Office Rentals


With the entertainment industry as large and ever changing as it is today, it is important to ensure that your production company has the office space it needs to ensure an ideal working environment while the creative wheels are turning and production is underway. We at Hollywood Production Center believe we have created possibly the best office space that anyone in the industry could hope to have for their production teams. Regardless of your particular needs or wants, we can accommodate a team of almost any size with all of the amenities you require.

We feel our offices are much more than just standard office space. Although we can provide you with empty office space, we specialize in furnished offices that are designed and decorated to bring only the best in professionalism and sophistication to your team. Feeling at home and comfortable in your work space is very important, so we do our best to ensure that any member of your team will have that feeling right from the start.

Our offices provide not only phone and Internet, but they also offer utilities and janitorial services, conference rooms that are already set up for tele-conferencing and the scalability you need as an industry professional. Aside from the essentials, we also provide access to a fully equipped on-site gym, personal trainers, yoga classes and machines to make your favorite drinks to keep you going during those long days.

While office space in Los Angeles, Ca. is very limited and often very expensive, we strive to offer you the most flexible leasing offers that you’ll find anywhere. Because we offer short-term leases, we give you the flexibility to grow and also shrink as your needs do. We understand that in the fast-paced world of the entertainment industry needs can change at a moment’s notice. For this reason, our short-term leases are perfect for any production team that may need to expand or subtract space as needed.

Regardless of whether you’re in need of space for production, writing, filming or even executive offices, we can fill your needs while offering a fast service that comes with a smile. Hollywood Production Center offers the best office space that you can find in Los Angeles, Ca. while also giving you the edge that comes with a space that has truly captured an environment that anyone within the entertainment industry would say is much more than just office space.