Rent Office Space


Hollywood CA is a neighborhood that has a strong impact on the nation. It has given its name to the entire motion picture industry, not just those films made in the city. Some of the first motion pictures were filmed in this area and some of the industry’s most famous landmarks are located in Hollywood. Today, there are still film studios, as well as affiliated industries, operating in the Hollywood area. Businesses operating in this industry would benefit from renting an office space from the Hollywood Production Center.

The HPC has several office locations in and around Hollywood. A business can rent office space and have access to numerous amenities. HPC caters mainly to businesses that are involved in the entertainment or publishing industries. The available office space for rental is set up so that a company can move in at once. Leases are available on a long-term or month-to-month basis.

HPC offers numerous amenities to the companies it services. Office spaces are available in several sizes and come fully furnishes. A gated parking area is located on-site with valet parking. There is a general reception are for each building. All the buildings include twenty-four hour security systems. Each office space has high speed internet and other IT equipment pre-installed. Some of the office spaces include skylights, kitchens, and separate entrances. A gym, with instructors and trainers, is located in the facilities.

Other amenities are geared especially toward businesses working in the entertainment industry.Recording studios are available. There are also a variety of filming locations set up on-site. The sets include indoor and outdoor locations. Fully equipped meeting places are also available to the various businesses.

Although HPC has several facilities, HPC1 is the one that is located in downtown Hollywood. It is located within walking distance of two different studios, Sunset Gower Studios and Raleigh Studios. This facility is especially well-equipped to help with the post-production needs of the various studios.

HPC offers several advantages to professionals and businesses working in the entertainment industry. First, the offices are located in prime locations in Hollywood and Glendale. Second, HPC gathers professionals involved in various industries in one location. Close proximity allows people to form networks and partnerships that might not have been otherwise available. Finally, HPC takes some of the worries out of having an office space. Janitorial and security services are provided which alleviates some of the stress of running a business.