sounds from the left channel. This is why most filmmakers use soundbars when they shoot movies on a sound stage in Altadena CA.

HPC Helps Clients Protect Their Equipment

If certain procedures are not implemented, the sound equipment will be affected. Typically, severe weather can cause a lot of damage. However, certain elements at a filming location can harm sound equipment too.

The process of filming near a pool can be challenging because a big splash can ruin the sound equipment. If water somehow splashes on the gear, wipe away the moisture immediately with a lint-free cloth. If someone plans to jump into the pool aggressively, move the sound equipment far away from the splash zone.

Although sound equipment can be used on a beach, proper protective gear is required. At most beaches, water, mist, and sunlight can cause huge problems. This biggest issue, however, is saltwater because it is highly corrosive. According to HPC, a professional-grade cover provides the best protection at beach locations.