Rent Office Space


Office space in Glendale and Los Angeles CA is often crucial for production business as the adage says; location, location, location. The appeal of Hollywood has driven many in search of working space in Glendale. The purpose for the office space may be different specializations in production such asrecording studios or graphics studios. Some lease holders intend to have the full brunt of production services under one house.

Looking around the aptly named Los Angeles and Glendale, one can easily see why it was settled upon in early US history. The names mean city of angels and place full of valleys respectively. Apart from the great scenery and climate, the local Hollywood culture has always been oriented towards productions since the days of old westerns. This industrious culture has led to California singularly becoming one of the largest economies in the world.

The best place to get office space in these instances is the Production Center simply because of the vast number of amenities availed. Working at the Production center is convenient, business friendly and very chic due to the inclusion of the latest in production facilities. Above all the Production Center is an inspiring place to be surrounded with an awesome Hollywood ambiance.

Some of the standard facilities that a production or post production project require are:

  • Security with surveillance
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Air-conditioning
  • Furniture if so required

Additional facilities on site include valet parking, gym, showers, kitchens, balconies and private entrances as the lease holder may wish. One could also have an instructor, a masseuse, a flower arranger, doorman and a valet at his disposal. The facilities are also ideal for new media and publishing firms. They may be used as executive suites or for artistes’ studios. Not only the talent in productions will enjoy the facilities but also valued guests such as financiers and reviewers.

The Production Center may be taken up for month-to-month rent office space or on a lease basis. There is a fascinating variation of scenes such as patios, rooftops, and courtyards. It is definitely not hard to find a suitable spot to turn into your own production base or to request a turnkey service. The Hollywood Production Center understands the urgency that comes with most projects thus it is set up for same-day move-ins. All one has to do is fill in the online form and meet standard credentials.